Ascension Symptoms For 2022: A Different Feel With More Physical Adjustments Since Entering 2022.

The Divine Mother Template: A New Way That Physical Reality Is Functioning.

January 2022 and the finalization of Divine Feminine Mother being physicalized into new earth, along with that Template, has manifested within humanity some very obviously different physical changes. A lot of people have been experiencing sudden physical activations, new bodily functions, and they have expressed genuine fear and concern in regards to how they feel about it. After all it is only natural. When it first began happening to me, I was struggling with it for a very long time and it took months to get used to it. It took months for me to get used to the new changes that my body was experiencing. Even longer to fully understand it, notice the patterns and figure them out, the rhythms, be psychically in tune with when it would start and when it would finish off. Do you think it is easy to embody light? It’s not and the panic over it can feel very real.

I’ve been writing these article pieces for a few years now, and I feel it is necessary to write another one for this year – in regards to what my body has been doing, as well as feeling, and what I have picked up on and observed. There is an importance and sense of urgency, in me needing to write about the physical symptoms that I have felt for this year so far. If not to help those who might also be physically activating throughout this entire year. The physical body changes when you physically activate to embody light, and you have to know that it will change. You won’t ever feel the same physically all of the time. 

Since the start of this year; I have been astounded by how different it has been feeling since The Divine Feminine Mother Template was quickly devoured by new earth. It quickly got heavy which is not unusual, but there was a gigantic release which happened towards the middle of January. I had never felt anything like this in 2020 and in 2021. If you are overly sensitive physically like I am you can feel everything that happens on earth, which makes you an earth sensitive. Which is what happened and which is what has happened throughout all of January so far, because Divine feminine returned in all of her glory. During this first and I’m sure it won’t be the last (Feminine Mother Embodiment) phase, I experienced everything from crippling depression, wanting to leave physicality and return home, to struggling with intense spine, back, and leg dislocations and discomfort – to experiencing quite the opposite amount of positive experiences as well. I have never felt two strong opposing emotions in one small period of time, the euphoria has been blissful and there are moments where that bliss has me feeling extremely positive and light-filled. 

I’m well aware that since 2022 began: I have felt and sensed that many people have decided to physically activate en masse, and equally they have also agreed to exit physicality en masse as well. It’s been feeling surreal, but it has been very real.

None of this means anything other then, we are all just choosing what we want for ourselves. I remember having felt many times over these last few years, like there has been a considerable drop off in the human population during 2020 and 2021. Not just because specific people were choosing to exit now on a soul level, but that many souls were also not choosing to enter into a new incarnation and live on new earth yet. These feelings have grown more and more into a reality since the start of this year, and I’m well aware that in the next five to ten years the effects of this global awakening will begin to show. I also sense that in the decades to come, that more and more people who have been living their life in the old 3D world way. They will leave too! A lot of what we know as a productive way of living, will be turned upside down and many of the current systems will be removed and replaced with better ones. 

Our way of understanding what life means to us now will be different, and we’ll have re-define what we think life should be. Not only that, but how we view our bodies and what they go through as we live in them will too! We’ll have such a better understanding of what we are supposed to be feeling and why we feel in specific ways, what Dis-ease means to us and how we can work with our body to remove recycled energy to transform ourselves. Here are some physical body functions that have remained the same and some which are new since starting in 2022. This may be new body functions that many in the collective have now felt, or, if it doesn’t resonate with you it could be a personal symptom of mine.

Ascension Symptoms For 2022: New DNA Codes Are Changing The Physical Experience.

Ear Ringing: So far in 2022; I still continue to hear the ear ringing, the tones, the music, the beats, the buzzing, the sounds of chirping, chimes, morse code language clicking. All of this has not changed for me. The only thing that has really changed, is that it seems to have gotten louder. It seems to have gotten more like this deep electric roaring sound in my ears. When we first transitioned into 2022; I was surprised to see that many more people in the collective were also experiencing this, because the article that I had wrote on this new body function has become one of my most popular articles this year. 

Low Grade Energy Fever: One physical body function that many people are experiencing this year so far and which they have been feeling in 2021 and 2020, has been a body function called Energy Fever. Over the years and in 2014 when I physically activated like what many people are currently doing, I experienced the exact same thing. It felt as if my body was boiling up and it did feel like I was run down and had a fever, only it wasn’t a fever due to illness. It was an energy fever. A full body integration of newly embodied Light energies and codes. Not only that, but a release of lower leveled energies that had been buried deep down inside my body that needed to be removed and released. It’s the equivalent to when you do a cleanse and purge the toxins from your body. The same concept and you have to remove those specific things.

