Saturn Return Lesson(s): I Had To Move Straight Into The Beginning Of The Second Cycle.

Saturn Return During Cycle Two

It is always a surprise to me how life works sometimes. The way that life always maneuvers specific events to unfold, so that we can all have a very detailed experience. Whether good or bad. It does not matter, it is the full extent of the experience that either teaches us a lesson, or, causes us to miss the lesson entirely. I’m approaching the 30 year mark and my Saturn return is in about two weeks, it is a one and done hit which is odd. Usually, when a slow moving planet approaches a specific part in your natal chart, there tends to be more than one hit. It’s a way of easing into the full cycle; I apparently didn’t need any easing in as it is all that I need. Then I can move on. One and done. 

I’m not surprised that during my first Saturn return, that the world is currently entering Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. It’ll continue to involve many countries in the world, during specific moments to give each region time to acclimate to this sudden change. The transition has been difficult especially (physically,) and with my Saturn return mixed in with this entire event is going to be interesting. 

When I first began studying Astrology at the age of 15, I understood that it could be used as a higher tool. That was exactly what I needed it for, so that it could help me identify important key moments in my life. Which is important to me and my current mission in this lifetime, especially with what I am writing about on this website. There are some important connections. These connections are between entering Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process and my Saturn return. It’s never only just about me. It is about the collective. It is about what comes from within me during different periods of my life; I’m coded to see specific information that I will then write about. Each period bring’s new information about the earth and it’s current state of evolution, there are other volunteers who have been perfectly designed to experience this exact thing. It does get filtered through us and we are coded to know, to feel, to see, the multiple aspects of these evolutionary changes as they unfold. There is a strong need to have this be out in the open, if not only for the younger generations of people who will be here one day reading this. Do I like it? Yes, if it’s about the information. I do not like it if it becomes all about me. I do not usually share a great deal about myself, and I am not that kind of person either. I shy away from tons of acknowledgment. I’m private. Which is why I have never revealed my name on this website publicly. I’ll only do so when I feel that I am about to transition back into a familiar spirit form again, which then means it’s time to become public. 

What Is A Saturn Return

Saturn ReturnThe saturn return simply put means that the Planet Saturn has returned right back to the spot, where it was on the very day and moment that you were born. It takes roughly about 28-30 years for Saturn to make one full movement throughout all 12 zodiac signs.

It’s intense isn’t it? It was designed that way. If your smart you’ll take the time out to reflect on the last 30 years of your life, if your not one for self reflection and most people in the collective are not. Then it’ll just become of of those events where your just skating by, some people like to just skate by in life without doing the work. It’s a personal choice. I am personally one for reflection. I like to do the work, so when I return back to the higher dimensions I don’t have to do so much. 

The planet Saturn rules over karma and the lessons that we take with us. There is so much more to Saturn than just these two or three points, but they are the most interesting aspects of Saturn. There come those lessons again. The worst kinds of lessons are the ones that you are constantly having to repeat, that you just didn’t learn from. I’ve had to experience a few of those ones, both in this life and in my past lives. I would hope that I’m pretty good at having an experience, and telling myself that under no circumstances do I want to have the same one again. I learn quick. I especially learned quick when it came to allowing people into my space. Both your energy space and your inner body space. I always knew that I needed to play it safe in this life, your very essence is the most important thing. I have had people try to enter my field, but I never allowed it. I’ve been shit on by many unaware folk in the collective, because I didn’t drop my guard with any of them. It is a very intimate experience to open oneself up to people whether in real life, or online, which is why I have always kept a close lid on who I am. I may write about my experiences from time to time, my jobs, the darkness, and how it all messes with me. You will never be allowed to see my secret coven and stand at the front gates of my inner home. I learned the importance of self preservation, and that is just one of the very many lessons that I learned. Another lesson I learned was how brutal instant karma can be in this life, and I got it ten folds on many occasions. Whether I wanted it or not. 

Every seer, psychic, light embodier, who incarnates on earth has some awareness that Astrology can be a tool. We do not need to be told, we already know. It is like a birth right. As soon as we get old enough to read about it, search information about astrology, and the planets online. We do it. No questions asked. In a lot of respects this is actually a tool that we carry around with us in the Spirit World. We invented it down here in physicality, we knew it was so needed when we got here. To study ourselves, our characters and personalities. This is what we use to understand a person’s energy signature. If your like me and other volunteers, you can just feel people right off the bat. You can spot the difficult ones and the timid ones. You can even spot the ones in between. Those psychic gifts are learned over time both here and in the spirit world, in specified classes that they have where you can build on your strengths.

Astrology is a way to see what the problem areas are and how to best see that in any given chart. A Natal Chart is a personal snap shot of the planets at the time of birth for every person, whether your psychic, or a normal functioning human. Dare I say demonically incarnated. Yes, there are those ones here too. An Aspect is a line showing energy moving from one planet to a second planet. This tells us if something is harmonious or challenging for that person, location and event.

Aspects In Astrology

If there is a challenging aspect in a person(s) chart a  Conjunction, Square or Opposition then that person will likely struggle to integrate one or multiple aspects within himself. It will be challenging for most of his/her life. Some may learn it eventually, but it might be mastered after repeated lessons over and over.

If there are harmonious aspects in a person(s) chart a Trine, Sextile and for some people a Conjunction can be a harmonious aspect. It can be if they already know how to integrate both aspects into themselves. These are easy and incorporated into the life, mostly learned in previous lifetimes lived as other aspects of themselves. 

These are the basics. I have both Challenging and Harmonious aspects in my own chart. Everyone does. We all have stuff that we need to work on here, and we all have aspects of ourselves we have already learned. During our lifetime we will experience important aspects, that will shape us, and change us for better. One of these aspects happens to be a Saturn Return. Some people have it three times throughout their life. A saturn return generally means that you have reached the age of maturity. We would like to hope that we have. This is where we begin to ask those questions of whether or not you are mature enough, or if you think that you need to mature more than what you already are. A lot of people go through a huge phase of questioning themselves and their life. Here are some themes that you might go through.

A Saturn Return Can Trigger: A physical death, the birth of a child, a marriage, death but often a birth of a child months later, a divorce, a marriage, moving and shifting locations, changing jobs, health scare, dissatisfaction with life, or, often times reaching maturity and knowing what one wants finally. In one week I leave behind a job due to increased physical pains from all of us entering ascension cycle two. My Saturn return is in early February and already I am seeing a lot of themes for me unfolding. I am always going to be a volunteer who is meant to be an embodier of light energies for the new earth. Just as we entered cycle two; I also entered cycle two. I am finding all of these connections really profound and important at this time. 

Lessons I Learned As I Approach My Saturn Return: That I am an embodier for my entire life. That I did not want to do anything in my life that made life harder. Meaningless work is meaningless. That my own sanity is important. How to stick up for myself. Speaking up (which has always been an issues for me). That timing is everything. Do not be afraid to make the changes that you need to make. Take that first step. I learned that no one will care about you in the same way as you care for yourself. It isn’t much but it is what I have learned.

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