Loss Of Global 3D Systems: There Are Certain Systems, That Are In The Process Of Becoming Extinct.

Global Systems Becoming Extinct

Throughout earth’s early history mankind has always lived life through practicing rituals, ceremonies, group networking, tribal work, hunting and gathering, organized religion, education, organized health care for all, organized rules and regulations, State and Government, all of these words are applicable to all of the systems that are in play. It’s only now in the 21st century that we’re really starting to realize how broken these systems, and these ways of living really are. There is a reason for that because they never worked in the first Place, and the ascension process is revealing all of that at this time. Why? So that there can either be reformed systems or new systems that are in alignment with earth, and service to others instead of service to self.

Have you noticed lately that the systems are all simultaneously looking like they’re about to collapse into a pile of rubble. That’s because they are. I’ve always wondered how and when this would start dismantling, because the ascension process isn’t about having to do something with a group of people. It isn’t about rituals and ceremonies. It also isn’t about group networking and learning from the group. I have never once felt connected to a group because I never needed group work, I always relied on myself and I was sovereign with what I was doing. Even before my physical and conscious activation to begin the ascension process, I had no-one in my corner and I always did it all by myself. This is why these systems are becoming extinct. The ascension process is an individual process, where there is no need for group work. Today service to others through group work is being replaced by people using these systems for service to self. This is why these systems have never worked and will never work. 

Why Does It Feel Like Nothing Works Anymore

Most of my life; I have always struggled with the idea of feeling like such an alien while being incarnated on this planet. Most Starseeds, Ascension volunteers, feel this way and have their entire life. I have never felt like I belonged here and living amongst the people here has been challenging for me. I never understood them and what they were interested in doing, which includes the small thing’s that are so interesting to them that I find hard to care about. I have never understood the systems and their ways of life, this has been by far the most difficult time period to be living in due to this and so much more.

I have been working on my own my entire life and there haven’t been very many people who I have needed to do group work with. I never needed to learn to work within a group, I never needed to feel like I was apart of a team in anyway. That group mentality is actually baffling to me and that people feel the need to do this, when your living your own ascension process you’re on your own. All I have ever needed is me, because I never needed to run to a group of people to know more about myself. I took all of these precious opportunities to do this inner work, to slowly work on myself as much as possible. I will not come back here and I need to quickly finish everything that I need to feel complete. Which brings me to my point. I have never understood how all of these systems came to form since the centuries that I have been gone, to witness these once thriving systems all begin to disappear has been wonderful to me. Why Does It Feel Like Nothing Works Anymore? It isn’t supposed to work anymore. When we entered cycle two of the ascension process in 2020, that was the final step that earth needed. New earth was born in that moment and slowly the ascension volunteers were moving into it first and soon so will the regular people. When a system works it usually does because it is a frequency match, when it does not that usually means that it is a service to self frequency.

Service To Self,  Service To Others

The extinction of global 3D systems is happening because in our new earth world we have to be a frequency match with the earth. In the next decades and centuries to come we will see the majority of these global systems change and disappear, because it is such a big burden on the earth and the human population. Earth and this physical reality used to be system free and it wasn’t until the Cataclysm Of Earth that these systematic changes began to be incorporated into our earth. The earth and the natural energy of earth then became distorted, and people began to create the very world that we see today. A world where people take for themselves without giving to others. A world where people feed off of other people and their energies, opportunities to think of their own selfish pursuits. The same energy does attract a familiar energy and people tend to perform services through the system that they’re a frequency match to. Which is why you see billionaires who got rich by stealing lots of money, as opposed to the poor man who is homeless. Different people do experience different situations through the systems of the world, some are for service to self and some are for service to others.

Those systems are in the process of transitioning into a more 5D heart centered service, to give back to people and to work with them just like it was before the Cataclysm Of Earth. Service to others was the way of the land back in the early years of earth and we thrived together because of it. There was no such thing as service to self and all of our ancient ancestors were much more evolved then the people of our earth today, we aren’t as evolved as them and if anything we seem to be devolving. In these changing times I have personally decided to let whatever needs to be removed to die out, I don’t want to fix any of these systems and I am not here to continue to perpetuate any of them either. These are the changes that we are seeing now in our world and they are verynecessary, we’re becoming more connected like we once used to be.

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