What World Are You Living In?: The Separation Of Worlds & The Many Worlds That Exist.

Have You Felt It Yet?

September 2021 has been massive. Have you felt it? Have you felt yourself split out and away from where you were, and now, finding yourself somewhere that looks the same but feels different. Like your living and existing in an entirely different world than previously before.

Well, that would mean that your no longer living in a reality, or, world that you were in and on. For you, the Separation Of World(s) is already underway and it’s been happening slowly, without you even realizing that this is what was happening. It’s funny how that can happen to us sometimes. When we’re not actively aware of our own life and what is happening around us, only to then start thinking about it, and figure out that something feels different to us. Yet, we can’t understand it fully and we’re not yet at that level where we can understand it. You will be though. It’s just going to take some time for you, to realize that the world you were living in before, is gone, and your not on it, and or in it anymore. 

Have you felt it? I really want you to answer that question. Have you honestly felt September 2021? Have you felt The Separation Of World(s)? Have you noticed it around you? Have you noticed whether your on a different world or not? Have you noticed certain people who were once in your life, that are no longer in your life? Why? Why did they disappear? Did you disappear? If so, why do you think your no longer around them? Did it just happen? Was it years ago? The point is have you been actively noticing the Separation of world(s) happening amongst the general population? This phenomena has been happening for years and years, the only difference now is that it’s getting dangerously noticeable. There are so many people in so many different place(s), and I mean that quite literally. The vast amount of levels, layers, of these different worlds, has multiplied over the years, that it has become so hard to keep track of all of them. Little sub sections just stacked on top of one another, filled with different people, who live, and live out events, and life experiences on those levels. 

I’m well aware that many people have read many of my article(s,) where I discuss the Separation Of World(s,) in multiple articles that I have written prior to this one. At this point many would be tired of reading about it, but, there is a reason why I do it. The reason why I keep bringing this specific subject up, is because it is continuously always occurring. It is an everyday event that will not stop. It does not stop. Up until this point it has not stopped. It is always on a continuum, and that is why I must always continuously bring it up. It evolves and it changes, just like we do.  

The Separation of World(s) is always happening. In September 2021, it managed to continue at a rate, that has quite literally, put a gigantic wide line, right in the middle of the world(s) population and it has separated specific people all over the world. It has been doing that and it shows. A fine example of this, are those who are for vaccinations and against the vaccinations. I’m not going to get into this subject, because I’m all about the bigger picture. I also don’t want to discuss it and quite frankly I am tired of hearing about it. If I’m tired of all of this, then guess who else is tired of it? YOU. You are also tired of it. It doesn’t need to be explored by me through my writing, and we all have our opinions about this. Let’s leave it at that. The bigger picture for me is, to bring people together and not give into fear, polarizing groups, and what is happening right now goes beyond all of this. The control and fear is not my priority on a personal level. I will point it out, and that is what has been happening since Cycle Two of The Ascension Process began back in late 2019 and early 2020. There is a lot of control going on more than before, and the fact that it’s been wrapped up in fear, those specific tactics, shows me a lot. It shows you a lot too. I have completely and totally ignored anything to do with Covid-19, the battle for vaccinations, the fear of getting covid-19 and all of that. My television is never on. I don’t speak to people about it anymore and neither do I allow it. My priority is to focus on the global awakening event that is happening right now. I just need to state that, I don’t care about these things. However, if the shit stinks I will bring it up and the shit really stinks right now!

I have a lot of work STILL that I have to do. I have thing’s that I still have to rectify within myself. I’m still dealing with aspects of myself that have never been examined. I am still dealing with past lives that I have not scanned through, and those choices. and those events that have led me here to live out this life. My last life I’m hoping. Have you been receiving the little life reviews by God/Source in September 2021? Well, I have. It’s not been fun. I’m here and I’m there. I am everywhere. I’m in the past. In the present. In the future. I am working so hard, and if maybe, the more that I work hard, the possibility that someone else does the same thing and we can all regain self control. We can be us. Again! So, there is no time for me to worry about whatever the (media) is projecting onto to me, an Aquarian Age tactic, no doubt, about whatever they feel is worrisome, when I know from first hand experience, because it’s what I have gone through already, which is an awakening and people all over the world are physically activating to do this now. Grow up! Stop fighting Ascension and Evolution. 

The Global Awakening Event is happening. The Global Awakening event is my main focus. It always has been. I want to focus on that. I want to focus on the future, the future that I am psychically seeing now is showing me, that this is going to get more polarized. I wish it didn’t. Not everyone is on the same level, at the same level and a lot of them don’t want to be. 

Which World are you living in and on? There are multiple worlds that exist within the Ascending and Descending worlds. Where are you? Have you noticed it yet? If your feeling like your part of the chaos, and it’s surrounding you, it’s possible that you are in one of the Descending Worlds. If your moving beyond the chaos, and feeling at peace with that decision, and it feels right to do that. Then, it is possible that you are on one of the Ascending worlds. 

Another aspect of The Separation Of World(s,) is to literally bring up all the ancient darkness that has been suffocating the earth, the human population, and to expose those non-human negative beings and negative human beings, who have been in control, and used earth’s natural light and organic energy, to pervert it and twist it into a personal commodity for power. A lot of why we’re seeing a lot of aggressive separations going on between people, is because a lot of these people have been and want to continuously exploit earth and her natural energy. Where we are now, it doesn’t allow for that to happen anymore like it used to. A lot of people who used to hold a lot of power here, no longer do. This will escalate further and further. To the point where in the future, the Separation of Worlds will not exist because those people and that group will not be here anymore. That is also part of what I see happening in the future, but it can always change. What a month this has been! 

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