Witnessing A Being Of Light: A Few Personal Experiences With My OOB, And NDE Experiences Part 2

Witnessing A Being Of Light: Personal Experiences With My Own NDE Part 2.

I have been a Starseed Ascension Volunteer for my entire life and I have experienced some otherworldly phenomena that I do not know how to explain, not to mention contact with higher dimensional beings. I have seen and felt them all around me, I have seen small sparkles of specks of light that come in and vanish out real quickly. I have received multiple energy and light code downloads my entire life, not to mention being attacked by negative entities and I felt them use the consciousness of certain people. I have experienced quite a lot and among those certain experiences, I have dealt with plenty of my own near misses in this life. I have also dealt with many of my own out of body experiences too, the sky is the limit when you function at an advanced level than someone who is not a Starseed. 

I have decided that I am going to write two articles. These two articles will focus on my personal journey. Both of them. They will discuss my OOB and NDE experiences, as well as, how they connect to my physical activation to begin my Ascension process and my past life times. It is my hope that these two articles will be helpful to other Starseeds and human beings, especially for those who are currently experiencing this now and are feeling their way through all of the trauma. Whether your physically awakening as a Starseed to remember you, or your a human being who is slightly more advanced than the rest of the population. What you’re experiencing now in your life is valid and very real, make sure that you remember this!

This is a continuation article from the first article that I had written, that was about my NDE and OOB experiences from a Starseed Perspective. It chronicles some of these events, that I went through during my physical activation to begin the Ascension Process. Which almost led to my physical death. Resulting in two more NDE experiences and in one of them; I experienced an OOB experience and spoke to a higher dimensional Female being of light. This Female being warned me of what might happen to me if I didn’t seek immediate medical help. In the second and final third one that I experienced: A past lifetime in Ancient Egypt aligned with my current life, that death matched up to the exact day and age that I was in 2014. Which almost saw me die in this lifetime as well. There is a lot to say; the main reason for writing any of this – is to help anyone who has had a NDE or OOB experience, who might feel scared, lost, confused, and alone about what they have experienced on a physical level and to work through that trauma.

Before I begin writing; I am going to share the link to the first part of this series of events. You do not necessarily need to read them in order. It is up to you. Here is the link: Witnessing A Being Of Light: A Few Personal Experiences With My OOB, And NDE Experiences Part 1

The events that I wrote about in part one involved me contracting a Step throat infection, that I needed to experience so that I could release and transmute some more personal and collective world negativity. It also, was a contracted exit point for me. An Exit Point is an opportunity for you to leave the physical body that you are in and this planet if you want to. It is a completely personal choice and it is nothing to be sad over, worried, and or frightened about. It is your choice as an individual spirit to choose what is right for you. This was mine. I obviously chose to remain in the physical and it has been five years now since all of those events have happened to me. The first NDE happened in May 2014. The next two NDE which involved me physically leaving my body at one point. They both happened in July and August of that year after a huge transition in my life. These are the two NDE that I’ll be writing about in this article.

The second and third NDE that I’ll be writing about today, happened in July and August of 2014. It involved a series of events, that was related to a past lifetime that I had in Ancient Egyptian time. In this lifetime I was a female. I noticed that there were many connections and similarities to who I was in this lifetime and in that one. We had lived a similar life, we had similar habits and certain behavior patterns that had crossed through into this life. We were both loners and we both felt alone most of our lives, never having been treated kindly, with respect, and there was no support from either families that we had. It’s not strange for many of us to experience similar life circumstances, experience needing to go through similar lessons, to have familiar behaviors and personality traits in new lives. It goes with reincarnation. It goes with being connected to our pasts in our future selves, as these new people that we have become. Agreed to become. Whether for further evolutionary advancement or by sheer force to go through it all again to finally learn. I won’t go into anymore further details about who I was in this lifetime, as this is something that I plan on writing about more in a separate article in full detail. Here are the events of my second NDE: It hurt like hell and I experienced both lives simultaneously as I traveled back through that past life memory. 

Witnessing A Being Of Light: Ancient Egyptian Past Lifetime Death Bleed-Through.

It was late one night towards the end of July 2014 after we had just moved into our new house. We had just started unpacking everything from boxes and seeing where they would go. I had chosen my room downstairs and began putting my bed together, deciding where all my stuff would go. After a few days I managed to get everything figured out, sorted and exactly where I wanted it to be. I decided to do some stretches despite feeling un well one night, when I felt a slight twist in my right side. Like something came out of place or was activated in that area. It just came on so strongly. 

