A Increase In Solar Activity: Then They Wonder Why Cycle Two, Of The Ascension Process Is Starting To Get More Intense.

Increase In Solar Activity

Since August 2021, the Sun has been noticeably more active. Why shouldn’t it be, the Ascension Process is changing even the sun and the way that it’s functioning. Have you noticed the sunspot count? Have you noticed the eruptions? Have you noticed the CME’s that are hitting earth more and more now in September? If you have your not alone, there is so much energy being released from the Sun right now. With so many downloads and light codes and energies arriving here on earth, it’s all part of what is going on right now.

There isn’t anything or anyone right now who can stop this process from happening. Nobody can stop it! Not the government, not the ones who think they’re in control, and not any of us who are living in this time. There is no way that we can control it, but, we can accept it and embrace that good thing’s are happening. 

Since 2020, the first thing that I noticed, that shifted, was how differently my body felt. However, that wasn’t the only thing that I noticed that was vastly different. The very next thing that I noticed, was how different the Sun felt and that the Sun had begun to act differently and it has felt that way to me ever since. The Sun has gotten so strong and has been vibrating at a higher frequency, not just that but the shape and color of it has shifted as well. Which is what I have continued to observe in September and now the activity is increasing. This solar activity is and will continue to increase more and more, the further into this year that we get. Into 2022 and 2023. Beyond. It’s taken me a little while to sort of get used to this new feel of things, to get used to the Sun and how it’s acting now. My body has needed a period of time to sort of adapt to it. On some days, what the Sun is dishing out whether it’s showing low activity or high activity, it still makes me vibrate and shake internally. It makes my ears ring and roar. It still makes my head spin and I have to actually step out of my physical body, I need to rest and not do much until those physical body upgrades have passed.

A lot of people lately are continuously trying to find some way to control Ascension and Evolution. The rebelling against moving beyond the lower everything has been apparent for years, but more and more lately it’s a dominant aspect of life right now. A lot of people are defiant about the sweeping changes that are going on, other people think they can force mass humanity to do specific things. The fear that people are experiencing about the demise of the old lower worlds and realities is real. The majority of people still believe that they can live their life in the same way(s) as before and they just can’t. You have to finally open your eyes and see people, systems, leaders, celebrities for who and what they are. Imperfect beings and circumstances who have no idea what they are doing, or being, unless it has to do with gaining followers and or making a name for themselves. This is a perfect time for people to see what has been going on, this whole entire time, underneath their very noses. What should be a natural global awakening process, is now slowly becoming something akin to the Dark Night Of Soul Effect. Everyone is experiencing this, the bad and the ugly right in their faces. This goes for us to. Neither can we continue with how we have lived. The ones who have been at it for decades and years with embodying, with path paving, with being aware of everything that is trying to prevent the Ascension and Evolutionary Processes. Our roles have changed. Forced to change or naturally so. Either way, it is a normal thing to occur and I definitely am not doing what I did before Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process began.

In Cycle One of the Ascension Process; I was working amongst the ones who had not yet physically activated. The ones who had no idea physically what I was doing. I’m no longer doing that. I’m isolated in my home, but, I always have been and everything that I did before I continue to do. The only difference is a lot of the work I did outside of my home, has stopped entirely. I am working from home and living within home. Is it a wonder why people are now wondering why life all of a sudden since 2020 has gotten more intense? That it isn’t getting any better in 2021. It’s hard isn’t it? Yet, we must carry on because there is much better coming soon no matter how difficult it all looks right now. 

September has been increasingly difficult, but, in saying that; I experienced a gigantic shift that happened for me just after the New Moon on {Sep 7th}. A big part of this involved The Separation Of Worlds. A few people who were a big part of my life for the last five months have suddenly been pulled out of my immediate area, and it left me feeling ecstatic. I’ve been around them for so long and it was beginning to feel very much so like I was chained to these specific people. For a very long time, I felt like they were holding me back in a lot of ways and as soon as September began they began to distance themselves from me. This sudden freedom from them has been what I have needed. Which was exactly what happened and it actually has freed me up, I’m still in a transitionary state. However, it’s nice to  be able to do more of my own personal work. More writing and editing in here. It’s put me in alignment with my life, my path, and what I used to do prior to having these disturbances in my life for five months straight. Those people are no longer here. Why? The Separation Of World(s)

The Separation Of World(s) is going to take, shift, move, re locate specific people in and out of your life and living space. It might be people who you enjoy very much, or, it might be people who are a pain and you know why they’re like that. I knew that. Which is why there was no anger, fear, or, panic about this sudden change that I noticed about the people around me. We couldn’t continue on in the same space and world, because we aren’t existing in the same world and or reality. This is the real reason why it has gotten intense in Cycle Two! People don’t realize that they are no longer living in the same world as some other people. Isn’t that scary? I know it is for me. Keep yourself safe and remember to always be where you want to be, not be where you think you should be. Keep moving through these solar waves of powerful Aquarian Energies and Divine Feminine Mother returning. 

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