As We Approach The 11/11 Portal: Mandatory Out Of Body Pauses, As We Continue To Embody Early Divine Mother Template Codes.

As We Approach The 11 11 Portal

All November 2021 long; I have had no time to do anything, and no time for anything, because all that I have done is embody from the second we entered this month. It’s escalated further and there are reasons for this, we’re in another layer of this thing and soon we’ll be fully in it. However, it has been extra tough and extra rough. My physical body has been going through some thing’s and it hasn’t felt pleasant as I have been stepping into these energies. 

The solar energies, solar eruptions, geomagnetic storms, solar winds have not stopped either. While it’s fun for those who can witness the Aurora borealis, and who have time to play with their telescopes, and ignore the natural Ascension and Evolutionary process some more, like they always have done, those of us who embody don’t have time for those specific three dimensional moments of fun. I am and have been getting crushed and compressed by natural light energies, that are hitting our inorganic earth reality. So, I’ve not had time to sort of watch, waste time, play around, when I’ve got a body that has a purpose to feel, and ooze the primordial re-birth of new earth and the re-introduction of divine mother, as she returns through my physical body. Along with others like me. 

When I first began my Physical Ascension process back in 2014; I went through a similar phase that I am currently going through right now, where nothing that I could do would stop the pain and exhaustion that I felt. I was always worn out and I was always in some type of pain that was making me feel some type of way. This is how November 2021 has felt for me and over time, I’ve realized that there are specific cycles that take place where I usually feel like this. With that said, so the cycle begins once again. I have not stopped feeling some kind of physical malady, or, extreme tiredness, since we entered this month, and the only upside to all of this – is the fabulous Mandatory Out Of Body Pauses that I have endured in the last week or so. 

Over the last almost eight years since being physically activated; I have both loved and hated the Mandatory Out Of Body Pauses and that is what I have called them. However, since 2020 these have gotten much more frequent and these specific periods have at times lasted longer. What I’m talking about here is that sudden need to immediately go lay down, leave your body, and leave physicality and earth for a while. Give or take a couple of hours. In November 2021 I have felt the need to leave my physical body to go and rest, to embody more codes, to unite with more light and this all happens physically. I’m in and out constantly, which is alright because if I don’t do this and give myself a break. My body will experience overload and that will make things worse than good. This is just one of the very many thing’s that have been going on this month. Another body change due to more embodiment of divine feminine mother and the solar energies, that has accompanied the need for sleep have been the Inner Body Vibrating. This is a very old and familiar body function that I have experienced since Cycle One, it seems to be returning back in Cycle Two and it has evolved. 

The Inner Body Vibrating has happened to me before. However, because we are in cycle two of the ascension process it has definitely evolved. It used to be a solo physical body function, but now it’s accompanied by sleep and then I pass out. This never used to happen to me before, but it does now and that is because my body and even your physical body has changed since making that transition into new earth. It still happens in the usual places, it always happened on the left side of my body. Specifically in my left foot, ankle, leg, knee, thigh, and left lower back and hip. Since November 2021 began It’s been hitting that spot as usual, but with such a force and it shakes slightly. This now has happened slightly on my right leg. So, I’m vibrating in specific parts of my body and then falling asleep. It’s been wonderful lately. When I return back into my body and back into physicality, the vibrating is gone and so is the shaking and exhaustion. 

The current energies that we are embodying are in fact more Divine Feminine Mother re-entering humanity and New Earth and this is what it is. This is why early November has felt so intensely compressed, and this will get more and more compressed the further we get to the 11:11 Portal. I’d like to share a specific experience that I had this past weekend, which explains all that I have already written about. 

November 2021 Mandatory Embodiment Pause

The events that I am about to write, describe, and in full detail to the best of my current sleepy state, will be about the embodiment process period that I experienced on Sunday, November 7th. 

At around 5 pm yesterday evening, I began to feel that something was off and when this happens to me lately; I immediately stop whatever I am doing. I move to the bed and I lay down, and just make sure that I have something soft, a pillow, a blanket and make myself a little bit more comfortable. So, this is what I did. After about fifteen minutes I started to notice something buzzing, and that buzzing changed to vibrating. This internal Buzzing and Vibrating was happening in my left leg, immediately I took notice of this and where the majority of Divine Mother Feminine was manifesting from within my body.

About a few minutes later; I began feeling extremely tired. Not too long after that I knew that I couldn’t remain in my physical body any longer, the vibrating was getting too intense and it was beginning to bother my lower back and it was moving upwards. The Mandatory Out Of Body Pause was inevitable and unavoidable. I left physicality. I woke up at 2 am. The familiar good old waking up at the 2 am club. The Vibrating had dispersed and the exhaustion that I felt so strongly was cleared, cleared and fully gone. 

November 2021 is going to be this and much more. If you are experiencing the same experiences as I am, don’t worry about how intensely painful and difficult it is. Make sure that you put yourself before anyone else right now, if rest is what you need that is what you must do for yourself. If spending some time by yourself and away from all the noise, the lies, the cons, the users, the abusers, the mind control projections, both, from the outside world and in your personal life. Disengage if that is what you feel you need to do in order to listen to your own voice, your heart, your mind and soul and higher self.

All of this and there are still three days until the 11:11 Portal opens up and we feel the full manifestation of that. Then the Partial Lunar Eclipse is on the 18/19th.

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