Divine Mother Returning: A Few Important Dates To Know, While New Earth Is Almost Completed.

New Earth Is Almost Complete

This years’ October has been exactly as I sensed it and so much more. We’re entering the third week of October and I’m so exhausted, that I’m having to stop what I am doing in physicality, then go lay down, and take short naps, which then turn into deep 5 hour sleeps that I am so grateful for. That is how I spent the last few days, and it has been like this ever since the 10/10 Portal Way opened. There is so much going on that I can barely keep awake in order to fully process everything, so let me go through what we have already lived through this month. 

We’ve already shifted through a New Moon and Pluto Direct which all took place on Oct 6th. Then, we shifted through the 10/10 Portal Way and Saturn Direct on Oct 10th. Then Today, both Jupiter and Mercury decided to shift direct and these are both in the signs of Libra and Aquarius. That isn’t it either, because on Wednesday we have a Full Moon. 

For all of October 2021 so far, I’ve not been quite sure whether I have enjoyed the intense Amplification of Rapid Light Energies that we have been receiving. I feel like it has been a non-stop affair all month long, and I know it’ll kick into a higher gear once November comes and December. Then in January. That is when Divine Feminine Mother will be fully integrated into earth, not just earth but New Earth. The completion of New Earth will happen in January and then what we have embodied, will be completed within the collective. The one thing that I know is that the majority of people will want to know, if we will stop embodying once this is all completed? The answer is no! We will continue to embody even after January goes by: Just because new earth is completed and Divine Mother has returned fully, does not mean we won’t still be called on to hold light in New Earth. We will.

An entire week has passed since The 10/10 Portal Way opened up already and we received a distribution of those codes. I have struggled physically and I have felt so compressed, while embodying those new energies into myself. Last Tuesday was the worst day for me personally, and everything felt like such a challenge. It didn’t matter how much I tried to get through it, everything came up feeling like it wasn’t going to work. Nothing did! Last week was a hard week mentally, and I felt those old familiar negative mind control blasts of hate from specific non-human entities. It was an all week thing. I sort of tried my best in those situations, but It was really hard to suppress those intense blasts of hate that were being directed at me.

I was also exhausted last week and the days after the portal opened up, those were some of the most intense days that I had. This was very interesting to me, it showed me that what I was embodying, and what I was doing, while holding this light – was not what a lot of those beings wanted me to hold. The dark ones are always afraid when Divine Mother aspects are being embodied, especially into more than usual people within the collective. It just was not a good week. Then all weekend long; I got hit with exhaustion, because the energies amplified and all I have been able to do is hear them very loudly. While passing out asleep. The sleep that I was having was very much needed, all that I did was sleep quietly and uninterruptedly. It was hours and hours at a time of sleep. It was so deep. I never really get that, and mostly I fall asleep and wake up 3 to 4 hours later and can’t get back to sleep. It’s chronic insomnia. As I am still currently feeing that pull to leave physicality, I want to hurry up and leave a small list of important dates for October, November, December and January.

Here is a microscopic list of some of these very Important Dates that detail specific AstrologicalPortal, Eclipse, information about when New Earth will be completed, and Divine Feminine Mother will be fully integrated into New Earth.

