It’s All A Personal Choice: Living The Ascension Process Is A Very Personal Thing. I Can’t… Involve Myself At This Time.

Ascension Process & Personal Choices

I haven’t written a single word on here in almost a month. It’s not for lack of having thing’s to write about. I have, I do! I just have needed to not write very much and for obvious reasons. The Ascension Process is happening right now full steam for all to see, all around the world. To experience as well; I need to allow it to happen. People right now are also in a very difficult position, because they have to literally choose where they want to go. To choose what is real and what isn’t. To choose what is true and what is not. Where they want to be. Are they on new earth or not? If not do they want to be? 

Can you believe I’m still writing about directions and paths in mid to late 2021? Of course, why wouldn’t I be. There are still so many people, who are still continuing to make whatever decisions and choices that they need to at this time. Can you believe that your reading this line again. It’s starting to sound repetitive, well humanity is repetitive and so are people. It’s why Cycle Two of The Ascension Process has looked so damn messy. It’s why it continues to be and why it will into 2022 and beyond. 

Since moving into August and those very new energies that came in with The Lionsgate Portal and that continues to manifest into earth and for humanity. I have wanted to stop doing everything that I usually do, and I have for the most part. This included and still includes writing in here. I didn’t want to do it anymore and I still don’t want to. I almost shut this entire place down! Then I chose not to, and that decision became that I would write one more article explaining that I wasn’t continuing on. Now, I’m sort of not wanting to do that either and will probably continue to write in here sporadically. More to the point, only when I am being guided to. That is part of the reason why I HAVE NOT been writing in here for most of this month. The bigger reason behind this, is that I’ve been called onto not write anything. I have felt guidance to not utter anything right now. There are and continue to be things happening right now, and I cannot be involved in how they manifest and play out. I can’t write about them. I can’t involve myself in the choices that people all over the world are making right now. Everything, that is going on right now, with people, is a very personal choice and people have the free will to make them at this time. 

The choice right now is pretty simple to understand. Do You want to Ascend? To physically activate? To enter the new earth and it’s new way of functioning? Are you prepared for it? Are you prepared to leave the world as you knew it before and move into the world as it will be?

This is the choice. If you can’t do this, then something will open up for you, so, that you can quickly go where you feel is best for your own personal evolution. This can result in a physical death, but it is what you chose. No fear. Just your own personal choice which many are making right now. 

One thing that I have always known is that those of us who have been writing about the Ascension Process, we understand that what we write is pretty out there, and not many people understand it. Some people will never be able to comprehend all of this stuff that we discuss, which is a normal reaction for those who have immersed themselves completely into their new persona in this lifetime. Which is okay! The experience is here to help us evolve whether we’re aware of it anyways. At times, it has been difficult for me to truly express what I have needed to and what I know, because I understand that there are a lot of people who are not ready to read it. I’ve had to sort of take an active part in my own process and in the hopes that it helps other people, whether it be on their own path, or, to get them to even begin their own process. To be aware that this is what they are doing and going through. Especially now, in 2021 and beyond.

Living and Existing with my own Ascension Process and all that comes with it, is all that I can do right now. It’s all that I NEED to do and that is helping the collective in of itself. It helps more than what most people would know. However, I have never experienced what I have for the entire month of August, than what I have in my entire life. It was so new and revealing in an awful, but, necessary way. Just incredibly intense, physically painful, with new things going on in my own body. Usually, I would be willing to share these discomforts, but, I am not going to discuss them in this article. I would rather forget all about what I have been through this entire month. With that said, things are really heating up and preparing itself for the final climax that will be arriving in January 2022. Divine Feminine Mother will be fully integrated into new earth at the start of 2022. Which means that the end of this year is going to be, round after round, of having to embody, integrate, release, decisions, beginnings and endings. Yes, a lot of people still have a lot to think about! Which is why I am going to consciously step aside, and allow them to do what they need to do and I’ll continue doing what I am going to. 

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