Divine Mother Template Almost Fully Physicalized: Have We Been Embodying In December 2021?

Divine Mother Almost Fully Physicalized

I’ve been silent these last few weeks since mid-November and for very many reasons. I’ve needed to give people personal space and lots of time to make up their own mind, about what is currently going on within the collective, and decide once and for all which direction they are wanting to move into. Do they want to physically embody and become aware of the fact that the world is experiencing a Global Awakening, or, do they want to continue to perpetuate the same behaviors and lack of awareness in the new earth like they did in the old earth.

I’ve known this for a very long time now, and I’ve tried my best to write as much as I could about this global awakening event. However, there is only so much information that I can keep sharing and to have it written in a different style of prose, or, by using different words here and there. The truth is what I’m writing here is exactly what I have been writing all year long. Nothing new here other than we’re so close to making that final step, because Diivne Mother and that template is going to be fully physicalized once we enter Jan 1st 2022. So, hurry up and choose because there is no more waiting around. What do you want? Do you want to perpetuate the old earth reality we were all born into, or, move into this new earth reality where all the systems shut down literally like they have slowly been doing. Divine Mother is almost fully physicalized and that is the completion of the new earth. 

The rest of November 2021 and all of December 2021; I have been aware that I and humanity have been embodying the Divine Mother Template into earth and into our physical body. This escalated after the Solar eclipse in early December. Antarctica specifically got showered and sprinkled, with those wonderful Divine Mother template Light codes that were integrated into that specific area for future populations that will live in that region. Have we really been embodying for all of December 2021? Absolutely, we have and it has gotten pretty rough physically, which is also another reason why I just have not been doing my usual writing. I don’t know about any of you who are also currently embodying, but I have been through an intense physical embodiment period this month. It has hurt in so many ways and yet; I have also had moments where I am laying in bed in ecstasy because it’s moving through me in new ways. I’ve continued receiving life reviews. Different scenes and moments in this life, and in other lives, have come through for me to recognize them and fully heal them. Why? because this kind of baggage can not stay with me any longer as we move into 2022.

I have been buzzing, humming, vibrating internally, in various parts of my body, and on some days, it has been flat out embarrassing to be out in public while I’m shaking internally. There hasn’t been anyone who has noticed that this is what I have been doing, but it still get’s to me when I am out in public with the shakes, and getting zapped like all hell has broken loose where ever I may be at that time, especially in front of those who have not yet embodied and who still are unaware. Especially, about what has been going on lately!

Have you also been buzzing, vibrating, humming, in various places in your body this month? Have you felt the Divine Mother template being embodied into you? It hasn’t been pretty and it isn’t just happening to those of us who have activated and been awakened for years. More and more unaware people are activating physically, and it’s getting so bad, that the ones trying to control it, and stop it, are implementing more restrictions and lockdowns. How can you prevent and lockdown a template that will activate everyone because it is evolution? 

I don’t usually get very crude in the way that I express myself here on Energetic Earth, so I do apologize in advance for being exceptionally blunt. However, I have needed to say what I am about to say for a long time. Fuck Omicron! Fuck Delta! and every single other Greek letter that THEY have been using to describe something that I have felt, sensed, and fully know is what is being embodied into earth and humanity. The truth is Evolution is an ongoing Process that will continue to happen regardless, and stopping people is not going to stop them from physically activating and embodying the Divine Mother Template. Whether out and about, or, whether they are locked down in their homes they will embody. Whether vaccinated or not vaccinated, the Divine Mother Template will still enter you. Those codes will always reach anyone who is ready to physically evolve beyond the old lower world.

Divine mother will be fully physicalized into New Earth on Jan 1st 2022. That’s right. We will be fully into the new earth and Divine mother will be fully here, and there is no stopping this template. You can’t stop a global world wide template of light energies that comes from Source itself, explain how anyone can do that? The ones trying are the ones that are actively preventing us all from true freedom, enlightenment, accessing our highest awareness available to us, and it shouldn’t come to no surprise either because they have been doing this for decades with us. The enslavement of the human being race through working us to the bone, have us worry about materialistic pursuits instead of doing our spiritual work. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

The Separation of Worlds is also almost complete. When we enter 2022 that separation will be finalized for those who are choosing to live and exist on the Ascending new earth world, and for those who are wanting to remain in the descending old world. Whatever you choose, is where you choose to be. Will this end eventually? No! Once that timeline passes by and Divine Mother is fully integrated into new earth, it is either choose to physically activate and become aware or remain unaware. There are no more choices. If you were expecting this to end in 2022 think again, because it will not. There will always be new levels and layers to embody, and not a lot of people are going to want to remain physicalized in this physical world in order to do that. Do the work and choose which world that you want to be in, and then ever so slowly help to create it one thought at a time. You have more power than you think you do.

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