I Reunited With Multiple Aspects Of Myself: The Guardians, Guides And Multiple Aspects Of Me.

Reconnecting With The Multiple Aspects Of Me

I have learned over these past few years that there is no such thing as a singular event, or, a singular aspect of a person. There tends to be more than what people can visually see going on behind the scenes, and like it or not there are multiple aspects of all people currently incarnated in physicality. It’s not just the current person that you are, it is everything that you have ever been prior and much more. There is more of you as your current self than what you might assume, and that would mean that your really multi-aspected. Which is exactly what I am going to be talking about in this article, because that is information, that I had to re-learn in this current life, after I physically activated, and began my own Ascension Process.

This reconnection that I established with all of my other aspects, my higher self, my prior incarnations and with those identities, their energy signatures, they were all brought in with this life and so came all of my karmic past along with it. The truth is all of those people talking about guardians, guides, higher light team, they’re really just an extension of yourself. We are and have always been multi aspected beings, like it or not and we’re also multi dimensional too. There are so many aspects of ourselves that are in many different places, during specific key moments in our life, and we’re not even aware of it. 

This is my second article in this new series, and it is going to focus more on what my personal experiences are, while living through my own individual ascension process. This article will also not include very many topics, events, and the many experiences, that I went through regarding my physical activation. That part of my life is all over and done with. Everything that I have written about in those articles, they are all in chronological order in the section titled Energetic Earth: Personal Stories. While this is a continuation of my personal experiences, they have nothing to do with that time. This time period between (2015-2019) explains specific key moments that I lived through, and it was a year after everything had happened. This article continues multiple years after the physical activation date. The timeline for this article cannot be measured in one singular event, there were many different moments that occurred for me throughout several years where I became aware that this was happening. When your getting acquainted with all of the other aspects of you, there tends to be multiple events that show you multiple aspects of who you are. 

Throughout all of (2015-2019) one of the biggest themes that I experienced, was the conscious understanding that I was more than just my one identity in this lifetime. This became apparent to me when I realized I had an Egyptian lifetime, and when those memories were beginning to be birthed from my subconscious; I began the process of re-learning that I was more than this person in this lifetime. I then realized that there were multiple aspects of me that were coming through, and day-by-day I was learning about each and every single one of them. When these aspects started showing up; I then realized that they were also taking place simultaneously and in other dimensional locations. They were taking place in other time periods, while also happening for me during this time period. It is all connected.

What Does Multi-Aspected Mean?

Multi-Aspected: To be multi aspected is to understand that you are more than just the one identity, that makes up your current incarnated life. You understand that there are many aspects of you. That there were other personalities, energies, aspects of you before this current one. That they were you and that they still are you, and most importantly that you carry all of these aspects with you at all times. You are not just one person, but you are everything that you have ever been before.

Higher Self & Guides Are An Extension Of Self

As time went on throughout the years of (2015-2019;) I began to notice that my abilities and connection to the higher dimensions was getting stronger. I started to notice that ancient gifts and personal tools that I had brought into this life with me, were starting to reveal themselves, and I was experiencing the ones that I had already at higher levels than I did before. Telepathic Communication was always a very easy psychic tool for me, I could always speak with my mind more than I could express my thoughts through my voice and words. It was a very simple form of communication for me to engage in. I was also better at speaking with my mind, so it was also a very natural thing to do. When I first became more aware of the many higher dimensional beings, that were around me a year after my physical activation. It became effortless to communicate telepathically with them, and it was beginning to be a daily occurrence. It took me a while to figure out that these beings were Guardians and Guides. It got more interesting when I realized that these labels, that I have always heard throughout the Ascension community (at that point.) They weren’t sounding like how I was feeling them to be, I kept feeling and knowing energetically that these guides and guardians were an extension of me. We shared similar energies, as well as, there aspects felt like a part of me. I am essentially an extension of my guides, just like they are an extension of me. 

My Higher Self; I took a long time to actually access my higher self. It was a very long time until I felt like I could really hear my higher self, and even just telling the difference between higher self and lower self. Eventually, when I did connect with my higher self. There were even more aspects within my higher self, and I saw my higher self back in the higher dimension, dictating to other aspects of me that were also in different places. It was interesting to witness that phenomena, because it meant that my higher self was busy directing smaller aspects of me, while multiple aspects of me were having an experience elsewhere. There are so many events going on, that we just don’t and cannot comprehend. 

Multiple Aspects Of Self & Past Lives

I have had an exceedingly high number of incarnations since when I first began incarnating on this earth, and up until this point with the current life that I am living as this persona. Those are a lot of aspects of self, and that is a lot of karmic residue that I have accumulated. This was made aware to me in this life, and I too realized that every person that I had been is in fact another aspect of me. It is another aspect of me that I carry around with me, all of their energy signatures are held within me and it forms one giant energy print. A giant energy signature. That is all of me, but it takes small pieces in various locale to make this current person. The past is always tangled up with the future, and all of those multiple energies merge with one another to form a new signature. Which is essentially what happens every single time you decide to take on a new life, it just adds on and on. One experience that had involved one of these smaller aspects, actually had to be merged with this current physical body during these years. Here is what happened during that time. 

Merging With Another Aspect Of Self

In 2016, it became apparent that one specific aspect of me was creating a lot of issues for me. This aspect was one of my Egyptian past lives, and I had a few lives during that time period. However, the one I am referring to was the most traumatic of the three that I had incarnated into. There was trauma in that life, especially in regards to how I died. The only thing that was mentioned to me by other aspects of myself was to merge with that aspect, as in fully take that aspect into my physical body. 

At this point there were higher dimensional beings that assisted me with this merging, because there was no way that I could accomplish this all on my own. There were specific beings that I had at that time, who have moved on now. They essentially helped me in 2016 fully merge that aspect of myself into my physical body, and it took a few hours for this happen. Initially, I didn’t notice anything different during the first few weeks and months. As time went on I stopped having incarnational flashbacks, and with that aspect fully merged within me I quickly moved on with my life. It was very simple. It was a necessary event that needed to happen, because once it did it stopped interfering with my current life. 

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