September 2021’s Equinox: We Are Entering A New Phase & All The While Dealing With Distractions.

Ascending Distractions

I have been more busy writing in here in September, than I was in August. In my opinion, August was much more darker, heavier, and physically exhausting, more so than anything that I have experienced in September. My experiences will NOT be the same as your own, everyone is on their own path, and everyday it is different for everyone.

Recently, things have not been feeling well and I have noticed it, especially since this weekend began. I am in the process of integrating much more light energies, solar energies, light codes, and I have once again seen them in many of the areas that I am in. These last few days have been a struggle, especially with everything that has been going on. Strange new pains and aches in different parts of my body and my bones. Helping specific people who are flying off the handle, crying, and unsure of how to handle themselves, and understand, why they are feeling the way that they are. Dealing with myself. Dealing with all the distractions, and there have been so many distractions since Cycle Two began. 

As of today, the first day of Fall on the Northern hemisphere and Spring on the Southern hemisphere. We have entered a new phase altogether, and we are moving through the last few steps of what we need to, before Divine Feminine Mother and those Light Codes is fully integrated into new earth in January 2022.

We still have three months to go, but October, November and December is going to be the most intense filled time period that we have felt yet. That’s another article, and I will be discussing that for next week. Right now, I just want to discuss this new phase that we have moved into. This new phase, that some of you have felt us move into and through, is likely to have occurred a few days ago. I knew, that I was walking through a new phase since Saturday night and I quickly prepared myself for that shift. To enter a new phase, is like walking through one door into another room, only the room is brighter, looks cleaner, feels easier to move around in and it has more space to live in and be in. So, whatever space you were in before and if you felt a gradual change and shift, then this is what likely has happened to you. It happens frequently, and when it does you’ll notice that a few things in your life will change. That change is a natural part of evolution, because we just can’t be doing the same thing’s all of the time. We also, need to grow beyond who we are currently. We can never stay the same. Life, just never happens that way. Stagnation, is the devil’s playground.

A New Phase: is when we literally have moved into a new space, area, or, higher place on new earth. A decade or two ago, it used to mean, that we were moving up into a higher level, so that we could create new earth. Guess what, new earth has already been created. So, now it’s just up to people to realize this for themselves, and get with the Global Awakening program. 

One thing that I have been dealing with, during these last three-to-four weeks, have been the handful of distractions that have shown up out of no where. I’ve had to deal with endless Distractions since physically becoming activated. So, I’m really good at realizing when these specific distractions are taking place. Lately, the whole entire world has been drenched in distractions. We all know why these distractions have taken place to, it’s a Global Awakening and those in control know that. Many of them have been reading many Ascension Writers and teachers write about it online. They have been well aware that Ascension and Evolution has been happening for years and decades, and yes, they have wanted to stop it for so long. Too bad, they just can’t do that. It’s hilarious to me to watch the old Global Patriarchy fight and kick, pull and scream, and throw a tantrum because they want to prevent Ascension. How can you stop change? Change is change, and everything evolves into a much higher, and brighter form, than when it first began. How are you fighting this. The world right now is still struggling to realize, that we are there already, and they continue to try and live the way they used to before. It can’t work.

Controlling the global population doesn’t work anymore. Spreading fear within the global population doesn’t work anymore. Trying to prevent Ascension and Evolution from happening, when it is currently happening at rapid speed doesn’t work anymore. People are waking up to these manipulative tactics, and so much more that has been kept concealed. Here is some full disclosure for you all: it’s not concealed anymore and that is Full Disclosure. People know what we’re up against.

My Personal Distractions, they tend to involve other people who are far away from me, in regards to their space, their timeline, the level of awareness they possess, but, because we are all incarnate on this earth, we still run into them, live with them, despite not being in the same evolutionary space. It’s wonderful, we can all live amongst one another, at whatever level everyone is on, but, it’s hard when you clash with some people, and then you can end up on the news because of that difference in awareness. No, I have not been in that type of situation. However, there are many who have been. It’s always that really aware person who has to deal with that really unaware other person. It can be really frustrating, because I want to be surrounded by people who understand all that I write, all that live through, and all that I talk about. The distractions have been plenty in September 2021, and there are reasons why. Here is a slight example of what I have had to deal with, since Sunday.

Sunday morning, a stench of toxic masculinity was in play the entire day, when I had to try and guide my sister, who is my only sister that I have in this lifetime, in trying to avoid and ignore, her soon to be ex husband, whom she sent divorce papers to, who then spent the entire day taking it out on her, because she evolved beyond him and outgrew the useless bastard.  

My sister, she is not aware like me. She is one of the few who, because of who she is and her energy that she carries, she has always been attacked for holding light. She just isn’t aware that she carries light.

This man has been a thorn in her side for well over a decade, a thorn in our side, and he has made it a point to let us all know, that he was going to do everything in his power, to sort of cause chaos for her, and by association all of us. That power ran out, when he realized that she sent him divorce papers, and because he realizes that, he now knows that he does not have anymore power at all. I spent all Sunday night, a day before the Full Moon having to be an anchor for her three children. She was obviously not feeling well, and he just did what he’s always done as a lower conscious male. He went on the attack. Prior to going on the attack, he tried to save their marriage. Which there is no marriage. He wanted to remain in control and it put her in a tailspin, which then spread all throughout the entire house. When it got to me, I threw it back to him, where it belonged, and ended up holding my ground and my light. That is what we do! 

Eventually, it subsided. However, the mess he created it lingered inside our house and it still is here. Having to deal with this, while suffering with strange aches and having to go out to work. It’s all distractions. Distractions for her. Distractions for us. 

If you have also been dealing with distractions all September long, or, during these last few days you are not alone. Distractions are going to happen, but it’s all in how you deal with them. Whatever it is, or, whoever it is. Hold your own power. Hold it! Bathe in it. Live with it. Talk to it. It’s your power, and we have all given it away to people who just did not deserve it. Not to mention our feelings. Not to mention our love. Not to mention our respect. Reclaim these things from these specific people, who hold that type of low awareness. Love your power and love how powerful you are. When you do, it makes it hard for those types to take it away from you.

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