December 2019’s Solar Eclipse: A New Ascension Cycle Is Starting.

Living In The New Ascension Cycle

I have been waiting several months for this current moment in time to pass us by, and believe me when I tell you that the build-up to it was really a frightening thing to experience. However, it is now the day after the Solar Eclipse and yes it really does feel strange. It is all over and done with, but like all thing’s; I still know that it’ll take a while longer for this new cycle that we have just moved into to fully manifest itself. I have no doubt in my mind that we have moved into a secondary cycle of the ascension process, and that we’re living in it right now. The physical manifestation will show up within the collective at some point, the closer that we get to that Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in early 2020.

I am not sure how this new cycle is going to look and these are just the early stages of living through it, living within it, so I can’t really say for certain how all of these events will unfold for us down in physicality. I think we’re going to experience more and more of our old lives, start to unravel because we just can’t continue to live in those old ways. We are not there anymore, but I suspect a few billion LowCon people are going to try their best to evade the ascension process as much as they can. 

The Boxing Day Solar Eclipse and beginning of Cycle Two as I’m referring to it, has started, and so has our entrance into this new cycle of the ascension process. What a magnificent line to write. Everything feels so strange in a way, so new, and so very different to me. There is this enchanting feeling within the fabric of reality, and I’ve experienced this before when huge shifts occur in the collective. It’s hard to describe, but, essentially it feels other-worldly. It is as if you are living in this magical in-between, from the world and another higher dimension. It’s very quiet. Yet at the same time it is a prominent experience. All of this so far has been a positive feeling, and more and more lately I find myself being pushed into cycle two life circumstances. This is all normal and I know as we move further into this new cycle, this will be a daily occurrence. I have had less interactions with all of those ascension cycle one people, places, and things which used to drive me insane, drive me to fits of anger, and generally that I hated. I’ve even stopped seeing some specific people, and more cut-off points will continue in a few days until It completely stops entirely. 

This is part of The Liberation of Darkness that I have been referring to and it has felt amazing, it is less toxic, less dark, and more natural than anything that I could have ever imagined. I want to explain why we’re in the second cycle of the ascension process and evolution, before I do there are a few key dates at play that I want to share with you. 

Important Cycle Two Dates 

December 26th, 2019: The Solar Eclipse/New Moon. This event happened on boxing day, which has brought in the initial shift that we are experiencing right now. The world also left the old Ascension cycle. While simultaneously entering the new Ascension and Evolution cycle. Cycle Two.

December 27th, 2019Sun/Jupiter Conjunction. With the Moon conjunct Saturn/Pluto. These aspects are assigning more of these first new light codes of this new cycle, within humanity and the collective.

As of December {26th} we have fully moved out of Cycle One and into Cycle Two of The Ascension Process. All of cycle one life and those circumstances are done and over with. So, whatever you thought before, and what you were used to doing, thinking, feeling, how you lived your life, it just changed with the Solar Eclipse on Boxing Day. Most of everyone and everything you knew will gradually begin to shift, this along will happen with more population Split-ups. Who is who in all of this? Where are they going? Where are you going? and why? These split-ups will become a lot more clearer. The most important thing right now is understanding just what ascension cycle two is. Why is it here and why is it needed? Why can’t we just stay in ascension cycle one anymore? That is all very simple and complicated all at the same time.

I physically and psychically activated to begin my own Ascension Process in March 2014. I also repeatedly experienced multiple NDE and OOB experience(s) at that time too. When this happened for me we were still in Ascension Cycle One. To clarify I am a Third Waver. I activated at the end of Ascension Cycle one during my Jupiter return at the age of 24. Now, before I get into the three groups of activated wavers, embodiers, etc. I want to make this information as easy to understand as I can for those reading it. So, here we go.

The Ascension Process has always been on-going. Evolution has always been occurring throughout earth and it’s entire lifetime as a planetary star system in our universe. However, there have been many different cycles throughout earth’s history. Much in the same way that we have cycles in our lives, with other people, in relationships, in jobs etc. There have been many Ascension and Evolutionary cycles. Those cycles were much darker, much lower in frequency. As we reached the 21st century there was a shift in the late 80’s and many people know that as Harmonic Convergence. I was not alive or on earth at that time. I would arrive on earth in this physical incarnation a few years later in early 1990, with the very potent triple: Capricorn conjunction involving Saturn, Uranus and Neptune with Jupiter and Chiron opposite that group of planets in Cancer. So, I have a lot of those codes and energies already in my very being. In my makeup and energy signature. I am wired to remove toxic and imbalanced structures, energies, codes, through my body. When Jupiter entered Capricorn and joined Saturn and Pluto. This triggered that genetic wiring to once again remove any toxic energies, structures, imbalances once again. Which I really felt begin in December for me. The removal of anything still in the Ascension Cycle One.

In 1987 Harmonic Convergence occurred which began a 32 year long cycle until the next one in March 2019. A lot of people had already been physically activated to bring in light energies by that point. Many did get activated from 1987-2019. Which is a thirty two year long cycle. I am part of that group or better known as The Ascension Cycle One Embodiers. The first wavers activated in 1987-1999. The second wavers activated 2000-2009. The third wavers activated from 2010-2019. I am a third waver. What does this mean? It means that many people who agreed to return to earth to help remove many evil, atrocious, negative, structures, scars and wounds, began to physically do this work. Which is what many people did as the years past by and that was what we were able to do starting in 1987. At that new frequency and at that new understanding. This was going on with the hippies in the 60’s, the civil rights movements, and protests decades before all of this. 

Ascension Cycle Two began on Dec 26th, 2019 with the Solar eclipse. Why did we shift into a second cycle of the Ascension process? Because it was needed. So, that the whole world could continue to shift into harmony. Evolution is and always will be the single most important aspect of living life on earth. The reclamation of natural earth is the plan for why we shifted from cycle one to cycle two of the ascension process. This along with the liberation from darkness which plagues our planet is also another reason. The reclamation of humanity and full control of their own consciousness back, from those specific nonhuman entities, demons, devils, and the human beings who help them is the main intention. Only then can natural source energy exist here. 

Welcome to Cycle Two of The Ascension Process everyone.

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