October 2021’s 10/10 Portal: The Continuation Of Physical Pains & Much More Merging With Divine Mother Template.

One More Dose Of Divine Feminine Mother

October 2021 has not eased up one single bit. What a surprise, and I’m in no way shocked by this. I knew that these last three months of the year were going to push and push harder than ever. However, I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to be easier on a physical level, and after getting hit at the start of the month with a major download. I got hit again a few days prior to today’s 10/10 Portal. So, no it has not let up and the physical pains have continued, because we continue to embody Divine Feminine Mother. 

This morning, I woke up in the worst type of pain that I have felt in a really long time. I haven’t felt this much pain, in my neck, in my back and with my spine feeling out of place since April. About a week ago, I felt like my entire body was out of sorts, and now I’m being worked on energetically yet again. It’s been a hard month physically and I don’t think that it’s going to let up for a while. 

In all the years that I have been embodying, and fully actively partaking, in the Ascension Process, anytime that I have ever been hit with any kind of specific energy, and no matter how major or minor; I notice straight away that the areas in my body near my back, my spine, my neck, and anything that is connected to the areas near my shoulders, they begin to hurt like nothing else. Some other specific areas include: my head, my ears (which will ring) like crazy, and it never fails the bottoms of my feet (which will pulsate and feel warm.) The same thing happens to my hands. It never fails, and each time I always find myself having to deal with, unexplained bodily pains, that randomly come on out of no where, and then disappear just as suddenly without a trace. The whole entire experience of embodying any kind of light energy, is so uncomfortable and awkward. I wouldn’t wish it on incoming souls who are planning to incarnate here, as embodiers of light energy for Source/God. It really is the most awkward thing that I have ever experienced.

The 10/10 Portal Opening for 2021 has been a very different one. In the past; I have usually always dealt with specific events that were personal, meaning I usually always got attacked, or, I dealt with physical embodiment pains, where as, the majority of people were running around just doing whatever they wanted. No physical pains, no consequences. However, this year that has changed and in fact it’s not the first year where it was like this. This same exact thing happened last year in 2020, but I was in so much physical pain that I never truly wrote about how that time period was for me. I never wrote about last years’ 10/10 Portal and yes, it really was a big one. It was even bigger than this year. Mainly, because it felt so new at the time. This year, feels easier, however I’m repeatedly getting energetically hit with more Divine Feminine Mother. That’s the only pay off for having an easier time, with having acclimated to the new normal. It’s not as brutal, but, I’m getting hit more times than I can count.

Since 2020 and 2021, and for both years The 10/10 Portal Openings and all of the other ones in November and December, have felt slightly different, than all of the other years when we lived in Cycle One Of The Ascension Process. It involves more people now, because a lot of people are now involved and they can’t change that, or, stop it. The ones who are so hell bent on controlling those of us who are embodying, which now includes many more in the collective. It’s become such a very public thing. Those who knew about this and kept the Ascension Process from the public, because that is what they have done and continue to do. It’s Full Disclosure time: (The government knows about Ascension, and they have been aware of it for decades.) They have not wanted you to know for a long time, and just like clock work when we entered Cycle Two of the Ascension Process, they started in on doing all that they could, to make the process of this Global Awakening Event for Humanity a fear tactic so that they could spin it in which ever way that they wanted to for themselves. It’s laughable, trying to control something that is uncontrollable. Just sit back and enjoy the physical embodiment process.

In 2020 and 2021, I didn’t need The 10/10 Portal and what I was embodying a year ago and now, to be a private affair. In fact I was happy that more people in the collective were physically embodying, and guess what they didn’t even need to be fully aware that this was something that they were doing. Should they know? yes! However, a lot of people agreed to embody and not understand what they were doing. As long as, they have finally reached that point where this is something that many of them were doing. Then that is fine, and for a lot of them they still have not. You would be extremely surprised at how many people really did not get activated, did not embody any of these new codes and this entire time they just went about their life like they always have. It didn’t do anything for them. They were more worried about Covid-19 and not catching SARS-CoV-2. People still think that Covid is not real, but it is just like (cancer, pneumonia, flu and bronchitis is.) However, it happened right at the same time that we entered Cycle two of The Ascension Process. Do you see the confusion? Here are some of the physical changes that I have been going through, over the last few days with this second round of Divine Feminine Mother.

Right Side Of Head Work: I have always and usually received headaches, migraines, and specific head pains in different areas all over my head. I must admit usually I do get them on the left side of my head. On Friday, October 8th – during the early morning, I experienced a slew of right side energetic movements on the right side of my temple. If felt like something was hammering away at some part of my brain. 

Intense Ear Ringing: Over the last few days I have heard an amplification of ear ringing. It has been buzzing, it has been louder, it has not stopped and while it causes no physical harm or pain. It can still be slightly annoying to hear. This just means that I can hear the current energies and codes and they have been full on. It has been so loud that I have stopped myself, questioned what those noises were and realized that I was hearing them because they were coming from the earth itself. It hasn’t been a noise that any physical person or thing has made.

Increased Appetite: I have not been able to stop eating. My hunger has definitely increased and that is normal, considering that all I’m doing is taking in and taking in. There is  a large amount of energy that I am moving around, and that is moving around inside of my body.

Head and Shoulders, Back and Spine: I have had to deal with sudden head and Shoulders feeling extremely tight, in pain, I can barely move and that has been frustrating all morning. This is because everything I am embodying is coming in from the top of my head and it is moving down into the body. It doesn’t stop there, because then it moves into my back and into my spine. I’ve since then felt this in April and I feel slightly lopsided. Like one side of my body is heavier than the other. 

Obviously, this is not everything that I am experiencing. There is only so much room that I have to write everything, without this turning into a book. There is a continuation of physical pains so far in October, more embodiment of Divine Mother and there is no complaining about it because it’s needed. If you have been feeling similar physical body issues, just know that you are not alone. The physical pains have been almost non-stop for me, and there are so many other factors and events going on that are also contributing to the intensity of this month. Don’t forget aside from this Portal Opening, this is Divine Mother and those codes returning. Saturn has also decided to shift direct today as well, and Pluto did this earlier in the week as well. It’s a lot and if you need to take some time for yourself to do nothing and rest, or, to just relax I highly recommend that. 

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