I’m Being Guided To Move On: All Of Those Associations, That Were Within Cycle One Must End.

All Associations Within Cycle One Must End

As a volunteer; I’ve experienced moments in my life where certain cycles have ended, these cycles had to end because there were new cycles that were waiting for me to begin. These are called transition periods. These transitions were successful at times and I was able to end these cycles all on my own, then there were other times where I needed to be guided. Well here we are again and this is a transition period, and a new cycle is about to end in my life. As is the case with so many other people right now, these transitions are leading us to end our current associations with everything that no longer serves us. 

Ever since we made that transitionary jump into January 2020, I’ve been guided more than I have allowed the natural process to end things for me. There is a big difference. When it is a natural process you can feel that it is on a higher level, when your being guided you can feel other information externally. This information is usually letting you know that it is time to make a change. I have experienced both. What I am experiencing in January 2020 is information letting me know from my higher team, that I need to make a switch and leave the current profession that I’m currently working in. They have made it a point to state that it is necessary, it is also very important that I move into this direction. 

January 2020 has not felt like anything that I expected it to. Although ever since December 2019, nothing has felt quite like what I thought it would. It has been physically debilitating, very hard at times, and the realization(s) have been just as hard to come to terms with more than anything else. However, here we still are and here I am living through this new cycle. We’re all making through as best as we can. Bruised and all. Aside from all of the physical changes, there have been tons of Telepathic Messages that I have been receiving and that I have been picking up on. Which is unusual for me to be experiencing. Lately, it just feels like those in the higher dimensions are dropping anvils on my head, gigantic anvils of information that I’m just not quite seeing as of yet. I usually always get where I need to go all on my own, but this feels different some-how. So when my higher team kept letting me know that it was time to move on, these past few early days into 2020. I paid attention. I decided that I needed to write about it, because there was a sense of urgency to the messages.

I don’t need to tell anyone that we are in Ascension Cycle Two. However, for those who do not know that we are; I am going to leave that specific article down below that I wrote that explains this. Everything, is about to change over the course of the next few weeks down in physicality. We’re in that transition phase into the new. With the new we have to adapt to situations and events that are unfamiliar to us right now. Eventually, these changes will become the new norm. Here are the repeated messages and guidance that I received.

My Higher Team’s Telepathic Messages

The entire month of January 2020; I have heard an assemblage of repeated frequent telepathic messages from my higher team. My guides. My higher self. My other aspects. The other aspects of me who got left behind in the higher dimension. What I have been consistently hearing are messages that stress the importance of leaving my current work position, that It was time to leave all aspects, people, associations that involved living and existing in Cycle One of the Ascension Process. 

There were other important messages; I recall hearing that other people in the collective would be experiencing similar shifting events in their lives. It sounded different. Like more people would be affected. That many more people would be experiencing these chaotic events, which would alter their lives like never before. There was such a sense of urgency in these messages. All of these messages were discussing this current transition that we are now in, which involves leaving cycle one and entering cycle two. 

More Guidance To End Cycle One Associations

In November 2019;  I was told initially by my higher light team, and my higher self, that I had a decision to make. That I had two choices. My first choice: involved being transferred to a new work location and to continue to work with the same company. No time frame was shared with me about how long this would last. My second choice: Involved leaving the company and quitting my job. Ultimately cutting all my ties with Cycle One people and those associations. That was what was given to me as options. That is all they said. 

At that time I did not understand why I was being presented with these two options; I thought that when I got moved it would all feel better. It would all feel great. That the move was part of leaving Cycle One. I also had no idea that when we entered Cycle Two that many of us who were embodying, holding light, and working with light had to prepare ourselves for an onslaught of more energies, codes, and taking that into our bodies. Once we had passed the Second Eclipse of this month, the physical stuff got more heavy and real. While still working within just entering Cycle Two, and generally enjoying having left a lot of people behind. There was something that still felt the same to me. I was still doing the same work. The physical embodying changed and it got more advanced. This along with other realizations, pulls, and nudges, I then decided that the only way to end all Cycle One associations was to give two weeks notice and leave. My last week is next week. Just like that I’ve cut all of my associations with anyone, anything, any building, locations that had to do with Cycle One. 

Why are these two separate messages between November 2019 – January 2020 even important? That might be exactly what your thinking about right now. This sudden choice and decision by me to leave my job has everything to do, with finally leaving everything that is part of Ascension Cycle One behind. One thing that is becoming clear to me, since this new year began. Is how amplified it has gotten. I cannot expect myself to adjust to doing the same thing(s) as I once did before, while feeling twice the physical pains. So, changes must be implemented via Ascension Cycle Two. This feels like a Divine Full Pause where everything needs to be re-evaluated and come to a full stop. It has forced me to make some changes. 

Another aspect to this has to do with The Physical Shift that I have felt, which has advanced to a more severe level than I had been used to previously. I can no longer continue to ignore the fact that I am a Light Embodier and Third Waver. I can no longer continue to ignore the fact that I am also a transmuter, and that I embody energy. Which is what I am here to do in this lifetime in physicality. I am a volunteer. This will get more and more harder for embodiers, and these same decisions will have to be made by us. Those in the collective are also entering Cycle Two of The Ascension Cycle as well. The whole world is. So, prepare to make these decisions and please take care of yourself right now. The physical aches are becoming a real challenge, new energies, and codes, like never before are entering the earth, the oceans, land masses, and human beings. It’s going to be a real adjustment period for us.

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