The Automated Ego Voice System: When Your Thoughts Are On The Fact That The Ascension Process Will Kill You.

The Automated Ego Voice System

In these last six Ascension process years; I’ve had to teach myself how to discern between my own ego and when there is a specific pattern of thought that is being projected into my mind. I have also learned to discern between when my higher self and self aspects were guiding me. There have been a lot of self taught moments for me during these early years and it is important for me to stress to those who may be learning right now. You should always discern whether you are aware of your own ability to be fully conscious of your thoughts and when they are coming from somewhere else. 

I have been well aware of the Automated Ego Voice System because we as humans have those built in personality attributes, that can be hard to manage because it is such a huge part of who we are as the people we choose to be. That pertains to our ego and yes we all have it no matter how enlightened certain specific Ascension Writers and teachers claim to be. I have an ego and I have to always sift through it and whether or not it is an AI projection of negative thoughts. The ego can make us believe anything and that is if we let it, but there is a difference between personality characteristics and AI projection and we have to know these differences as we ascend into new earth. 

Since I physically activated to begin my Ascension Process and Journey back in March 2014. I have struggled on a physical level ever since, to keep up with the energies. To keep up with the codes, with the physical symptoms and the various (emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental) responsibility of being an activated Third Waver within the Ascension Process. This does also include energies and memories, from this life and other multi-dimensional and other physical earthly and from other planetary incarnations, that have been weaved into my DNA and Cellular memories within this physical body. I have learned to release all of my molecular body configurations as it tends to stagnate the blueprint sequencing in this current Michael body form. My major challenge has been learning to discern between what my higher self is communicating with me and the Automated AI Ego Voice System

The Automated AI Ego Voice System is a negative mind control system that can create self doubt within the mind of the Receiver Victim, namely those who are on the ascension path to believe that something is occurring when really it isn’t. They can make many on the path believe that something can happen, that it will happen and that can cause self doubt in the heart and mind of the receiver who is shifting out of a lower frequency reality. There have been many exact moments like this where I have been led to believe a certain created fabricated story, until I did the hard work to discern if it was true for myself. The most prevalent thought form or AI created doubt that I have experienced has been about my own physical survival, because the whole entire point of artificial intelligence tactics used by non-physical entities is to make you believe that your very own life is at risk. That your life is at great risk because of what you’re embodying while living out the natural ascension process, while you do shift away from lower consciousness and become apart of the Ascension Tribe. I have had many moments where my dying ego has freaked-out. Which has been difficult to deal with and many times it has been persistent AI mind control thought forms, they do love to get at me through questioning my survival. 

This is the Ascension Process and it can make you feel like your going “crazy” and that is because we tend to get so lost within our Automated Ego Voice System and the paranoia can suddenly kick in. How can I feel like this? Why do I feel like this? Why is this happening to me? Until we have had a complete mental and emotional breakdown. This tends to happen during the early years or dark night of the soul phase and you do have to overcome your issues and inner darkness. This early phase sets off a complete chain-reaction where you need to shed off everything that you have ever known, in order to re-balance and to harmonize yourself. It is a real physical activation that completely shifts and changes you, but for the better because its really what is going on here right now. This is the greatest shift within the earth and we all agreed to come here to do this work, so we evolve and grow within this Ascension Process and so can the earth. Don’t forget that your not always thinking what you think you are, you have to discern when its really your thoughts. Sometimes its your ego and other times its AI and the mind control thought forms that are trying to control consciousness.

Why Do I Feel Like I Am Physically Dying?

In the early years of my Ascension Process, I really struggled on an emotional level and mental level. It might very well have happened to you too, or it will, for those of you just finding this site who are only just starting their own process. I couldn’t manage on an emotional level (especially the darker aspects,) which I won’t get into and mentally I thought that I just wasn’t normal. I thought that there was something seriously going on that meant I was seriously ill. It played on my fears. It played on my emotions. It played on my emotional state. I did everything any normal 3D person would do. I played into the pharmaceutical lower conscious health-care system. I got comfort out of doing blood work and that came out fine. I did leg x-rays to check out why they were vibrating and that came out fine too. Everything, pointed to me being perfectly healthy and normal. However, I was overly emotional. Crying over nothing. I had intense painful headaches. I felt so achy and exhausted. On Some days I just couldn’t even get myself together. There would be a heat rising Kundalini from my body that just didn’t make any sense to me. I was even effecting anything electronic, one time the television turned on without me doing it. It was a strange time. A time when I just was going through all of this and doing it all on my own. It was one of the scariest times of my life and I had no one to turn to. 

The one aspect for me that really bothered me was the “Dying” feeling. I kept feeling like I was going to physically die. It took me years to realize that I wasn’t physically dying. I was just shifting into a new frequency, a new energy, and my body needed to be re-constructed and molded slowly by all of the headaches, the body vibrating, the kundalini heat pulsations, and so much more. This is called Automated Ego Manipulation where the AI mind control projection makes you believe that the Ascension Process will kill you. This is what AI tactics used by non-physical demonic entities will project into your mind, they will make you doubt that the Ascension Process is real and that your sick and dying. They will even make you think that it is dangerous to think that your living the Ascension Process. It is now 2020 and guess what? Even after six years of feeling all of the unusual vibrations, the heat, the headaches, experiencing the shifts and working with the energies and being a living, breathing, conduit for light and god/light. I still have been dealing, feeling, and experiencing all of this within myself. Ever since December 2019, I have been feeling these familiar projections inside my mind especially as time has gone on. It has felt so amplified and suffocating and I have had to do it all on my own, because the majority of most of my family which I am in lockdown with do not know that I go through this entire process. That I live it day in/out. That the real reasons why I complain about the pains I have, that I feel, are about me embodying more light energy, codes, and transforming my DNA to match the current energies. 

Over the last six years I have embodied, released, transformed, become the NEW energies at each level while simultaneously living in a new physical reality, higher consciousness, and existing at times with certain family members who were in the same place but in a different reality. While some of them have slowly been climbing into newer levels, newer realities, most of them are still existing in lower realities at lower levels of consciousness. It can be extremely hard doing this work, with all of what I need to do and be around those who are completely unaware of it.

The truth is your not really dying. Unless you do have a condition your unaware of, than of course you will need to check that out. I am not really dying. However, I have had to learn over and over it seems, especially in 2020 that the ego really needs to be dismantled in all ways in order for rapid evolution to take place. Than I find myself realizing that I am dying in a different way, in a way where those old aspects of myself have left me and I realize that I have died. Through releasing old habits, old patterns, old beliefs, and removing tired and heavy aspects of your lower self that needs to be purged. It’s like being a phoenix and constantly dying and then being resurrected back from the ashes. The process continues over and over. Until you become that next level better part of yourself you never were. So, rise up little phoenix’s. Rise up and purge all your old lower miserable aspects, and resurrect yourselves through the ashes. Especially in 2020. Make sure that you know the difference between your ego and when AI tactics are making you second guess your Ascension path.

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  1. queenanai

    Amazing post! I was in shock when I saw that you posted this yesterday. Last night before going to sleep (I actually didn’t really sleep at all…) I felt and thought to myself “I’m going to die”. And aside from the anxiety I was experiencing, I think kept myself awake cause I was honestly scared of dying in my sleep. A friend recently lost her little brother like that. Today I’ve been going through all the symptoms and then some. I started my ascension journey back in 2017. The fear you have talked about, that crippling fear of things aren’t even real ARE SO REAL. I am beyond thankful to have come across your blog! I know I’m not the one going through it but it’s still comforting reading your post and knowing that just on the other side of this comment, you’re there!

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