November 2021 Personal Shifting: Collective Shifting & The Personal Responsibility For Your Choices.

Shifting And Personal Responsibility

Since we transitioned into November 2021 there has been a gigantic amount of shifting happening. I have felt these very personal shifts in my own life these last few weeks, and in this last week. However, it’s happening all around for a lot of people. Have you experienced these personal shifts in your life? Did the 11:11 portal change your direction? How about the lead up to the Partial Lunar Eclipse this week? Are you feeling those personal shifts occurring yet? I know that I am, and that many people in the collective are doing it to. 

This week I’ve finally been feeling some physical relief. After coming out of a two week embodiment episode – where all that I did for all of November so far, is integrate Divine Mother into my physical self. In that time I have been fatigued, the ear ringing has been crippling, my left leg has vibrated, I have been attacked by people and non-human negative entities alike, and all of this while being Hyper aware of everything that is going on around me. 

All of November 2021; I have witnessed nothing but shifting going on. I have experienced some Personal Shifts and I know that many people in the collective have experienced their own shifts, this is what it’s all about. This journey that we call life is about being taken from one direction to another, and the energies that are hitting earth right now are responsible for this. How we connect to these new energies, that is all on us as people. It really is your choice how you choose to create and the kind of creator that you want to be. It is up to you to take personal responsibility for that! No one else will and should be taking responsibility for your choices in this life, and the creative direction that you decide to take when you embody another layer. If you screw up it’s on you. It’s not someone else’s fault like so many believe it to be so, but, the best part is that you can course correct these mistakes at anytime. Just don’t repeat whatever it is that you feel was improperly created by you at the time.

Another aspect to all of the Collective Shifting going on, has been the very many people who have shifted in and out recently. So, who has shifted out of your life suddenly and into it? There have been some serious changes around here, enough to the point of making it very difficult. However, this is also part of the Ascension Journey as well, it tends to happen, especially when major portals open and when massive new coded energies enter humanity and this earth reality. This week expect more people to shift in and out of your life, leaving, moving away, accepting a new job, death, or, some other circumstance that takes them away from you. Remember that the Separation of Worlds is only getting more and more pronounced, as we, move further into Cycle two of the Ascension Process.

The 2021 11:11 Portal was a very different one, but, in saying that it felt very familiar to me as any portal has been during this time for years and years. The familiar challenges were there which include: {Physical attacks on me by non human negative entities, manipulations by unaware human people, intense physical body embodiment pains, being hyper aware of my surroundings, really seeing situations for what it is etc.} There were a lot of similarities. This year it felt much more isolating than it did even in 2020, and the fact that I am now out and about again around the non-aware makes thing’s even worse. It has been really difficult to breathe. In both ways. It has been even harder than it was before to embody and be around other people, but on a surprising note, the majority of people that I am around seem to have embodied enough of these light codes, in order to function at their highest right now with where we all are. I’m seeing some serious improvements all around. Not everyone is duped by what is going on right now, about the upgrades and the Global Awakening happening on this earth reality.

This week we have a Partial Lunar Eclipse happening on Nov 18/19 and this is another important one. Lunar as in Feminine and are you ready for another hit of Divine Feminine? A strange thing that I witnessed in early November just prior to that portal, were these orange and red spherical light codes that I saw. I remember seeing these specific codes and instantly felt like that was Divine Feminine Mother. I’ll need to find some pictures or gifs of these codes, because maybe you also have seen these as well yourself. This is going to be another one of those weeks where thing’s are going to be shifting left and right, and nothing is going to make much sense. It definitely will not feel like life is moving in a very linear manner. Be very aware of what you’re thinking about at this time, as well, because you might just manifest that specific thing. Remember how I mentioned a few paragraphs ago – about what kind of creator you wanted to be? That still applies. Shifting and taking personal responsibility for ones choices, ones actions, and ones life is a big theme right now. Come on guys we’re almost at that finish line. It’s almost January.

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  1. So wonderful to have found you! Thank you so much for the insight on the recent November energies. I understand this month (December) is going to be just as challenging. Look forward to synapsis of what we find ourselves in currently. Blessings on the path““, Athaleyah 🙂

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