The Double {12:12} Portal: A Few Transitional Phase Freak Outs.

A Few Transitional Phase Freak-Outs

It has been in my personal experience, and with how I have observed people on this earth in this time period. I’ve noticed that the majority of humanity tends to dig their heels in when it comes to great times of change. I’ve seen it up close and personal over the year’s. People in this time period do not like change. They do not like doing specific thing’s in different ways than what they are used to doing, they do not like they’re current life, lifestyles, beliefs, values, obsessions, challenged in anyway. They just like doing what they like and when they like it. They freak-out when they cannot get whatever they want, and I have seen it up close and personal. The ascension process doesn’t give a rats behind about what people want, you either accept that change is coming or you continue to descend on your current path.

As the month of December 2019 has moved along; I have noticed more and more people having these freak outs. There have been many people at work. People in public. Just people everywhere freaking out. These freak-outs have occurred for years and decades, but, we’re moving into new areas now. I’ve noticed much more freak-outs than ever before, and the ascension process definitely has a lot to do with it. Where we are has a lot to do with it. It’s only normal to experience transitional phase freak-outs. 

One of the more interesting themes that I’ve picked up on for this year’s Double 12 Portal, is this alarming silence that I have experienced, and the enormous amount of transitory phase freak-outs that I have experienced around me. These transitory phase freak-outs have all been from the LowCon people, out in public, people that I work with, and it really doesn’t matter who it is. They’ve exhibited some super hyper anxious behaviors and on a subconscious level, they must be picking up on what I have sensed is coming. Especially, over these last few weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that they’re in the dark about this, and what I have picked up on myself is not the full bigger picture. I just know that what we’re experiencing now and what we will, is going to drastically change very soon. It has been like radio silent. I have felt like it has been a compulsory requirement for me to stay quiet right now. I just try to live what I am experiencing and keep what I know all to myself. While I keep myself silent and waiting to see how everything unfolds. Usually, other people are having the same kind of reactions as me, but aside from one other person online. There is no-body. 

I have gone radio silent during the month of December, both while at home and at work. This is just how I have always needed to process information when some important event is about to occur, and this silence can be nerve racking. That is how I know that we’re currently moving through another high energy period. There are reason(s) for this. I tend to go within myself more during these intense times; I want to be able to get a good feel for how certain events ultimately can play themselves out. Whether they play out that way in the collective, is either a hit or a miss. A miss being most of the time, because no volunteer can correctly predict events as they unfold. The first reason: mainly involves all of the LowCon people that I work with and in the world at large. The second: involves all of the physical embodying that I have been experiencing. Everything is still unfolding and continuing to shift, so I’m feeling like I need to keep what I am going through private. Also, I seem to be the only person who is really picking up on the fact, that this Boxing Day Solar Eclipse is going to change everything. 

Everybody seems to be losing themselves more than before, the closer that we’re getting to The Double 12:12 Portal. It feels vastly different than last year, there is an almost silent ending to what is happening around the world. Most people are frantic, more worried, so damn panicked, and I have especially been a witness to a ton of freaking out. I myself have had a few freaking out moments. On a whole I have been fine with my direction as a volunteer. What I think I need to do and where I need to go. Although, it has been extremely difficult to deal with the very many Energy Disturbances coming from LowCon people. Especially, when they are panicking about their future, what will happen to them, job security, money security, as well as, freaking-out over having to leave their current job(s) and location(s). This is just how the general population handles change, and change that they just aren’t here for. It seems that the ascension process is beginning to force these changes, where I have worked some of these people have worked here for 10+ years. All of this fear is manifesting in tantrums, lashing out, anger, yelling, fighting. This will continue to happen. It will happen because it is my belief that we are leaving this Ascension Cycle and moving into a secondary aspect of the ascension process. It has been interesting for me to observe, how everybody is handling this transitional phase between these cycles. It let’s me know that it is really real and that it is really happening. 

There is another aspect to all of these sweeping changes. There are a lot of people around me who do not want these changes to occur. There are many people who do not want these changes to happen all over the world. On any given day, most of the LowCon people don’t want and like the ascension process.

However, I have been the only one who has wanted this to happen for a while now. When I realized this was all part of a possible change in ascension cycles, I leaped for joy over all of this. I had no problem with saying goodbye, or, letting go of what I needed to. Many of my colleagues are still holding on. Holding on to a job, a security blanket, a familiar scent of what they have always known. They are habitually holding onto their current life by their nails, and claws, to what they have always known, because they have gotten away with so much thus far, and want to continue to. Not in the New Ascension Process Cycle. This is all going to change once we make that cross over, after the boxing day eclipse. They either change and make the shift or they get left behind. 

Thing’s have gotten physically painful again on a physical level with the double 12 portal and those Light codes and patterns. To make thing’s worse we also had a Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius a few hours prior to it. Is it a wonder why I and probably many of you have felt the need to stay quiet and just embody all of this? I have noticed that I am experiencing more Accelerated Ascension Symptoms once again. Here is what I have been experiencing. 

Double 12 Energy Embodiment

The current incoming codes and patterns, are coming on faster than they were even just a week ago before and in so many different ways. However, the majority of them are familiar.

I have been gaining weight once again and I know from experience that means I am embodying much more. I feel more head re-wiring, head pressures, head pains, happening as my whole body is modifying. I can literally feel myself expanding. Not only my body but my consciousness and what I can grasp and understand is going on right now. I am opening up to higher information.

I also need more time to myself. Moments of silence where I can breathe and be alone to do what I need. Noise disrupts my flow of energy embodiment. Which has been hard to get because we have had so many issues, ever since my LowCon sister and her three children moved into our house in June. When they were catapulted out of their dying reality world. The noise level has been extreme, and of course none of them can understand energy, can understand self control, and basic common courtesy. It hasn’t been easy living with a lower form of consciousness and energy. Especially, as this year has played itself out. 

I have also felt more tired and been exhausted by excess dramas. It can be tiring to experience all of this excessive drama, when your one job is to embody, house light from source into the earth. It is very sensitive work and it isn’t easy. It leaves me on the brink of death sometimes. 

All of this and more has transpired during the lead up to The Double 12 Portal and those energies. From the freak-outs at home and at work. To the tantrums and outright nonsense about who is moving, where and when, why haven’t we heard yet. The transitional phase is in full effect and pretty soon it will involve more of humanity. If your physically struggling right now, just take it easy and stay in the background and take care of you first. 

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