Rapidly Evolving At Higher Paces: Who’s Ready To Make More Shifts In October, November, December?

We’ll Be Rapidly Evolving Higher 

All September long; I have felt like I needed to share more, to be more, to write more, and recently in these last four to eight weeks, I have been experiencing much more as well. Since August, life got more real and more heavy. Why? Because we were going through another rapid evolution process. Where we rapidly move higher and quicker, and this period has definitely been that and more. This doesn’t even compare to what is going to happen for us during these last three months of 2021. 

If you include this article; I have five articles for the month of September 2021. That is not the norm for me to write very much. I only write more, when I am being guided to. Have I been guided lately? No more than usual. My soul is saying something else. It’s speaking for me. I have five because there was a lot to talk about, and this one might be the most important of them all. October, November and December, from what I have seen and felt, is going to feel relatively more active. I’ll explain why, down below. 

I can’t believe that it is the last few days of September 2021, and soon we’re going to be moving into the last three months of the year. To be honest, I am both looking forward to it and not looking forward to it. Only because what I have seen psychically, and the visions that I have received, have been showing me that the energies are going to pick up. The energies coming in are going to pick up, and it’ll be showing up faster and quicker. So, it’s going to feel real intense for a while. This is all Rapid Evolution. I’ve mentioned this last year multiple times, and that was because we made such a gigantic shift into energies that were unbelievable. Nobody thought that when we started 2020 that it was going to feel that way, that Cycle Two would be that way. It continued this year in 2021 and now as we approach 2022. We are slowly realizing that it’s not stopping and the intensity is here to stay. This is new earth and we all must adjust to existing here now. 

Rapid Evolution: When we experience Rapid Evolution, we are in the process of moving into higher aspects of ourselves. The Ascension process and this includes light embodiment, it has accelerated, and it quickens for a small period of time. It’s a way for you and humanity, to quickly embody as much as you can and were doing before. Which results in rapidly evolving. We become higher evolved beings, in a short period of time. 

The Telepathic Visions, that I have been receiving are all about these next three months. The months of October, November and December. Then January 2022, well that is when something really much bigger is going to transpire. I can’t get into that quite yet, because I need to focus on everything up until December. A lot of what is coming up and is being shown, involved three to four specific points and periods where intense energy was going to be entering humanity and earth. The first shift will occur in October. This year, October is going to feel even more pressurized than last year. This year, November is where I am seeing two specific intense periods. It won’t feel all that fantastic and higher. This year, December is going to have one gigantic period of intense energy. It’ll feel more intense than October and November combined. I’m going to write these specific periods separately, because it’s what’s going to really drive the state of consciousness during those times. 

October 2021: The period from Oct 4 – Oct 20th is going to be a two week period, filled with shifts, energy downloads, portal openings, accelerated changes, astrological changes, and for a lot of people it’ll feel like movement forward finally. Other people might feel like they are faced with obstacles suddenly. All of which can feel and be very frustrating. 

November 2021: The two periods between Nov 5 – 13th and Nov 14 – 30th will be two periods, filled with more shifts, eclipses, portal openings, energy downloads, lots more changes, a lot of endings. People will notice more that they are going to have to, deal with endings of many kinds. So, be aware of this in November.

December 2021: – The period from about Dec 4 – 31st will be almost an entire month long period, filled with massive amounts of energy integration, lots of new beginnings and that can either be really good or bad to a lot of people. The entrance into 2022, will feel massive on a scale unlike what we can comprehend right now. 

The last three months of 2021 are going to be very busy. A lot of what we are going to embody, is the Return of Divine Feminine Mother Energy and those codes. We’ll be feeling those little strong pings, of feminine energy returning and not just into women. Divine Feminine is going to to be returning back into men as well. Especially men, there needs to be a balance of Masculine and Feminine energy in both sexes, and for a long time there just hasn’t been. Men have embodied Divine Father constantly, while women have embodied Divine Mother. The only difference is, that women have been attacked for embodying Divine Feminine and mostly by men.

This is what is happening and this is what both Male and Female incarnated human beings are doing right now. This is how we will live and exist in the future, with both sexes embodying both of these divine energies equally. Men and women need to start believing and thinking that they are equal, that they can co-exist without the other feeling like they are the superior sex, that they can’t be balanced within themselves. They can be and they are becoming all of these wonderful aspects. The attack of the sexes, putting them against one another, has really been a huge distraction, distortion and attack by negative entities to gain power over both men and women. Don’t give your consciousness away to this type of thinking. God it’s good to be alive right now, Isn’t it? 

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