Pleiadian Download For 2020: As We Approach A New Level Of New Earth In Physicality.

Pleiadian Download For 2020

The deeper into 2020 that we transition through the more that we’ll experience physicality in different multi-dimensional ways, there are so many things unravelling with everything that is going on right now. With the world entering into the Covid-19 pandemic and the entrance into cycle two of the ascension process. This is a huge wake up call for humanity which I felt strongly, with humans creating this pandemic for a reason because it is what is needed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that people are physically and consciously awakening one by one, that will never happen because that has never been contracted to happen. You hold whatever level of awareness that you think you can handle, the evolutionary process is about evolving slowly at ones own pace which is what is happening in 2020. 

I have perceived that the further into 2020 the Ascension Volunteers have moved into, the more layers of new earth begin to physicalize into reality as the main earth world. What does that mean? It means that the earth is now vibrating and existing as a 5D physical reality, with human beings slowly becoming much more evolved like they used to be. New earth is a new world reality for people to be apart of at the highest frequency. This is what is happening in May 2020 right now as more Ascension Volunteers step into this new earth frequency.  

I have wanted to write about the next level of Ascension Volunteers Stepping Into New Earth for a while now, I have just been having a hard time all 2020 and this month seems even more compressed than what we have gone through this entire year. This has gotten more difficult due to the fact that I have been in lock-down and in self isolation with many unaware family members. It has not been easy to say the least. I have experienced and lived through some dark moments with all of them individually while a few of them have been living here with us. It has been difficult to navigate when I can and cannot write, because I am not open with them about what I know. They have no idea about this website and what I embody physically within myself either, they don’t even know that I write about these experiences as an ascension volunteer. We’re all currently living on many different levels and what I am doing right now is accessing new earth along with the other volunteers. 

In May 2020, I have started to notice that I am experiencing some new physical anomalies that I just have not felt at such a high degree before. The closer to the Pleiadian Download for 2020 that we get, the more that I realize that my body is undergoing the dreaded Ascension Fatigue. I have never been more physically exhausted before and I have had to take naps during the day which is something that I just do not do. At this point I don’t even try to do anything other than what my body allows me to do in the moment, that can be hard for anyone to put into perspective because we feel we need to always be doing something. There will be key moments when you’re living out the Ascension Process where doing nothing is exactly what you should be doing. I’m talking about of no thinking. No moving around the house. No leaving the house to go anywhere for anything. No talking to people. No need to talk at all. No living life vertically but rather in a much more horizontal position. There have been times that I don’t even need to sleep but I just need to remain in a horizontal position just laying still. That’s what my body is asking of me. This has been me for all of this month and all of 2020 so far. 

This all starts to make sense to all of us when we really understand just what is going on right now: The Ascension Volunteers are moving into New Earth. I had initially wrote about this in an earlier article called a new earth is here for evolving human beings back in February. We have reached a period where we are currently shifting out of that old earth that we have always lived on, we are now in the second stage and this was the major feeling I was getting with the energies as early as November 2019. I didn’t know about covid-19 back then and that it was going to be a big issue down here in physicality. I didn’t know that any of this was going to transpire. Nothing was shown to me. Nothing was mentioned. All that I knew was that a brand new cycle was going to start and that did happen back in December 2019 and into early 2020. This is where we are and as we move further into this year, we’ll reach the next stages and levels of this and it will feel odd to us.

Who Is Who And Where Are They Moving Into?

A big part of these Next Levels Of The Ascension Process has a lot to do with people. We’re going to see just who is who and where they are moving into. Your going to see just which direction everyone is moving into. Are they now going to die? Are they going to be moving along with those of us who have been doing the hard work. Are they going to be moving into lower and lower dimensions. The gap has been pulverizing between those on the process, the ones who are being forced to join in on the process and those who would rather die or much worse descend into lower realities. It all has to do with which level you are on. Many people do not want to be bothered with the ascension process. Now, your going to find out where everyone lies. What is in their hearts. What actual level they are on. What level that they are prepared to move into. 

Another Attempt By Non-Physicals 

I was attacked early on in the morning on May 23rd. I was attacked physically by a Non-Physical Negative Entity and it caught me by surprise. I’m not including this in this article to frighten anyone and that is never my intention when I share these experiences. It is unfortunately all connected to where we all are right now. Over these last few years I have experienced multiple attacks, by these real non-physical entities. Sometimes, I’ll experience these attacks on a psychic level and that isn’t always the case. Then there are times where they come straight for my physical body and try to literally force their energies on me, I’m usually asleep when this happens. This at times can lead to a struggle for my very physical body because they try to evict me from it and yes I have experienced that too. Then there are times where they try to come at me in what I call a Dream Manipulation Transmission. This has not happened to me in a while. I do still get intentionally messed with slightly in my sleeping state. Especially, if they are trying to place me in a Dream Manipulation Transmission.

This tactic involves placing someone (anyone) in a dream sequence that can cause complete and total terror. They do these dream transmissions in order to see your reaction, to see how afraid you really are. The intention is to siphon energy from your emotions, as they put you in some nasty terror filled dream sequence. Aside from this. I have not been attacked or been bothered by them since March of this year.

A Portal Straight Into My Bedroom

This specific Non-Physical entity somehow made a portal straight into my room. It was just off near the foot of my bed. It bled-through. Then began to press itself down on me, I could feel him literally huffing and puffing and breathing on me in anger. I called on god. My guardian. My guides came. Then this thing was pulled off of me by two tall, white, bright light beings, that had their faces covered in hooded transparent garments. One of them on each side and holding the entity back. Then it started to threaten me. 

I then got so annoyed, so frustrated, so pissed off  at it’s presence. Even more so that it had woken me up from  my sleep at 3:45 am with its horns and breathing down on me. I banished him. While chills ran up and down my body. I first sent it love and he didn’t want to accept it. Then I banished him. Then I told it that it could not stay here anymore. Then the two tall, white, bright lighted beings took him right out of the room. Then the attack ended and I began the process of cleaning up my room. I began setting up stronger shields. Then I communicated with my guardian and guides about the hell that just transpired. 

I was told and understood it to mean that it was one last attempt to stop me, to frighten me, stop the work that I was doing, try to get into my body while evicting me out of it. All of that nonsense. Normally, my reaction would be to be totally afraid, fearful, paranoid and in the past it played on my mind. I would stay up until the sun came up and then try to sleep. This time I was so enraged by the disturbance that I fell asleep as soon as my protections were up, the energy was cleared and they told me it was safe to do so. It didn’t phase me at all. I have had enough of this for over six years. At 30 I’m getting too old to care about these attacks. 

This attack on me in the early hours of May 23rd was important. It tells me that The Ascension Volunteers are stepping into another layer of New Earth and the remaining Non-Physical entities do not want that either. They want humanity to remain trapped consciously so that they can siphon off of those in the old world. They do not want this New Earth that the ascension volunteers have worked on to be the dominant world reality for those of us that are remaining in physicality. If you are experiencing the same thing. Move forward. Fear not. We are in stage two so keep your eye on what is important and move further into the second cycle of the Ascension Process. 

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