December 2019 Solstice Build-Up: It’s Not Looking So Normal & New Diamond Light Codes.

It Has Not Looked Normal In Late December

The Boxing Day Solar Eclipse is one week away from now, and then we’re going to be shifting into what I believe is a new ascension cycle. I have been saying this all month long, and I’ll continue to say it right up until we make that shift. This is a historical moment that we are living through. It is going to concretize many thing’s, like entering a new cycle. Most likely at some point we will also experience the physical shift into the Aquarian Age as well. This point in our history is an important one, but it has not been the most fun time period. December 2019 has been a weird month all around. 

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a winter solstice point that has been building-up also. I’m well aware that this event is also shifting people, and bringing in some very new looking light codes. However, people have been acting more out of it since my last article. It seems to have taken a turn for the worst and now I’m flat out being attacked for who I am. I suspect that this has everything to do with the solstice point coming up, the solar eclipse, and then the shift into this next ascension cycle. It’s not looking normal out there. However, when did it ever look normal? 

It is now just a little over a week until the boxing day solar eclipse and all of us entering The New Ascension Cycle. Nothing, I mean nothing has looked normal so far in regards to how everything is playing out. Which is a big theme right now in how this transitional phase looks and feels. I suspect that this liberation from darkness will feel like this and for all of next year too. It’s only just Tuesday (17th) and already this week has felt extra exhausting, extra tough, and on a general level extra painful. We still have the Winter solstice and those energies and then the solar eclipse. So, nothing is going to look or feel normal for anyone in these coming days up ahead. The rest of this year is going to feel like we are pulling ourselves up more energetic stairs, so that we can quickly move ourselves into this second phase. So, that we can place ourselves where we need to be before this second cycle get’s extremely real for all of humanity. 

In my experience, when the Ascension Process kicks itself into high gear, that is usually when LowCon people start to fight and push back against it. They want thing’s to remain just as it is, they absolutely hate having to be inconvenienced by natural evolution. Can you imagine that! When this begins to happen, people begin to exhibit behavior that is extremely bizarre. They start to act out and act out in ways that are not normal. However, to me anything that the unaware do seems to make me question their sanity. I can’t understand a lot of the noise they make, the parties they attend, the drinking and smoking that they do. The fun that they claim that they’re having, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. To me they all look unstable, and that is exactly what is going on right now for a lot of them. Which bring’s me to my own personal experiences that I had this week. 

I have had some Not So Normal experiences this past week, with a few LowCon people which has left me feeling extra drained, feeling extra sick, and extra tired. Mainly, I’m just tired of having to deal with these kinds of attacks by these kinds of people. Sick and tired of how most LowCon people get used to attack me. Most of all; I have just wanted to fully be in the second cycle already. To no longer work where I work and be around those people. I’m very aware of when we are shifting into newer energies, each time I get physically beat down by them. However, the majority of the people around me usually get severely unstable. UNSTABLE!!! Which is what is happening right now, as we transition from this old cycle and enter this new one. I’d like to share one experience with you all, because it will show just how strange these times we are in look like right now.

This experience happened to me while at work and it was done to me by another male co-worker. I have psychically known that this specific male was not right in his mind the moment that I met him. He abused drugs and drank on a daily basis. Came to work and showed many people perverted videos and said inappropriate thing’s. So, he was your typical LowCon person and many entities used him over the years to attack me. This time it was no different. I had this guy figured out already. I also could tell that his specific energy imprint was all over this act. 

Recent Attacks As We Enter A New Cycle

This week has been very draining, stressful, tiring, and I am exhausted with everything that I have been embodying alone these last few weeks. So, imagine my utter shock when I am being attacked by a demonic entity using a co-worker. Actually, not so shocking at all. As I believe these attacks on me and on other embodiers right now, are connected to all of us leaving the old ascension cycle. So, there is a connection. 

Earlier this week I was informed by another co-worker to go and check my files. We all have personal files and information in those files and documents, which need to be transferred to our new location. As I went downstairs I got a sickening feeling in my stomach that something was wrong. I could feel it. I also was suspicious about why this co-worker was trying to get me to go into my files and look through them. To claim them. Which was confusing to me when they were going to be transferred. So, I went into the downstairs office, I opened one of the cabinets where they keep all of our files. I found mine and I began looking through them. I found all my information and papers that I signed when I first got hired. All of that important stuff. Then I found a few disturbing papers with indecent poses, by random people who were naked. 

As I stood there holding indecent pictures of random men and women. I immediately knew who did it. It had all of  this male co-worker energy imprint all over it. I could psychically re-trace it back to him. He printed it out while on the computer downstairs. He took my file in the cabinet and stuffed it in there. The female co-worker was in it on and knew what he did but did not get involved herself. I was disgusted. I was disturbed. Which was the entire intent on it. To make me feel sick. But also to make an impression on those new people who, would be my new co-workers and new boss. The same old shit. The same old lower conscious idiotic attempts at ruining me and where I was going. 

This all has to do with the ending of the old ascension cycle. No-body wants it to end. They do not want to be removed. They do not want me and every other light worker and light embodier, to help bring this new cycle and house it down and in the earth and her grid systems. I ripped those pictures up and through them in the garbage and took my files home. I stopped any further future damage.

This is exactly the kind of tantrums, freak-outs, mania, fear, and heavily idiotic lower conscious reaction(s) that are happening right now. These are the kinds of reaction(s) that will continue to happen, by many people who do not want to move into this New Ascension Cycle. This is life right now. This is life for many of us who are sensitive, psychic, embodiers, who are going to help anchor this new cycle. We will be getting attacked by people and entities. Which is why I am desperately waiting, to finally enter this transitional period and leave certain people behind. All of this, while dealing with last minute attacks from people who are desperately trying to hang on to the old Ascension Cycle.

The energies have been feeling extremely strong lately. I have not felt light codes and energy patterns like this before either. Which tells me that we are very close to whatever energies are coming our way in The Second Cycle. I have been feeling a lot of flu like symptoms that are not the flu, it is just an energy sickness all week. I have put on more weight and I have been needing to house much more energy in my body. There are a lot of changes going on. It isn’t just my body. The light energies, patterns, imprints, and structures look different to me to. 

Diamond Light Codes

I placed a few animated gifs up above. Actually, I found three that while they look like the light energies that I have seen, it is not exactly how I have seen them. They are close enough though.

What I have seen has morphed from those rhombus like energies to Diamond like ones. This is how they look like to me anyway. The shape, form, and structure looks diamond like. They vary from color(s).  Some of them are falling, or, moving as if they are levitating. The colors are white light and some light multi-colored ones. The one gif showing the diamond moving really quickly is like what the white ones are doing. However, they are levitating in the air and then falling. The multi-colored diamond like energies are changing colors, some are just the one color and they are falling on surfaces, floors, houses, and I suspect the earth and waters as well at this point. 

These are the new light energies, patterns, codes, imprints, that I have seen and these are the experiences that I am having, as we move toward the Solstice and Solar Eclipse and cross into the New Ascension Cycle. Expect thing’s’ to get more strange, to get more out of control. Get ready and prepare for this shift in whatever way that you can. This new cycle is going to be, and feel vastly different than what we remember in the last of this current old cycle.

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