Astrological Indicators Of A New Shift: The Conjunction Of Saturn & Pluto In Capricorn.

Astrological Indicators Of A New Shift

I first started dabbling in Astrology while at the age of 15 years old; I could not tell you the reason why I suddenly got into it and how I did. It was one of those thing’s where it was a natural progression for me, and I knew that it was an important subject for me to learn. So I did. There are moments in each incarnation where what we already know is what we have to re-learn, for me this was one of those subjects. There was value in learning it, and for almost 15 years it has helped me during key moments in my own life. Whether it’s understanding my own current transits, and the transits that are currently happening in real time. 

The main reason for this article is to mention one of these such current transits, that is happening in real time. That transit or aspect as it is called, is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. This aspect is very important, and especially with regards to what this indicates. A physical manifestation is going to occur and the timing of it is interesting, as this indicates, a one time physical shift is going to happen in physicality. How that happens is not yet to be seen, but it’s telling me and many other people that something big is on it’s way. Attention is needed in the coming weeks, as this transit becomes exact. 

It has been almost fifteen years to the date when I first stumbled upon the subject of Astrology while online. I first started reading about astrology back in 2005, and while I didn’t fully understand why this felt right to me. Eventually, down the line I pieced it together that it was another one of those fabulous tools, that I had which I could use to my advantage. That then lead me to further my studies and first chart my own Natal Chart, which is a map out of where all of the planets were sitting during the moment of my birth. Everyone has their own chart which is unique to them, and if it is read correctly it can show you your strengths and weaknesses. It can show you exactly what kind of energy that you hold, while also showing you where you came from and where your planning on going. It is such a multi-dimensional tool and it is so multi-aspected, so much so, that it can show you different aspects of yourself from so many different angles. It is quite a tool. It can show you everything that you need to know about a person, and it can show you the current state of the world. You have to know how to read it though, and not anyone can just read any old chart. You have to know how to use it and understand it, so I highly recommend that anyone learn it. Study it. I cannot teach you what I know, but I can guide you to learn it for yourself. 

Over the years some transits have stuck out to me more than other’s have, and there are patterns that you can notice if you take the time out to notice them. A lot of these patterns show those who are paying attention to them, signs of the times in which we live in. I can’t tell you how stunned I was to realize just how many planets were moving through the sign of Aquarius, in the late 1990’s when Cycle One of The Ascension Process was just beginning. In the year 1997-1998 the three outer planets Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune all moved through the sign of Aquarius. The planet Saturn had also moved through Aquarius in the early 1990’s as well. This pattern has continued. As we move beyond 2020 Jupiter and Saturn will enter Aquarius, then Pluto will as well. These patterns indicate that we’re making our way out of the age of Pisces and into the age of Aquarius. It is my belief that the one and only Saturn/Pluto conjunction on Jan 12 2020 will bring about this age and it is a big indication of that.

The Saturn & Pluto Conjunction

As of December 19th, 2019 which was two days ago. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is now within 2 degree orb of one another. Which means the build-up is now going to be even stronger, and these next few weeks it is going to look like physical reality has changed once again. Changed in the sense that many people will not recognize it. 

Why is the Saturn and Pluto Conjunction so important? Surely it has happened before. Yes, it has many times. It just hasn’t happened since Cycle One of The Ascension Process began back in the 1990’s. There are other reasons why it is so important, the fact that it is happening in the sign of Capricorn is important. The sign of Capricorn is an earth sign that deals with, {structures, organizations, institutions, money, governments, systems etc.} When you have a conjunction which is a blending of these two planets, we’re in for a lot of destruction and re-structuring to come. Our physical reality itself will shift, it will change like the world has never seen it change before. This all plays a role in all of this. The most important piece of information is that there is only one exact hit, usually there are instances where there are two or three times where a planet makes a direct hit. There are even four or five hits depending on how fast those planets move or not. It is a one and done deal this time. This is another big indicator that this is all part of a new cycle that is approaching, that we’re in and about to move further into the Aquarian Age. 

We really won’t know how it all unfolds and then manifests as we get closer to January 2020, but the only way that this will go in how I am viewing it. There is going to be a big shake up with this one time hitter, and the world just won’t know how to cope with physical reality shaking itself to the core. Pay attention to the Saturn and Pluto Conjunction in the upcoming weeks. 

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