Important Dates Detailing New Earth’s Completion

  1. Oct 6th: New Moon In Libra – This New moon will actually be a very important one, because it is the lead up to the 10/10 Portal opening and we already got hit hard at the end of September with this
  2. Oct 10thThe 10/10 Portal Way – This is the first of the triple portal opening for the end of 2021. This will be another gigantic download of Divine Mother Feminine. This will be amplified because Saturn is also moving direct and making that shift within the collective.
  3. Oct 10thSaturn Direct In Aquarius – Saturn moves and I should say shifts forward and because of that so will many people in the collective. Saturn being the planet of structures and in the sign of Aquarius, many people are slowly dealing with the realization that life is structured in a different way now. It’s different than it was before 2020.
  4. Oct 18thJupiter & Mercury Direct In Aquarius & Libra – Jupiter and Mercury both are shifting forward on this day and your belief systems and communication will likely slowly improve. They might need some restructuring and yes there will likely be a density, heaviness, in the air, in regards to these two planets shifting on this specific day.
  5. Oct 20thFull Moon In Libra/Aries – Get ready for this one! It’s going to feel massively intense and with a big theme of needing to balance all thing’s in life, because it is in Libra after all. During these end times, balance is going to be needed in order to get through what many believe feels like the world is in chaos.
  6. Nov 4thNew Moon In Scorpio – A nice two week break and then we get hit with another incoming wave of Divine Mother and it’ll get more intense as the days go by because then it’ll be the 11/11 portal opening.
  7. Nov 11thThe 11/11 Portal Way – Who is ready for another download of Divine Feminine Mother? Which will not end because it’ll lead right straight to the firs Eclipse which is a lunar eclipse.
  8. Nov 18/19thPartial Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon – This is the first Eclipse of this eclipse season and yes solar energies will be downloaded into humanity.
  9. Dec 1stNeptune Direct In Pisces – The Planet Neptune is finally moving direct and it might feel like one of those murky, disoriented types of days like when you feel like your first waking up. The plus side of this is, you start to notice thing’s that slipped you by before hand.
  10. Dec 4thTotal Solar Eclipse & New Moon In Sagittarius – This is going to be a gigantic download and yes it will be one of the last integrations of Divine Feminine mother.
  11. Dec 12thThe 12/12 Portal Way – This is the final portal openings out of the triple portals at the end of this year. There will be another download of Divine Feminine.
  12. Dec 18th: Full Moon In Sagittarius/Gemini – The fact that this specific Full Moon falls right near the Galactic center is a serious indicator that we will be receiving some very intense energies, codes, lights from the milky way.
  13. Dec 18th Venus Retrograde Begins in Sagittarius – The fact that Venus the planet that symbolizes the divine feminine aspect, women, the feminine, the goddess and the mother archetype, begins to move in a backwards motion should be a serious indicator that we are nearing the completion of Divine Mother returning onto earth.
  14. Dec 20thWinter Solstice – The annual Winter Solstice begins on the 20th of this month. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Divine Mother download prior to this date or even after it.
  15. Dec 23rd: Final Saturn Square Uranus Transit – This is a going to be another big day. The Saturn Square Uranus transit has been in play for all of 2021. This is the final square aspect between the two of these planets. Freedom Vs Stability and boy hasn’t that been a major theme over these last few years. This might also ride of the coat tails of another huge Divine Mother download for humanity.
  16. Dec 28thJupiter re-enters Pisces – Jupiter returns back into the sign of Pisces to join Neptune for most of 2022. A big theme will unfold for 2022, where a lot more of the Piscean age beliefs will be on display. The majority of humanity won’t realize that they will be on the way out.
  17. Jan 2ndNew Moon In Capricorn – This is the very first embodiment period  for 2022 where some of the last energies and codes and from Divine mother will be downloaded into humanity and the collective.
  18. Jan 17thFull Moon in Capricorn/Cancer – One of the last Embodiment periods for Divine Mother and it will be a gigantic manifestation into New Earth.
  19. Jan 18th: Uranus Direct In Taurus – This shift happens on the same day as the Node shifting into the sign of Taurus. It is a very sudden, drastic, movement forward and a lot of people will feel like thing’s are moving quickly, but in what direction?
  20. Jan 18thNorth Node Shifts In Taurus – This shift in the Nodes from Gemini into Taurus is a gigantic indication of Divine Mother having fully returned. Taurus being one of two signs which deal with the goddess energy and which embodies the feminine mother archetype role. Taurus is a very nurturing sign, but a very strong and hard one as well. This day along with Uranus shifting direct in the sign of Taurus as well, indicates that Divine Mother has fully returned and new earth has been completely manifested on earth.

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