Who’s Ready For November?: Did You Feel That X-Class Solar Flare This Week?

Did You Feel That X-Class Flare?

Just like that – October 2021 is practically done, experienced, and fully integrated into our very beings. With lessons learned or not at all. With one day left we’re about to shift right into November 2021 and what a gigantic shove it has been just to get us here. Not to mention that very final shove that I felt on Thursday, which left me feeling weary, very exhausted, physically drained and mentally destroyed all in the span of two days. I’m referring to the X-Class Solar Flare that erupted on the Sun and which was earth directed.

This has continued to be a difficult month and the continued pressures, multiple stresses, all these mental mind games, embodiment scuffles, painful life reviews, emotional scars and wounds, personal problems and crucifixion’s, while living in the early stages of a global awakening, well it’s been more than what anyone can tolerate and bare anymore at this point. Through resilience and compassionate heart directed living, we can make it through all of these challenges and into a brighter existence. 

Over the last week; I have noticed that the energetic rumblings have slowly been revving back up again. It didn’t really surprise me all that much, considering that all month long nothing ever really let up. It did ease off there for a few days, at least that is how it felt for me personally. Everyone, has their own schedule and it is different for all of us. Every single day this entire month has been filled with endless energies, light codes, new light codes, some that I have never seen before, (which I’ll need to write about.) The depression has been there. The anxiety has been real. Some fear has escaped through the cracks. The loneliness has been really challenging. I’ve had to deal with my emotions, which have been heavy at times and it is part of life. It is all part of the journey. I’ve always hated it and I’m sure that most of you reading this can also understand that hatred. The hatred of being chained down to our emotions without wanting to be. It’s expected and just like clock work, we’re moving into a whole entire new layer and level of energies, as we get further into New Earth, and the Aquarian Age.

This article came totally out of left field. I was in no way expecting to write this and neither was I planning on writing it. It wasn’t planned at all. It was a last minute thing that I was guided towards by my higher self, higher light team, and it was something that I felt was exponentially important enough to bring up, because it’s another indication that we are shifting. This article is mainly about the X-Class Solar Flare and Eruption that we experienced on Thursday, October 28th. This was also earth directed, which explains why I felt it so strongly. Which is why you probably felt it strongly inside of your body, your muscles, your bones and it might have triggered you in some way. It triggered me both physically and mentally/emotionally, both of those get triggered in these events, which is my personal issue alone. I felt it. I have always felt whatever the sun has done for years, and while I have written only slightly about these experiences in only a few articles. It happens. My body, mind and DNA completely changes and goes through this gigantic process of shedding itself. Here is the announcement of said Solar Flare and eruption, which ushered in the next new energies and layer which we will enter next month.

MAJOR X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: Earth orbiting satellites have just detected an X1-class solar flare from an Earth-facing sunspot AR2887. The blast at 1535 UT on Oct. 28th created a massive tsunami of plasma in the sun’s atmosphere:

The blast also hurled a CME into space. Coronagraph images are not yet available, but evidence for a CME is already persuasive. The USAF reports strong Type II and Type IV radio emissions generated by a CME plowing through the sun’s atmosphere. In addition, energetic particles accelerated at the leading edge of a CME have already reached Earth.

The Sun to me is home base. Our Sun is very much home and many people just think that it is just there, but home is where I personally believe we belong and it is through the Sun. It’s a powerful gateway. Within that gateway, it bring’s coded energies that we need in order to survive and evolve. I feel such a strong connection to the Sun that goes beyond it just being a star in our solar system. Our bodies are designed to be connected to it, in a higher way than what we can comprehend. The majority at least. This connection has been made evident to me, considering every time the Sun explodes and erupts in this manner I always feel it. I always have. Does your body feel weak? Do you feel kind of flu like? Do you have a headache? Do you hear the roaring ear ringing singing to you? Are you more sensitive these last two days? Does something feel off and you just can’t quite understand what’s going on? Ta da! Now you know why. But, what’s the bigger picture? You guessed it, it’s another shift. We’re entering a new level of energies and it’s all going to take place in November. Are you ready for that? I’d like to share a small bit of what I went through physically, which might help those who feel off lately. 

For the majority of the pandemic; I was at home. When Cycle Two started I was notified weeks before hand in December 2019 to stay home and I never understood why. I also never listened to what my higher team was telling me until the end of January. When I made the choice to leave my job once and for all, the weeks afterwards it all started to make sense. So, I was just living through home and embodying these energies at home. I didn’t work and for the majority of my life, I never really worked when things were heavy and felt physically intense for me. I have struggled with work for years and my early adult life. It was only this past month where I began working out there again, after almost two years of having to embody so much and quite frequently. 

At work, on this specific Thursday the 28th. I noticed that things felt a slight bit different. I felt a sudden peace throughout that morning, and by the time I got home just after noon I realized why my morning was so peaceful. As soon as I got home, I got hit and hit hard with energies and my body was feeling it. I also got triggered with something, that made me burst out into tears and after I was done I was so exhausted. It eventually kept getting more and more intense, I could not stay awake and my body eventually could not hold me anymore. I had to get out and that is what I did. 

The next day, which was yesterday Friday the 29th. I was all over the place. I was here and I was there. I was awake but consciously living somewhere else. I could tell it was in a higher plane, because there were higher beings speaking to me and every so often I would be brought back to my body and mind. This isn’t the first time that I have been somewhere else other than with my body, and not the first time I was aware that I was some place higher than on earth. Later that same day, the energies were so strong that I once again could not remain in my body and I opted to rest and leave my physical self behind. 

As of today, I am more alert and things have calmed down. However, it is not all back to normal yet and this embodiment of these energies are going to take a few more days to integrate. Multi-dimensional living, it isn’t fun and or easy for anyone. Myself included. 

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