We Are Living In Ascension Cycle Two: Did You Feel A Shift Yet? It Feels Like I’m In A New Earth.

 From Cycle One to Cycle Two

We are a mere hours away from leaving 2019 behind for good and entering 2020 once and for all. I have never been so excited, mainly because I cannot wait to see how 2020 is going to play out. Especially, now that we are living and existing within Cycle Two. Who would have thought that 2019 would be such an important year, let alone that it feels like the earth has shifted drastically.

Since my last article, I have now ended all circumstances with anyone that I knew from my previous job. I no longer see them, speak to them, I have absolutely no contact and it generally feels like I don’t live in the same world anymore. It feels like I have been living on a new earth. This also is not the first time that I have had these feeling’s before, like I have slowly been moving into another earth reality altogether. It is amazing the early impressions that I have been receiving already, which is making living life in Cycle Two all the more interesting. 

It is the final hours of the last day of December and 2019 altogether. Already, just from my own first impressions I can tell that 2020 is going to be an interesting year. This is just with how I have experienced living my life in Cycle Two of The Ascension Process so far, which feels massively different than when we were in cycle one. This is cycle two everyone so do not expect everything to look, and feel the same as it always has. It won’t. Everything has begun to shift and for the good of everybody involved all around the world. If it has not then it should begin very shortly for many people.

The start of this week has felt strange, different, exciting, nerve racking, and the lead up to today has felt alarmingly sudden. I did not experience the usual panic that I used to, I also did not feel as angry as I used to either when we were still in cycle one. I no longer see any of the people that I did when we were still existing in Cycle One of the Ascension Process. All of those people along with those location(s) are now gone. Good riddance. Neither have I heard from them since my last working day on December 28th with all of those people. Some of the goodbyes were forced and fake with two people. The other people did not even say goodbye at all. Which I was very glad about, considering that they are part of everything that was in cycle one. I no longer need to deal with them and those kinds of people at that level. Aside, from family everything else has just vanished into thin air. It is a new world. At least it feels like I have shifted and entered into a new world, and on some level between the ascending and descending timelines that is what is happening exactly. How many of you have felt the shift into cycle two yet?

The year [2019} has been like living inside a real life nightmare that you just can never wake up from. There has been so much senseless stupidity, un-necessary pains, lots of growing, and major changes that I will never forget about this year. There have also been lots of new energies, body upgrades, morphing light codes and shifts that have made this year what it has been. I’d like to take a closer look at some of these Energy Intervals that we/I have experienced this year. We have had many intervals of energy enter this earth and deliver new light energies, codes, imprints, blueprints, into humans and the earth. Here is a short list with a brief summary of how these energies occurred internally and externally. This might be similar to what you have experienced throughout the year, as many of us go through the same sort of emotions, processes, and personal experiences. 

Energy Intervals In 2019

The January 2019 Eclipses: There were two Eclipses in January of this year. A Solar Eclipse on January 5th and a Lunar Eclipse on January 21st. Those energies were really tough for me initially. I remember that I went through a huge cleansing period and I saw a lot of people, communities, situations, that were down right deceptive in nature. Especially, regarding the Lunar Eclipse. I saw people for who they were.

The March Triple 3 Portal: The triple three energies entered the earth in March. These energies were not as difficult as the January eclipses. However, it was a month long wave of energies that had serious after-effects for me on a physical level. The face and nose were the most problematic areas of embodying these energies. The main issues for these energies were physical ascension symptoms that were painful and I was constantly being prevented to embody these energies without someone or something coming up. 

The May Separation Of Worlds Events: These energies in May didn’t really bother me, neither on a physical level or a spiritual level. It was however an important time, there were more split-ups or as many know this as Separation of world happening. At increased levels. 

The Second Set Of Eclipses: There were two more eclipses in July. A Solar Eclipse on July 2nd and A lunar Eclipse on July 16/17. This caused many more split-ups and separations with other people, especially between me and my family members. A horrible time of seeing people for what they were.

The Late August Shift: In late August there was a shift which involved the collective. It was hard and I had to deal with changes that massively effected me. People left my reality and I never saw much of them as the time went onward. The physical pain was horrible. It was the second biggest shift for me during this year.

The Double 10, 11, 12 Portals: The Triple Portal Energies. These triple portals extending from (October to the middle of December,) felt like I was slowly being released from a prison. So much liberation and eventual endings and new beginnings. 

The Solar Eclipse & December Cycle Two shift: The Ascension Cycle Two Begins. With a Solar Eclipse on Boxing Day, the second cycle of the Ascension Process and Evolutionary cycle begins.

These are a short list of some of the Energy Intervals that I and humanity have experienced this year. It isn’t very much, but it was enough to make this one memorable year. While I have not had some great experiences at all this year, and memories that I have made. It feels like towards the end there thing’s finally have improved, and just at the right time it seems. The energies have changed. We have been released from the old cycle, and moved into a new ascension cycle. It is a new beginning. This beginning will push all of us to a more natural way of living life.

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