It’s A Physical Global Awakening: Divine Pause Is The New Way Of Life & Many Will Struggle.

This Is A Physical Global Awakening

Earlier this month, I wrote an article about what I perceived at the time to be a full stop by Divine in my area. I knew exactly that this is what it meant and where it came from, the collective has not really been all that happy about it. I’m seeing this happen all over the world right now due to SARS Covid-19, but for me and the new earth that I know I’m in. I understand this to mean that I am living on new earth and embodying specific light energies from divine source. I’m in no way worried about this pause. I have been actively in isolation for the majority of my adult life, and that has to do with the fact that I know I am a volunteer and an embodier. I have always known what my role is and I have known that I need to stay home, where I can do the most for humanity. 

I’ve needed some time to thoroughly discern for myself all that I have observed, all that I have heard, and what has been playing on a loop about SARS Covid-19 these last few months. In every big event, there is always information that comes out without people actually taking the time to feel what the truth is. I’ve needed time to sit with my thoughts, and what my internal self is feeling, is vastly different than what is being shared as the truth. What I have been feeling are specific internal nudges that this is new earth manifested, and that this is at the very least a physical global awakening. That the entire population is now moving into it, some faster than others. There will be some that won’t move into this new earth at all. This is the truth that I am feeling for myself and it’s going to get much more complicated for a lot of people. 

It has been customary for people who are used to old earth ways of living, to do whatever they have wanted and whenever they have wanted to do it. I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed this type of behavior, from these younger souls and they’ve all carried themselves with such a high self-entitlement about it. Consequences free. To them they believe that it is their birth right to take what they want, and to throw their energy around in all spaces like they’re marking their territory. This has been going on in the lower dimensions of this earth for too long now, and it’s been interesting to see (at least in my area,) people losing control over this Divine Pause. It’s been interesting for me to observe them as they’re precious ways of life, are slowly being taken away from them because the ascension process is finally forcing a lot of them to stop what they’ve been doing. There are too many people in my specific area who are either extremely afraid of what’s going on, or they’re just angry over the fact that they cannot do things like they did before. Well, that’s the entire point. I think many are just in denial about all of this and think that eventually this will go away. I’m 100% sure that this will eventually go back to normal, but it’ll never be exactly the same as it once was. This divine pause is the new way of life, and many people will struggle with it. 

I’ve not yet had the opportunity to get out and see the new implementations, the new rules in my area, and they’re coming out with Social Distancing Measures. I have wanted something like this to happen for such a long time now, and I only wished that it became implemented in our society a lot sooner. I have had to deal with years of having to share my space with people that I did not feel safe around energetically, and not a single person kept their distance from me. I was forced to endure endless interactions with people because of jobs, at school, when I was in those very early settings, and I just hated every moment of it. There was never a mandatory rule that states you could only be around those who you were on the same level as, and in many ways, this is exactly what this will do. It’ll separate everyone energetically, and it will stop all of that person-to-person, energy cross boundary, that tends to go on in our world. For the time being there is no more having to watch who is around me and worrying about how they’re disturbed energy is going to try and interfere with my own. This is just a small taste of how different things are going to be, and what a joy it is to have this small difference added into my life.

A Collective Physical Awakening

When news about SARS-CoV-2 started spreading around the world like wildfire hitting the global consciousness, I knew immediately that something bigger was at play here. That this was a manifestation that was hitting the global population in a physical manner, and you just don’t ignore something like this. While SARS-Cov-2 is absolutely one hundred percent real, just like any other respiratory virus out there is real. It’s SARS-Cov-2 for a reason. There was already a prior outbreak in 2003. There are a few things happening right now in our world that many in the collective don’t know about, and The Separation Of Worlds is one of these such events. The separation of worlds is an ongoing event that is separating the lower descending earth reality, from the higher ascending earth reality. To make this easier: its separating two realities, attached together within one earth. 

There has been one specific thing that I want to make perfectly transparent in this article, is that SARS-CoV-2 is different than embodying light energy. In one group of people on earth people are getting the virus, and in another group, there are people finally making that shift into new earth which has manifested. Those people are finally physically awakening, and this is what I have discerned. Those of you reading this need to be able to tell the difference between the two. While SARS-CoV-2 has similar symptoms as volunteers have when they embody, it is vastly different. The one thing that there seems to be between the two is that the initial way in which you get hit, is very similar as many claim they could barely function. I also felt that initial reaction when I got activated, where my physical body did really change dramatically almost overnight. The differences are plenty. Most who have caught it do not see actual light energy entering them from very specific angles, many people also do not hear endless ear ringing. Many do not experience energy buzzing, internal vibrating, kundalini awakening, throughout the body and an increase in psychic experiences. These are only happening for those who are shifting into new earth, all of which these Ascension Symptoms happened for me after I physically activated. There is a real global awakening happening, and it is a physical awakening that is not connected to SARS-CoV-2. There has been endless confusion about this and of course, it has fueled the fire. 

Prepare yourself to deal with endless groups of people who will go against this Divine Pause, how they’ll feel like their rights and freedoms are being stripped away. I mean how dare divine source and the ascension process interfere with their lives right? As a Volunteer this is going to be one of the most memorable periods of earth’s history, the only thing that I’m worried about is that they’ll start talking about Mandatory Vaccinations.  

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