Ascension Loneliness: Ascension Related Feeling’s Of Being Alone While On The Path.

Ascension Loneliness 

It’s the end of October 2021 and I am so glad about it. All month long; I have not felt like I have had a break with these energies, or, with other specific situations that I’d rather not get into. It has all been exhausting and pulverizing. However, I think the biggest issue that I have felt this entire month has been how lonely October 2021 has felt to me. How lonely I am. It has been extremely lonely. One of the reasons why it feels this way is because the process is lonely. So, for me living my life this entire month, has felt like I have been the only person existing on planet earth.

I know that I am not the only one going through these specific feeling’s right now. There are a lot of you who have also been feeling like this to, and unfortunately there is no easy remedy to not feeling this way. Most of the time you just have to find a way to make it through, especially with all that is happening for you. I have never felt it was best to compare my own experiences with those of other people, I live what I live and press on with it. Every person is different and they handle life and the very many stresses of life in their own unique ways. That includes specific feeling’s and emotions in regards to feeling alone, having no support system, enduring the Ascension Process and not having companions who also understand what you go through. I’ve been there and I am still dealing with these feeling’ s on a daily basis. 

This is not a specific October 2021 monthly article, that deals with the current energies that we are being hit with right now. It’s more of a generalized article that deals with ascension related loneliness, feeling left out, having no support system, experiencing feeling’s of loneliness, feeling like your completely on your own while living the path etc. There is a connection to the topic and how I am currently feeling in October 2021, it’s not about what I have been experiencing for just this specific month. It is an article that deals with feeling Alone while Living The Ascension Process. If I’m being honest; I have been feeling lonely for a very long time. For decades. So, it hasn’t been and this isn’t about just what has been going on for all of October. It’s much, much more …

I have been physically activated since March 2014 and I am reaching my 8th year anniversary of being awake, of being aware of who I really am, what I am doing here, what I am embodying, of embodying, the physical pains and I could go on and on. I really could. The loneliness has been crushing and I never thought that throughout all of these last eight years, that it would be or feel like it has. It has. I can’t change that. I can cope with it. I can address it. I can try my best to ride the current Aquarian Age wave, to understand what I am feeling, and get to the bottom of those emotions. I just cannot stop those feeling’s from coming on. A lot of people find that difficult to take in, that you have to work really hard at moving through any emotion. Even worse, you can’t control how you feel at times and when it hits you, it hits hard and fast. I struggled a lot with a few specific issues when I first got activated and here are some of the more basic ones. 

Specific Ascension Related Struggles

Feeling Lonely InstantlyI immediately remember how alone I felt. There were specific thing’s going on with my body that I had to fully acknowledge, that I needed to understand and deal with on my own. That was part of it, the other half was that it didn’t seem like other people around me, in my area, definitely not in my family, or, at least home who were experiencing what I was. 

Not Being Able To Tell Anyone Anything: There were issues in the first few years after my physical activation, of realizing what this planet earth was. What was happening on her. Why we were all here. How I could see the bigger picture. That Evolution and Ascension were what was happening and it was happening to many of us. There was no one that I felt at that time, that I felt that I could tell. Which made me feel even more alone and it exasperated those emotions and feelings even further. 

Not Having A Support System: This one is difficult. I still struggle with this even today, but, I never felt like I had a support system. I was on my own living the Ascension Process all by myself. There never felt like there were any people in my life who I could talk to, discuss specific subjects with, speak openly with, and it’s been 8 years later and  I am still dealing with similar issues. However, it’ s not as bad as it once felt. I have learned to cope, I have learned to stand on my own more and confront my own personal issues. 

Wanting To be Apart of The Normal People Group: This one makes me cringe. It was real … at one point I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be one of those types of people who went places, with huge groups of people and be liked and live through the ego. I just wanted to have a group of people. You know. There was always something that prevented that. The majority of people took one look at me and I revolted them. I just always stood out and after my physical activation began, all of those issues, they started to make a lot of sense. 

Attracting and Repelling Everyday People: One thing that was a struggle for me, was in realizing how many people I was repelling and how many people I was attracting all at the same time. In the end, there were specific reasons why some would come near me and why other’s wouldn’t. The ones who came near me were not of sound and of mind, while the ones who repelled me, were being guided by their own guardians and guides to stay clear because there was a lot that I was doing. It took me a long time to realize that. But, it made me feel even more lonely. 

These are just a few issues that I dealt with in regards to feeling lonely just after I physically activated. The truth is that I’m still dealing with this even now and it has been a really long time. Another truth is it’s all in how you handle it. It won’t always feel like your all alone, I’ve had some extremely wonderful moments in my life where being on my own was so enjoyable. I have had to learn that at times being alone, is not the same as feeling lonely. Emotions can be a hard thing to get around, so when your stuck in one specific feeling it tends to fester and swirl. It’s hard. 

The only advice that I can give you if your feeling this way, especially in October 2021 is to try your best to move out of those emotions. Try your best not to fixate on it either because the next day you could be feeling completely different. Allowance is wonderful, allowing it and yourself to examine the key issues behind why you feel this way can make you understand what your feeling a lot better. Spend time doing something that you enjoy, and if the physical pains are at it again because the energies are slamming you brutally. Then relaxing on the couch wrapped up in a blanket is what you might need. I know that the isolation lately has felt pretty intense, but if you use your time wisely and look within it might help you deal with a few issues that you never realized that you had. 

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