Animals & The Ascension Process: Did You Know That Animals Are Also Embodying.

Animals & The Ascension Process 

All of my life, I have always had pets around and in the home when I was a child and an adult. The majority of the time it has been cats, but we have had at least one dog. So, animals have been a huge part of my life. Having that connection to animals has been important to me, and I couldn’t imagine not having had any of those special connections to any of those specific animal beings. Animals are just as much a part of the earth and the Ascension process, as the volunteers are. It doesn’t get written about much, but that’s why I am writing this article. 

Animals are a gigantic part of the Embodiment Process. Which is what I’ll be focusing on the most in this write-up, because the majority of them aren’t tied down to the 3D ways of life. Animals do not have to work a 9-5 that ironically still exists, even though the systems do not work and are on the verge of collapse. Animals do not have to work to earn income, they don’t pay taxes, they’re not required to carry wallets and identification, they have access to fresh water, and to food in their natural habitats. They are actually free to live organically on Gaia, well many of them do. However, they aren’t as free as I’ve made them out to be, but they’re as close to it than we are as a human race. Did I mention that they embody. They do so naturally and openly without much issue, even they can be negatively attacked by certain parasite and entities. That’s for another article. 

Human beings and Animals have had a long history together on Gaia, so much so that our Energy Signatures are a match with one another. There are some pets that we have and that we have had in the past that are contracted to be with us, and they incarnate to be with us at these certain points in our life. There are pets that come in to comfort us and embody with us, there are pets that actually are helping you clear your karmic energy by taking on some of the energetic burden. There are pets that you have when you’re young for very specific incarnational reasons, then towards middle age, and then near the more advanced years. It all has to do with where you are at the time in your life, and then there are certain people who never have any pets for their entire life. That doesn’t mean anything specific, it just means there are some people who are not an energy match to any animals. 

I remember reading a story online from a woman and this was a few years back, who had mentioned how her beloved cat had passed away after years of animal service. She mentioned in that story on a public forum about how when the time came, how she saw this brilliant being emerge from her cat’s body. That was one of those surreal moments for me where I realized that I wasn’t the only one that understood, how there are certain higher dimensional friends that did incarnate as animals to join us as special helpers on The Ascension Process. I have been aware for some time now that certain animals and specific pets that come into our lives, are there for a higher purpose. That they are more than just animals. These special animal friends are in fact higher dimensional beings who come in to assist us, and it has baffled me how not very many people have connected the two. I have a two-year-old orange male tabby named Cody; he is one of the most advanced animal companions that I have ever had. The way that he interacts with us and how he is just so connected to us as a small family on a psychic level, it does speak volumes. He can pick out who is having a difficult time, and he will connect straight to them.

Certain Animals Embody In Different Parts Of The World

There are locations on this earth that hold a higher-than-normal frequency, and then there are other locations that have a very dark energy to them. In general, there are vast differences between the very many countries in our world as well. The population of specific countries can either be a more positive one, and then there are others who are a very negative group. This is our world. The same rules apply to certain animals as well. There are certain animals, and you’ll notice this as well that only live in certain parts of the world. They all have their specific Geographical Blueprint, and they are an Energy Match to the locations that they are born into. This is normal for the majority of animals just like it is for people, we all come into this earth as a specific person living in a certain location. Animals are just like many volunteers, who are called on to incarnate in certain locations to hold that blueprint. They incarnate knowing that they are needed and that so is their energy, and that they are in service to divine source like the volunteers are. 

There are species of Animals that can only do certain Energetic Work through one another, it’s not just that they are involved in the embodiment process in their location. They work together in herds, so that they can energetically learn from one another. There is more going on here than what you might think, then there are certain species of animals that do not get along for whatever reason. There are many people in our world that carry their own Energy Signature, and I will leave a link to that article at the bottom of this one for those interested in reading it. Animals like people do have their own energy signature as well and there are many animals that hold a negative energy signature. There are certain animals such as reptiles: (Lizards, Snakes, Iguanas, Skinks, Gecko, Crocodiles, Alligators.) Just to name a few. These are those animals that are similar to human people who carry a Negative Energy Signature. 

Negative Energy Signatured Animals

There are some Animals that I mentioned which I have placed into the negative energy signature category, and I put them there because those specific animals belong there. They are mainly reptilian beings, and I would also place lions, tigers, cougars into that category as well. These animals actually do get influenced by non-physical entities, and they do harm those specific animals who do come into this earth as a service to Divine Source to embody.   

There are always certain animals that are always starting beef with others, you must understand that the same rules apply in the animal kingdom as they do here in the human being kingdom. There are many animals and humans alike, who are preying on others for energy and some even get used to kill the other. Animals for food and humans to interfere in the scheduled life course of another person. Which happens very often. They’re not very different from us. Animals can get used just as much as lower vibrating humans. 

There is so much more that I want to discuss in regard to animals and the animal kingdom but, I don’t want to give everything away all at once. There is a plethora of information that the public just does not know about, with what the various animal species are doing here on this planet. How they’re embodying along with the volunteers, and just what other wonderful mysteries that they contribute to our planet. I will be discussing animals a lot more in the future and especially the very many higher dimensional animal beings. There were ancient lessons that I learned in ancient civilizations, in other lives that I incarnated into and all from those wonderful (bird, lion, and various other beings.) There is a new category section that I am starting here on Energetic Earth- Ascending New World. It is going to be called Animal Evolution & The Birth Of New Earth Species and it’ll discuss animals and their evolution. 

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