First Eclipse Of 2020: Cycle Two Is Now Completely Physicalized Into Humanity And Earth.

This Is Exactly How 2020 Has Felt Like

I always knew that 2020 would feel different the second that we made that initial shift into it, but, my recent experiences have left me feeling a little surprised. I really did not expect the physical components of this last week-and-half, to feel so much more energetically charged in such a small period of time. It feels like someone has hit a switch in my body, and I have been struggling ever since. I’m struggling to keep up with all of the intensified physical embodying that I am doing. I also wasn’t expecting this energy, these NEW codes to modify my physical self this much either. This is exactly what has happened, and this is how 2020 has felt like and much more. 

The last 24 hours have been so exhausting. We’ve had a Lunar Eclipse happen and the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction is exact tomorrow. That one and done hit. The transitional period is now over, and as of today cycle two of the ascension process has completely physicalized into humanity and earth. There is no going back to life in cycle one, but now that it is physicalized into earth what can we expect in the coming months?

Since the start of January 2020; I have noticed that my body has reacted in such a severely sensitive manner to these current energies, codes, and patterns that are hitting the earth right now. It was right from the very second that we entered the new year, I couldn’t believe how drastic the change felt on an energy level. The initial feeling that I had, was a slight bloating that took over my entire body. I had never experienced this energy Embodiment Bloating sensation before, but, it was happening all through both of my legs, and into my stomach. There was a definite bloating that had begun to happen. If that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, my body ached and was sore all over like I had been hit by a truck multiple times. I was definitely experiencing an electrically charged energy, moving through my body, and it would just sit there. It has been a very sore experience indeed to say the least, and every so often I’ll feel slight stabbing in various locations in my body. I know that transitions are not easy, but this feels massively different than what I have been used to feeling over the last few years.

I’m now actively wondering to myself if this will be the new physical normal for the forerunners and volunteers? Will this be how we feel during this new cycle of the ascension process? What about for humanity? Will they be experiencing this as well? One thing that I have no doubts about are the current Diamond Light Codes, that are currently being concretized onto earth right now. Here are some of the thing’s that I have noticed about these energies.

New Diamond Codes Hitting Earth

I first started to notice the Diamond Light Codes as early as December 2019, all of this just before the winter solstice to be exact. Even then I wasn’t so sure about if the shape that I was seeing, was exactly what I had seen. There was some doubt. However, after witnessing what I have been in my home, and in my area. I know that the current energies that I have been getting hit with have been Diamond shaped. It makes sense that it is, because there have been severely painful moments like I am being stabbed in various parts of my body. 

I have experienced painful stabbings by these current diamond energies, almost like the edge of something sharp is hitting parts of my internal anatomy. There is an edge to these codes, a sharpness that punctures even the bone. The pain that I experience only lasts for a few seconds, but, I know that it’s modifying my very DNA even straight down into my bones. 

The earth is also experiencing this immediate upgrade of these new Diamond Light Codes, as she is also embodying them into her lands, into her oceans, and into her body. Her core is the essence of her existence, and where do you think light energy from source goes anyway? It goes all the way down into her core just like it moves down into our bones. I’ve clairvoyantly seen these new diamond codes being anchored into her lands in my area, and I know it must be happening all over the world.

I would have never thought it would feel like this in early 2020. Then again, we are travelling in very new to us higher territory. I’m not used to this and I don’t think any other ascension volunteers are having a great time right now either. This has only intensified over these last few days as Saturn/Pluto will make their conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. Don’t forget that this is now cycle two of the ascension process, and with these two planets in the sign of Capricorn, it is a complete physicalized embodiment into earth and humanity. If you have been paying attention to what is going on around the world, you’ll notice that thing’s are connected to all of this. In the recent days The Australian Bushfires have caught my attention, and it feels like more of the 3D reality has been burned off, cleaned out, cleared up, and released in that area. The loss of animal life has been alarming and saddening to witness as well. Despite how horrifying and ugly it all looks, this too is doing exactly what it needs to do. The heated anger in the middle east has gotten out of hand again in that area. The amount of earthquake activity has increased all around the world. It all looks and feels like earth and all of us are experiencing the transition into this brand new cycle. All of these changes are transitional shifts into cycle two of the ascension process, and everybody around the world is experiencing them at increased rates. 

Early 2020 Energy Recap

January 10th, 2020: We had the only eclipse for the start of this year yesterday. It was a lunar eclipse along with a full moon, which I am sure triggered a lot of stuff within the collective.

January 12th, 2020: We have the saturn/pluto conjunction in the sign of capricorn. This is a one and done deal meet up. Which is going to force changes to happen within many systems, governments, the economy etc.

With the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction coming into an exact orb tomorrow, this will intensify life in physicality even further than what it already is. The energies for this year will be about us building, creating, and dismantling a lot of aspects of life currently that are just not in alignment. Governments will try to enforce more onto the collective. What we value will probably need to be re-structured and re-evaluated. Only to be re-built and in new ways that are better for people and our future. How important will 2020 be on an energetic level? It’ll probably be one of the most important years in the twenty-twenties decade. We won’t be functioning in the same ways after this year and thing’s will look massively different than ever before. It already does in the short amount of time, we have shifted into it. This year will be very important as much of the world, will try to adapt to life in Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process

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