More and More Collective Chaos: Move Your Body Higher & Persist In A Steady Inclination.

Move Your Body Higher

I have been receiving a lot of guidance lately about specific topics, as well as, some of the events that highly need to be written by me at this time from my higher self and higher team. I usually write about energies and what is hitting us a lot of the time, and yes there is a lot that has been coming in and I have the physical pains to prove it. We all do. However, there is much more happening right now than physical pains and embodiment of new light codes and energies. Much more! 

The Separation Of World(s) is an ongoing process, along with that, the completion of Divine Feminine Mother returning to earth. These events and processes are happening around the world, and they are influencing people and shifting many of them. Due to this process there is a tremendous amount of Collective Chaos. This is only natural and has been transpiring for years, but it has gotten to a boiling point and the whole world is now feeling the effects of new earth manifesting. There isn’t much we can do to prevent the unpreventable, but, we can decide how we are going to deal with it. 

As we approach the Fall Equinox and the next step and final few stages of the rest of 2021, we’ll be experiencing these last few periods of intense Embodiment. This has a lot to do with Divine Feminine Mother and she will be fully embodied into earth and humanity in January 2022. I’ve been experiencing those familiar feeling’s once again, seeing timelines, receiving visions and they have all had to do with the month of September. The month of September is going to be an important one. We’ll be experiencing another wave of Divine Feminine entering into new earth and humanity. Then October is going to be an even more important month. With an even greater amount of Divine Feminine returning. This will continue until the end of the year into the next. So, on and on until we reach that point. This is something that I felt I needed to write about and so here I am. 

The month of August was horrendous and frightful and I have no idea how I survived that. While I don’t want to get into what I felt physically, I can say that on a psychic, mental and emotional level(s) I felt very beaten down. There was a ton of things going on last month, for different people, including myself and a majority of it isn’t even what I feel comfortable going into. The reason I am choosing to write about what I experienced on a psychic level, what I felt mentally and emotionally, is because I know that other people felt that last month too! Especially Light workers, seers, visionaries, those who are in tune with the energies coming in right now. Not everyone who is reading this, or, who will read this will understand, that we feel a lot of more negative and dark aspects of the ascension process. I always have felt it and experienced it. It’s part of my contract that I made with Source/God to be here. To deal with these aspects and entities. Which is what I experienced for the majority of all of August. The taunting by specific beings and entities was unrelenting and it left me feeling drained, on top of that how awful I felt on a physical level.

It wasn’t just the physical pains and taunts by specific demonic entities. The Separation of world(s) became much more visible, and the chaos within the collective escalated to a boiling point that I never knew we could experience. People were all over the place, and it was clear who was on the Ascending timeline and the Descending one. It was highly painful on a psychic level and I am an extremely sensitive person, I have always soaked everything up and transmuted everything. All of August was a huge throbbing pain!

The only way that I could get through all of what I did in August and the beginning of September so far, was because I knew that I needed to remain steady. I needed to remain in the highest timeline possible, and part of my work right now, is reminding myself that I need to stay steady. The main reason that I decided to write another article, was to remind people now how important it is to stay within a steady frame of mind. Allow yourself if you want to, to not be bothered by everything that is currently going on right now. Especially, what you may be hearing in the news and media about anything and everything. I knew that this was something that I needed to do myself and I implemented that into my life last year, because I had to do that for my personal survival. I found myself needing to continue doing that in August, and now in September I am laser beam focused on this.

One thing that I kept hearing telepathically for the entire month of August, was that “I needed to move higher.” This came in the form of small daily messages, and it was something that I could not escape, and that was very telling, because it meant that I needed to quickly get myself up to another level that I wasn’t existing in before.

Then it started to sound like the messages were changing: “we’re moving higher, so as we go higher, you go higher to.” This made a lot of sense because in July I felt like I was at a stand still and it was the best month I had in the last two years. The break was so needed and I remember questioning why I was having a easier time physically and in general. Then August happened, then I really understood it. 

We aren’t just aware of evolution we’re physically experiencing it, this includes, actual physical movement through physical locations, that we have never been in and moved through. Which is happening right now. Which happened in August and it’s going to happen in September to! Always try to be steady and in a higher frame of mind at this time, and I know how difficult it is right now. Do your best and be your best with this next integration of Divine Feminine Mother returning back to earth. There is plenty more to write about, with September and October going to be important periods, you’ll be seeing more of my articles explaining what is going on with this. I am aware that there is another huge uptake to get through. Rest assured I will be here more than I was this past summer, because it is about to get intense and people definitely need to know that this is part of the natural process.

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