By the next morning. My right leg just under the knee started to hurt. I also started feeling more weak. So, I decided to lay down in my mother and father bedroom. By that night the pain was extremely painful. My leg started swelling and turning blue and purple. I got some ice and placed it on that area and still it continued to feel increasingly worse as the days went by. A few days afterwards it got so bad that the pain that I felt was so unbearable, it felt like a pain that was indescribable. I had never felt like that before. By the third day I was slightly shaking, I didn’t eat anything and I kept convulsing. Convulsing from the pain. At one point on the third day my only sibling, my sister, came into the room and just stared at me convulsing. I remember thinking to myself “Please, help me. Call an ambulance.” She just stared at me while I pleaded for her to help me and left the room. She, didn’t say anything and she never got help for me. Neither did my parents. 

During one night while still being in pain. I began seeing multiple “Beings Of Light” who were in the room with me. My leg was in tremendous pain and it looked and felt like they were floating there in front of me on the bed, waiting for me. Like they were there for me. I drifted off to sleep and never did see them again. The next morning. I felt slightly better. Despite my leg still being swollen and purple and blue. No one in my family took me to emergency. Meanwhile, there were light beings in the room with me, as I was close to dying from the pain and the convulsing that I was experiencing. 

A few days later. I began experiencing strange thoughts and memories come through in my mind. I didn’t understand them. I felt like I was back in a different time. I could see this young woman of about 24, she was being chased and she quickly fell to the floor and had an arrow in her right leg. In the exact same place and leg where I suddenly started experiencing this sudden pain. It was confusing. I felt like I was in two different places all at one time. It wasn’t until many years later, that I realized I was experiencing a Past lifetime memory and event. Which was bleeding through into my current life. 

This was my second NDE which involved an Egyptian past life bleed-through, into my current life at the age of 24. In that life I experienced serious issues and I died and I very nearly died again in this lifetime at the same age. The third and final NDE involved me finally being treated for the re-occurring Strep throat infection that I had. Only after I finally experienced an OOB experience where a Female Being of Light told me to get help as fast as I could. 

Witnessing A Being Of Light: The Third NDE Which Resulted In An OOB Experience.

Towards the beginning of August I really was feeling better in regards to my leg. The swelling had gone down. My leg returned to a normal color. I had to wear a leg brace… but, it was improving and I could walk relatively well. However, I still had that Strep throat infection which had come back. In those days I noticed that thing’s were alright but I could feel the same throat pain, the same throat issues as before. 

On Aug 1st – I had felt extremely weak and decided to lay down on my bed at 5:00 pm that afternoon. While already asleep. I experienced an OOB experience while asleep. To me it felt like I was pulled out and not because I was dead or dying. However, despite what I believe. I did have an out of body experience that afternoon. What I remember about it the most was how fast it all happened. How sudden it was. How easy it all felt and looked. One second I was just asleep and the next thing I knew I was suddenly out of my body and I remember floating up to the ceiling in my room. I was facing the wall to the right and it seemed like I was still in a laying position, because I was facing the right side when I looked at myself down from the ceiling. 

I heard a Female being of Light begin t0 telepathically communicate with me. I knew who she was instantly and I knew exactly why she was there. However, she wasn’t in the room with me. It was just a telepathic communication she spoke with me. I was out of my body and I didn’t move anywhere. I didn’t leave that room. I stayed floating in that area above my bed. Her exact words were “Go to the hospital.” After that was communicated to me, I began to experience a sensation of being pulled downwards back into my physical body. As soon as that OOB experience happened for me, I woke up. I remember feeling so confused by it. So, confused by the experience that I left the room and almost refused to return back into it. 

I never went to the hospital. It wasn’t until a week later. I had asked my sister to take me to her doctor who gave me the antibiotics that I needed to clear that Strep infection. After he checked me out. I almost fainted while waiting in the waiting area and my stomach was in tremendous pain from everything that was going on for me.

These were my two NDE and OOB experiences that I experienced. Three in total. One involving a past lifetime memory and bleed-through. Two from an infection that never really healed properly. All three shaped my life entirely. Positively and negatively. Five years worth of Ascension PTSD after physically being activated to begin the Ascension process. I also finally managed to release lifetimes worth of not being able to speak for myself, to finally speaking up for myself and after lifetimes worth of be silenced. All released from me. All transformed me. If you have also experienced a NDE and a OOB event that has left you feeling alone, lost, confused, or, unable to speak about it. Don’t worry! Your the not the only one who has had this experience. If you’re one of the few who began their physical Ascension Process and had been triggered by a NDE or two, or three, just like me. Your not the only one.

As a Starseed; I found this experience to be the most intense one that I have ever had and I understood the experience and information. However, I still struggled as a Starseed. I hope this helps anyone who has experienced a similar thing. I’m deciding to leave the comments open on both article(s,) for anyone who feels the need to share their similar experience or who has questions. 

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