Early 2022 Physical Activations: A Complete Energetic Body Sweep Is Occurring Within Humanity.

The Divine Feminine Template: A Sweep Of Divine Feminine Activations Within The Collective.

We’re about two weeks into 2022 and Divine Feminine Mother being physicalized into our earth reality. The difference has been remarkable. One thing that I have noticed immediately, is how many more people around me have not only disappeared, but who, have at the same time also come down with the same mysterious, similar symptoms, that I have experienced since 2014 and my own physical activation. At least three people that I know of, have come down with similar embodiment pains that I usually feel. On my own website, more and more people are finding some of my articles that deal with physical symptoms. Ear ringing seems to be a popular symptom so far this year. 

This isn’t the only incident where I have noticed this, I’ve picked up on a lot of people who are activating physically within the collective. It started in 2020 and then all year in 2021. However, this year it feels like right from the very start, there are more and more people who weren’t quite getting hit – that are now getting hit and are becoming physical vessels themselves for light. Evolution is wonderful!

In 2020 and 2021 there were many times where I could sense that a gigantic group of people, were in-fact physically activating to begin their own ascension process. The Global Awakening process was beginning and the first big group of people within humanity activated in 2020, with a second group activating in larger numbers last year. If what I am sensing is correct about 2022, even more of the world’s population is going to embody beyond both 2020 and 2021. Which means that many people are going to have to catch up with those of us who have already began embodying, been embodying, and who have been doing this for decades and years. However, it’s much more than just suddenly having to now embody the current light codes and The Divine Feminine Mother Template. There is a personal responsibility to heal, clear, remove and release ages worth of darkness, pain, behavior patterns, ego, soul Dis-ease and all the gunk that has built up inside our bodies over lifetimes. 

There are many thing’s going on right now for Humanity. The first is the global physical awakening and the second is the global energy body sweep through, that is also happening for all human beings who are activating right now. There is more to all of this and it’s definitely time to Fully Disclose it. This is also a time for healing and all of that needs to take place inside of our body, our conscience, and we need to reclaim our awareness back and be in full control of it.  

As long as I can recall; I have been aware of the fact that not all of the human population that is currently incarnated on earth, living within humanity, have been in complete control of themselves. There are some who have never been in control. A lot of them will never fully be able to be conscious of what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, what they’re saying, what they believe, what they think they know, even something as simple as who they really are. I’ve also been aware of the fact that I have incarnated into a simulated earth reality with {Liars, thieves, sinners, saints, con artists, alcoholics, murderers, psycho paths, manipulators, ego maniacs, sufferers, people in pain, other light workers, star seeds etc.} We’re all here and we’re all doing what we have to, but damn there is a big difference between what many are here doing. Some of these souls are new and other’s are pretty aware of what they sign up for when they agree to return here. One thing we all have are experiences. We’ve lived. We’ve felt specific thing’s. We’ve had specific thing’s happen to us and we have also done specific thing’s. To people and to the earth. We are always accountable for what we do and give, and there is no escaping it. In this life I think we’re all finding that out and learning it the hard way.

It Is A Global Awakening: Compressed Evolution Is Waking up The Consciousness Of The World

The Global Awakening Event that is happening and that has been happening since 2020 for all human beings who are still alive today. This is us being accountable for what we have experienced, in our past, in those lives, as those people, and for many of us we’re experiencing them in this time period. Is it easy? No! We are and have been given the opportunity to be here at this time to really experience Compressed Evolution. There are very new souls who have come here for the first time, so they are only just beginning to understand that this place is not what it seems. For those who are awakening physically, expect to experience a lot in regards to what you have done and who you have been. These ancient personas will come back to be cleansed and healed, and you will come face-to-face, with what you have done, as those ego personalities, and what you left behind on earth to be swept up and cleared.

Do You Know How Much Gunk Get’s Stuck In Our Bodies? I can’t begin to explain just how much get’s stuck in our bodies, around our bodies, around our auras, what get’s through and manages to escape into our auras and chakras. My Throat Chakra alone has been assassinated in this life and in other’s to the point where I suffer from Autoimmune thyroid Dis-ease. My voice and my fight has remained, but as a child and growing up a lot of specific events and situations involving people, tore me down. I couldn’t communicate what I was experiencing and that seeped into my Throat chakra. A lot of stuff has accumulated in my physical body and outside of my body, and when I first activated a lot of that was expelled and cleared. My throat chakra is my most sensitive area, and in many of my other lifetimes that area was repeatedly attacked. I was mostly female and always managed to be silenced. Attacked because I was female and the Feminine. Not everyone has the same issues. This is just me and my problem areas, where the majority of unbalanced, negative, energy sits in and where a lot of non-organic energy comes and attacks. There is a lot of gunk that has gotten through and it might be the same for you. It’s this gunk that we are removing now since entering Phase two and in 2022 this is going to get worse. You are responsible for your experiences, good or bad, and right now accountability is one of the many ways in which we are slowly healing, and transmuting many of our lives and our issues. 

It is a complete and total Energetic Body Sweep. Face what you need to face, release what needs to be released and try your best not to repeat similar ego behaviors and patterns. This is a gigantic opportunity for all of us to remove what has accumulated inside of ourselves, over lifetimes worth of experiences. Don’t you want to be free from this crap? I know that I really do. I don’t want to have to volunteer, participate, to agree, to be coerced to return to this reality again on that basis that I need to evolve more. I want to be evolved! Don’t you want to be the best version of yourself?

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