New 2020 Energy Codes: The New Rainbow Crystal Light Energies & Activation Codes.

Physical Body Changes In 2020

When I clairvoyantly see NEW to me patterns of coded energies begin to synthesize with my physical body; I also receive a mental image of what I am embodying within myself because that is what is hitting the earth at the time. That is how that works for me and certain patterns can be seen from my peripheral vision, other times I can notice it right in my direct line of vision which has been very up close for me to see. I have experienced this both in awakened and out of body states, usually it happens in awakened states over these last few years. 

All of April and into May 2020, I have Clairvoyantly seen these NEW to me Rainbow Crystal Code Sequences hitting my area, as well as, the connection that it has been having with children in my area who have been noticing it themselves. There have been very many young humans who are more in tune than adults and it has been amazing to witness, especially when they have painted these new coded sequences on rocks. These young children are really a sight to see because they have a pure connection to earth, that adults just do not have. Many of them were born during the early Ascension years and have those coded sequences within them, now that they are getting older they can distribute them into the world.  

On a physical level 2020 has felt more challenging since my physical awakening happened in 2014. I am amazed that I am still even alive on most days and I have been so grateful to be here still on this physical plane. That really is the truth. That really has been how I have been experiencing all of these energies, all of the lockdown orders, all of the social distancing (which I have loved) and I have just been so filled with gratitude to have made it through another day. It has all been a complete nightmare when you look at it from a 3D binocular viewpoint, but for people like me and you who are existing at a 5D or higher frequency its felt like a god send. It means that I and you can continue to do what we have always been doing all along, for however long that we have been doing it for without needing to participate so heavily within that descending 3D reality. This is new earth and how it functions will not be the exact same as old earth reality, that is not where the majority of the volunteers are. 

There have been many Molecular Changes to our physical body this year and I’m sure all of you have experienced these changes. From low to high food intake periods, to intolerances to certain foods because they are so heavy on the system. Feeling ultra sensitive within the body which includes certain body parts. Bone and muscle pains. Then the headaches and third eye pressure. I have been dealing with many etheric viruses and parasite cords that have needed to be cut this year. These are all of the physical changes that we have experienced so far in 2020. It’ll always be hard work to free ourselves from the control of lower consciousness and all of those entities that reside within that fraction of lower earth. 

The Ascension Volunteers have been able to: (Stay at home in our own light filled spaces. We have been embodying these NEW cycle two light energies and we have been able to interact less with certain people who carry lower consciousness and energies. We do continue to transmute the collective energies and dismantle dead timelines. We are no longer here to transmute energies for other people and their anxieties, fears, pains, and etc. Having to endure endless psychic attacks, mind control frequencies trying to infiltrate our light minds.) We have been doing this and more since the Covid-19 restrictions have been put in place. This is a wake-up call for humanity and now the ascension shoe is on the other foot, because regular people now need to isolate just like we did because it was just to painful to be walking around embodying what we did physically. Continue to live, to learn, to discern and to decide what feels right for you to do. 

Rainbow Crystal Light Codes

The biggest difference that I have noticed in 2020 these days is that my area has changed, it shifted, shifted to the point where It has made it more possible for me to actually not isolate like everyone else. It must feel so strange for those unaware people to shift and live inside, that’s what happens when New Earth Is Birthed. I have had issues for my entire life feeling like an Alien on this planet, I never felt like I belonged here. I also never felt comfortable on this earth and going outside of my actual physical home. I never felt the need to do that because I was being held in place for a big reason, to embody finely crafted light codes during specific moments for the divine. The second the Covid-19 restrictions hit; I instantly felt like I could step outside for the first time ever. Now, I’m able to roam outside in the middle of the day. I can go for walks. I can be in the sunshine. I can just stand around breathing or walking through the trails in nature. No-one is out there. All of the people who made me sick and who made me feel all of their stuff, made me turn around and walk the other way because I knew going near them would be to dangerous for me.

This year I have perceived that my physical location and the surrounding areas have been hit with New Rainbow Triangular Crystal Light Codes. I tried to find some images of what I was seeing, but I ended up finding slightly different pictures that represented what I had seen. The top three images were very close to what I saw dropping into various places in my hometown, those rainbow colored lines and patterns that looked almost iridescent in nature to me. Then there were certain light codes that looked triangular and sharp pointed, with a rainbow hue to them. I started to clairvoyantly see these new codes in this area in March and at the beginning of April. My light team had told me that these were new coded energies for this area, I spent many moments these last few weeks working on my trauma and releasing lifetimes worth of hurts, resentments and angers from my childhood. It was emotionally exhausting.

The Children in my area have been noticing these Rainbow Triangular Crystal Light Codes because on these out of isolation walks that I have been taking, I have noticed a line-up of rocks filled with hearts and rainbow colors splattered all over them. It does not matter where I go, the trails in this area are filled with them and it has made my Claircognizance much more heightened to the fact that they have also been picking up on these energies as well. There aren’t very many adults that are aware in my area and they aren’t suppose to be, but many of the children in this area are at least for right now. Remember that everyone is at their own level of understanding, The energy in my hometown feels different than it used to. It’s like stepping into a new doorway of consciousness itself. Which is what I explained earlier in this article. How I feel more capable now being able to be outside, while those who are not aware of the Ascension process are being held up inside. This is all Next Level Ascension and Evolution. 

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