Ascension Symptoms For 2020: Physical Life Challenges & Light Embodiment In The New Year.

New Embodiment Pains In 2020

There has been a lot going on so far in 2020 and with these current energies, they have really been influencing a lot of world events, shifting certain people, locations, and it feels like I need to write about this for right now. January 2020 has begun to feel like the Divine has put a Full Pause on life, there seems to be a lot of messages coming through where a stop is currently taking shape within the collective. I am not sure whether or not that is going to last a long time or not. This is just what I am feeling right now, as well as, with what is going on in my own life. 

January 2020 has started off with some intense new codes. I have felt physically uncomfortable in my own skin since embodying these new Diamond Codes. It has been a whole new level of physical anguish, that I have never felt before. It has gotten so bad that I have had to leave my job, and I cannot physically do the work like I used to do before. Despite being informed of my options. I could not have continued to be out in the physical world, working with such intense new codes. Which means that Cycle two is in full swing. Which explains the sudden, and quick, new level of pressurized pains, that I and many other Volunteers have been feeling since the beginning of this year began. 

We are almost done making the full initial shift into and through January 2020. I have not been able to cope at all since December of last year and these first few weeks have felt even worse for me physically. Why? Because we have moved into Ascension Cycle Two at the end of last year. With the transition continuing into this year as well. Thing’s started to get more painful as we passed the Jan 10/11 Lunar Eclipse and then the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction the very next day. It is so severe for me physically that I gave my two weeks notice, because I cannot make it through a work shift without feeling battered. I cannot physically do both right now. I can’t be a volunteer and physically work. For me it has had to be one or the other. I chose the other. I chose my one and only role as a Volunteer. My Last week of work is this week. I mention this because this is how hard it has gotten, this is how challenging it has gotten for me in early 2020. Now, I’m sure many of you are not going through the exact same thing that I am. No one person can share the exact same path as another does, but physically we can share similar physical changes to our body. Changes to our body template. These are changes that have been unfolding all month long, and I’ll be sharing what I have experienced since entering Ascension Cycle Two.

There had been plenty of moments where great indications, were popping out at me of how strong this shift was going to be for all of us and humanity. There were vision(s) that I had received last year, both about September and December about this new cycle of the ascension process. While yes life has gotten better; I have found it difficult to get through these physical challenges. I instinctively know it will be hard for the rest of this year to come. I have a new role. I also have new light missions now as well. One of these new missions is to (embody more light energy,) than what I had previously been doing before. Another job is to continue discussing these energies, which I will be doing here on Energetic Earth – New Ascending World.

We’ve had multiple energetic event(s) take place within the last few weeks, which is why I tend to refer to these periods as highly intense accelerated light periods. We had the Winter solstice. Then the Boxing Day Solar Eclipse which shifted us into this new cycle. Then the Lunar Eclipse. Uranus went direct. Then we had the one and only Saturn/Pluto Conjunction, that brought new Light energies into the earth and for humanity.  That is a lot of energy, events, shifts, piles of light codes in the span of three to four weeks. When these periods of highly advanced light energy enter the world: (These events, situations, and physical symptoms can show up in the collective and on earth.) The embodiment of new Diamond Light Codes has all felt physical to me and influenced me physically, so here is a short list of Ascension Symptoms For 2020 so far.

Ascension Symptoms For 2020

Explosive Headaches: So far in {2020.} I have experienced some of the most explosive headaches, head re-wiring, head work, than I have compared to other years. I know that I am not the only one either. There are many other people embodying these diamond light codes, who are also experiencing these intense headaches and pains. We are expanding our brains in order to expand our ability to hold light, and understand higher concepts and ideas.

Seeing Light Energy: In {2020.} I have seen light energy. It is not just seeing light energy, more of the fact that my eyes have changed in order for me to see these lights. I have had vision problems, foggy vision, watery eyes, and at times trouble with seeing two different realities and spaces. Then there are other times where I see nothing but a white space, that overlaps the physical reality. Then of course all of the light codes that I have seen, which have taken different forms over the years. 

Ear Ringing & Pressure Changes: In {2020} the ear ringing has not stopped. This is one of the most constant physical symptoms that has effected me. It hasn’t stopped since I awakened physically in March 2014. Lately I have noticed incredible pressure changes in my ears, and then the ear ringing gets louder after these changes occur. I have also had inner ear pain as well since January started.

Whole Body Vibrating: In {2020.} I have experienced whole body vibrating. This is a regular experience for me and at times it can be a very alarming one, as I continue to experience energy moving up and down my entire body. This eventually causes areas to be worked on much more than usual. This has been frightening to experience over the years, because initially you don’t know what it is. The same thing can be said for internal vibrating. This is all normal for me and I have had to do more stretching to help with the process.

