October 2021 Shifting Pains: Why Do These Shifting Pains, Feel Like I’ve Been Hit By A Truck?

 Those Shifting October 2021 Pains

Two days before we made that shift into October 2021, I began feeling those old familiar, and annoying symptoms, that usually come on and I got hit hard with them. I was hit so hard by these shifting energies, that it felt like my body was hit by a truck. I really wasn’t kidding when I mentioned how intense October was going to get. I also didn’t think that it was going to feel this intense and so quickly, there was no gradual nudge. I felt like I was shoved into October and these energies. 

Ever since, I’m still not over this recent wave of Divine Feminine Mother, that we got hit with and I know that I’m not the only one. I still haven’t fully integrated all that I have been embodying. All of this, and we have a New Moon with Pluto going direct and the 10:10 Portal. I already feel like this? You already feel like this? It’s not just the physical aspects, everyone around me is slowly dealing with these energies. A lot of them are not coping well, they are slowly losing themselves and are not sure how to handle it. I’m seeing people who are acting out of sorts, almost like zombies and at times it can be really terrifying. Other people, just seem to be getting triggered. It’s a very difficult time right now and it is a learning curve. This is Libra month, so there will be a strong emphasis on learning how to find a balance.

October 2021 has been a wild ride so far. While I knew it was going to get really intense prior to it showing up, it shocked me a little bit because of how hard I’ve already been hit. I’m definitely going to be focusing on how I have been feeling physically, because all month long so far the big shift has also been a big physical shift for me as well. I’ve not been feeling all that well physically, and It’s been since September {29th.} It’s been about four to five days now and I still have not come out of it, and I am wondering if it’s going to continue feeling this way for the rest of the month. So, there is a lot of energy coming in right now and much more will once we reach that 10:10 Portal Way. 

I have NOT really been sharing all that I have experienced on here, on a physical level, like I used to in a really long time. The truth is I haven’t really wanted to, because it has been a struggle. However, I knew that I needed to share all that I have in this article, because what I was feeling, and how I was feeling, was such an intense experience that I knew this is what probably needs to be said at this time. Since, about the start of August the physical aspect really kicked into high gear for me. It didn’t let up in August, neither in September and in October I definitely know that I won’t be getting any kind of break. What I do want to say first and foremost is, for those of you who have also felt this latest wave of Light codes, Light energies etc. This is another wave of Divine Feminine Mother and I mentioned that these little waves were going to be occurring, and this was the initial release of more Divine Feminine Mother. Expect more of these, as well as in November and all of December. It feels very intense doesn’t it? Well Divine Feminine Mother is intense, hard, and a little rough if we’re going to be honest. There is strength within the Divine Feminine and that courage and strength is returning. A lot of people would expect it to feel more soft, lightened and easier to sort of feel and handle. It’s really not and it hasn’t felt that way.

The physical pains that I have felt over the last four to five days, has been unreal. It has been a long time since I have felt anything like that. Not since last October. However, I want to share what this recent download of Divine Feminine Mother was like for me.

Divine Feminine Mother Download 

On September 29th: I began to feel some usual pressures and headaches begin on this specific day, and then throughout the day I began to feel the same familiar, body changes, that tend to happen when I am about to embody some higher form of light energy. My body felt weaker. My body temperature dropped. I felt some bloating in my abdomen, fluctuations in appetite. All very normal thing’s that tend to happen to me before this process begins. 

By September 30th: I started to realize that I felt very different on this specific morning, and my body got more and more sensitive as the day went by. During the afternoon that body sensitivity got worse, and by that night it hit full on. I spent all day in bed, I couldn’t function very much and I just couldn’t sleep all that much either. I was aching all over but my body was so wired, that I couldn’t sleep at all. I think I slept only a few hours that day after having stayed up until 6 am. 

On October 1/2nd: I woke up during these two days, and I felt aches and pains throughout by body. However, my physical body was slowly already feeling much better. My head was not. My throat was not. I could feel energy in those areas just hammering hard and hard at it. 

Today October 3rd: Today as I write this, my entire face is overly sensitive right now. I have allergies but also my sinuses are acting up. I am sensitive to any scent, and at times my nose has felt like it was burning from the bad smells. My eyes are also feeling sensitive to light, everything is back to normal except my eyes nose and face. Noise bothers me too. Everything, has sort of passed. Everything, has sort of made me feel extremely sensitive, my sensory functions are all whacked out. 

This is as detailed as I can get, about what I have physically experienced over these last few days. It doesn’t seem like such a painful ordeal, but believe me it feels different when your experiencing it first hand. This might also be how you have been feeling and what you could be feeling, in the coming days and weeks. This will not be the only wave we will feel, we’re going to experience much more and it’ll be stronger. This is a big month, and there are going to be so many different changes, that are going to be happening, that might make thing’s even more uncomfortable and difficult. Stick with it. Take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Stay home if you need to and just live out these last few weeks of 2021 as comfortably as you can. Once we hit 2022, that is going to be another whole different kind of experience all on it’s own.

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