Intense Inner Body Cold: I’m Not The Only One, Who’s Been Feeling This Way In Cycle Two.

Intense Inner Body Cold

I am not new to feeling certain bodily changes when they do happen, and for the last six years since I physically awakened spontaneously. I have felt almost every single physical change that I think I can think of, and that does include body temperatures. I have experienced hormone changes and the body does this naturally as we age, however that isn’t always due to the Ascension Process. A person’s hormones are just that, but when I feel an intense heat or inner cold. I know that something is happening due to the Ascension Process. 

When I experience a build-up of intense inner heat; I know that I am transmuting something heavy. In most cases it is something ancient that has been stuck in earth’s grid for a while now, but when my body goes cold it isn’t because of transmuting at all. It has more to do with what I am embodying in that moment, because when I get cold I can feel that it’s because something new that has never been felt before is arriving. That is what I am carrying within me, it is this new energy that is causing my body to literally go ice cold for certain periods of time. The only time that it stops is when it’s done doing what it needs to do.

When we first entered January 2020. I began feeling something different happen within my body and I immediately noticed it, what I had perceived and because I followed the pattern was that I began feeling Intense Inner Body Cold. I vaguely remember feeling this same feeling once when I was a teen at around the age of 15, but that was a one time experience and I didn’t know why I had felt that at that time. My understanding of this experience has evolved over time, because I have had to get myself to that point for me. I understand that I must have had a non-linear experience back then, where my future self was doing this at this time and it bled through with my past self when I was 15. I understand this to be Spherical Consciousness where everything is happening simultaneously, and you can see all of your experiences as one present moment experience. That’s exactly what is happening the majority of the time, you can witness every aspect of yourself at different time periods of your life. All happening at the same time because it is happening simultaneously. It’s circular and it goes round and round, no ending and it is constant.

Since we’ve made that transition into Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process this inner cold feeling has become a regular everyday theme, but there is more to this than just being cold. There are new initiatory light codes that are now activating within the earth herself, and because the volunteers are so very connected to her we also feel these codes too. The inner cold is just a symptom of these changes to earth and her frequency, and a symptom of these light codes when we integrate them into our bodies. This is what I have been experiencing, and it hasn’t always been new to me either. There have been a few moments in my early life where this is what I have been doing, and while aspects of my awareness were not activated yet.

There Is No Time Frame For Embodying

In all of my years doing what I do physically as a volunteer; I have never known when The Embodiment Process would end. This has always been a mystery to me, because initiatory codes will do what they need to do. They will take as much time as they need to in order to update your body, and upgrade your frequency so that you and I are a match for earth herself. As volunteers we do everything first before everyone else, because we were contracted to do it. There is no time-frame for when you embody and what you’re embodying, and it will take days if it has to. It’s all a very complex process and anything can happen. I’ve had to literally be still for two to three days straight, other times it can be for an hour or two. In 2020 it has been everyday for months with no break in sight. It has been rough. It makes no difference. Its been in my personal experience that when you do begin embodying to allow it to happen, I have gone against my intuition and higher self knowing before. The worst is when you need to allow the process to happen, but you have to get out and work when you know that you shouldn’t. I’ve done that too. Other times it will happen while you are out in public and at work. There is no getting out of it, you get what you need done and you get home as quickly as you can. 

When I was a young child growing up in this life, I had always thought that the color scheme for each temperature variation was always interesting. There was a designated color for heat which is usually (Yellow/Orange/Red,) and for the cold which is always (Light Blue/Blue/Purple). I had always thought that, that was an interesting aspect to all of this because of the contrast. The majority of the time when I/we transmute it’s the lower energies. When we embody it’s a higher and never before felt light energy code. When I am transmuting I will feel an intense heat and when I embody I’ll experience an inner cold, so these connections are unmistakable with how I have felt what is going on through my physical body. Yellow through to red are all lower chakra colors and humanity has lived through these chakras in order to survive for a long time. Light blue through purple are the higher chakras which humanity has yet to incorporate into their lives. The interesting thing about these two color contrasts are that one is a lower leveled energy, the other is a much higher energy level frequency. Blue has always been a very evolved color and purple even more so.

It isn’t a surprise to me that even the color scheme, shows itself up exactly with what the volunteers are currently feeling right now through our physical bodies. These connections are so important and if you’ve been feeling this Intense Inner Cold lately, there is a lot more to this than just you feeling extremely frigid. These are the signs of the time that our bodies are changing, just like earth is going through these changes. Adapt to these new initiatory light codes as they upgrade you.

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