Leg & Knee Aching Pains: In {2020.} I have experienced some of the worst Leg and knee pain, nerve pain, and intense deep bone pains. Not to mention everything feels so tight. This rarely happens to me in-fact, it has not happened to me in a very long time. Not all at once. This time in January as we made that shift it did happen, and the only way that I have found to deal with the pain is to stretch and keep moving. To me it does not feel good to just sit or lay around, so I have had to work on constant movements. That and showers. 

Tired & Drained of Energy: In {2020.} I have felt this intensely. At this point I am dragging my feet, and all that I want to do is just sleep, eat, and repeat that process. This is a normal part of the process and it can be a very draining experience of ones life force and vitality. Rest and sleep is necessary in order to embody these new diamond codes properly.

Spinning & Internal Shaking: In {2020.} The “spinnies” has to be the worst body modification for me. These diamond codes are much more advanced, higher, and lighter than anything I have felt before. I have been experiencing spinning sensations, they call this vertigo. It usually happens a lot especially when I first wake up, my head will spin like crazy. I have also felt shaking happening beneath the floor and it makes me feel like I am shaking. I’ve understood this to mean that energy is moving within me, that I’m literally feeling like I am shaking. 

Digestive, Stomach Issues: In {2020.} One of the most difficult thing’s that I have noticed this year so far, is that I have had the worst time of it finding foods to eat. I mean real food that will nourish me because they all involve sugar, added preservatives, colour dyes, and there are plenty other aspects that make it difficult for consumption. I have had to do extensive research into our microbiome, and I have had to learn how to positively change it to find some relief.

Electrifying Vibrations: In {2020.} I have had the worst time of it in regards to my lower extremities feeling like they are being burned, zapped, pricked, poked, and It has been hard at times to feel like I am not losing my mind or on the verge of exiting my physical body. 

Cold, Just Cold All Of The Time: In {2020.} I have had a problem with the temperature of my body; I have felt physically frigid cold. I am just cold all of the time. This inner cold is the embodiment process at work, when we embody new codes this is usually how my body feels. So for me I know that to be the issue. 

Weight Loss: In {2020.} I have lost some weight. There will be some periods where you’re going to lose weight, and periods where you’ll put on weight. There will always be fluctuations. I am also obviously not eating all of the sugars that I used to eat, and sticking to foods that are high in (Vitamin K, Fiber, Protein, Iron, Selenium, Omega 3, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.) However, it is impossible for me to even eat foods with some of these nutrients in them. 

Psychic Powers & Heightened Abilities Activating: In {2020.} There is one unique and yet strange phenomena that I have been feeling. There has been an increase in heightened psychic abilities. Knowing thing’s at a greater understanding that goes beyond physical facts, facts you had no prior knowledge to. Feeling spirits. Sensing energies. I have even set off electrical appliances, because my energy has grown to the point where it effects the electromagnetic energy of those objects. These all come with ascension. Those who are being activated now will feel these right now. It is normal. It is common. It just means you are becoming aware of the fact that you are a powerful being, who holds a powerful energy. 

Dreams, Waking Up & Night Sweats: In {2020.} One of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the vivid dreams that all seem jumbled up, important dreams, that involve old friends, old homes, old past memories, night sweating, because your clearing old information stored in your mind, and in your body, and because your doing this you will be waking up and needing breaks from doing this. This is all part of the ascension process and this is normal. Those who are being activated will feel all of this at this time. This just means that your body is going through an incredible cleansing process, so honor your body however way you can. 

Tight Left Leg & Body Tightness: In {2020.} One of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the tightness in the body and especially the left leg. Some people experience this on their right leg. It just depends on which side of the body your more predisposed to have this occur on. I have experienced this from the beginning of my physical awakening. It is also a symptom for those who are becoming activated right now.. There can be herniated disks associated with this, scoliosis, pinched nerve, and even sciatica pain. These are common when you begin the ascension process.

Closed Throat & Parasitic Ties: In {2020.} One of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the closed off throat, sore throat, tightness in my throat, trouble swallowing, and in general parasitic black ties that are linked to my throat. I have been working on clearing this area of my body. This is a normal. However, it got more enhanced over the last few weeks. This is also a symptom for those who are just activated. This just means anything that is not in alignment within your truths, how you speak, and in general, there can be some (ear, nose, sinus, and throat infections.) So, the energies are pulling these issues out and it’ll be good to get this checked out.

These are all of the physical challenges that I have been experiencing, since the beginning of 2020. These physical life difficulties have all been brought on, due to the embodiment of the current Diamond Light Codes. Which has activated parts of my body, and activated many locations around the globe. This is what I know I am experiencing, I have for years and I have done medical tests to make sure that all is fine with me. Remember if you do not feel well. If you don’t think that what you are experiencing is Ascension related, for your own peace of mind do speak to a medical professional. I have had blood test(s) and physical(s) done, just to make sure everything was fine with me. If that is what you feel that you need to do within these intense times. Then do it. Be safe. 

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