Increase In Psychic Abilities: Since entering 2022; I have been experiencing a slight increase in my  psychic gifts. Those of you who are physically activating might be noticing that you are feeling more, and experiencing psychic phenomena. You could be experiencing this for the very first time and feel like you’re not normal, or, that you are crazy somehow. It’s normal and your just waking up on a psychic level. On a personal level my ability to feel more and they call this Clairsentience, has escalated to a new level that I wasn’t experiencing before. All of what I have felt and been feeling has been all so positive. 

Bone Pains & Aches: Since entering 2022; I have been experiencing a lot of changes with my body and how it functions, but one of the most noticeable changes have been with my bones. I’ve experienced lots of aches and pains in my bones, nerves and ligaments, the strange thing is – it’s not a constant every day thing. In fact it has only been happening during specific moments, and I have noticed it happens when I am embodying new light energy. Light energy has been fusing perfectly with our bones and many people in the collective have really been feeling this happen.

Cold Flashes: Since entering 2022; I have been experiencing a lot of Cold Flashes and lowered body temperature. In 2020 and 2021 I used to feel and experience intense inner body heat and my body heating up. Since the end of 2021 the hot flashes have stopped and the intense inner cold has been dominating. This tends to happen to us when we are embodying some of the highest and newest codes, which has been happening in January because I have felt extreme cold like never before. 

Weight Fluctuations & Changes: Since entering 2022; I have not been putting on weight as much as I used to. That doesn’t mean that I have not experienced weight fluctuations since Cycle Two of the Ascension Process began back in late 2019 and early 2020. I have. It changes. If you have been putting on more weight after physically becoming activated, believe me I understand how that works and how that change can make you feel. I went from being very thin to being a larger extension of myself, and I struggled to take the weight off for a long time. When 2020 hit; I lost a ton of weight rather quickly because the energies were full on and so quick. Ever since I have been up and down.

Head Pains & Aches: Since entering 2022; I have not felt very many intense headaches, head pains and head re-wiring work being done. Those of you in the collective who have physically activated recently, you probably do get intense headaches that feel really intense, random, and eventually stop when whatever is happening is done. This is all part of activating and it does take sometime for your brain and the parts of your brain, that you don’t use to come online. 

Sinus Attacks & Face Pain: Since entering 2022; I have experienced a lot of intense sinus pain and attacks in my face. At times it feels like I can’t breathe through my nose. There are a lot of changes happening to our skeletal body, which also includes the face as well. Thing’s are expanding, and the head and face tend to expand as well. 

Food Intolerances & Sensitivities: Since entering 2022; I have not suffered with food sensitivities and this started to feel much better for me back in 2021. However, those of you who have been recently physically activating. You have all realized that there are certain foods that you just can’t consume anymore, certain drinks, and generally intolerances to all the stuff that you once enjoyed. I understand what your going through because I had the worst time of it finding foods, to nourish me, because they all had sugar, added preservatives, food coloring, dyes, and other stuff that makes it hard to eat. I have had to do extensive research into our Microbiome and how to change it. 

Whole Body Vibrating: Since entering 2022; I have experienced whole body vibrating. This has been a regular and at times normal symptom for me, as I continue to experience energy moving up and down my entire body. It causes areas to be worked on much more than usual. This is all normal for me. I’ve had to do more stretching of course to get movement through. I imagine that many people are also experiencing strange parts of their bodies that are vibrating, shaking, and moving in ways that they just do not understand. 

Tired But Extremely Wired: Since entering 2022; I have still been tired and wired. While I have felt this throughout the years, I have never felt so tired and wired more than I did in 2021. In 2022 that has lessened. It can be hard to feel like all you want to do is lay down and just rest up only when you do you can’t seem to.  I am up even though I have gone to bed to sleep. I sleep throughout the day. I generally fall asleep whenever I need to. It makes it easier and I do not need to worry about it. I just trust my instincts. It can feel really difficult for those who are experiencing this now, because there really is so much more going on inside of your body. 

Anger/Rage & Transmuting: Since entering 2022; I have been experiencing more periods of anger and rage. While a lot of people might not think this is a common effect of becoming more aware, it really has been  a huge part of it for me. I have never been more angry and filled with rage, and at times; I have had to transmute all of the emotions that people think are just to bad, because to them they classify it as bad behavior.  

Anxiety, Depression & (Collective Clearing): Since entering 2022; I have experienced more anxiety and periods of depression. I’ve also thought of wanting to leave physicality and return home to my place in the higher dimensions. I’ve felt this way for over 20 years. A lot of the time when we feel this way, it’s a lot of collective anxiety, depression and those who want to leave physicality. It can be hard to know if it’s from out there or really coming from you. You have to really know. This is collective feeling and collective clearing.

A lot of sensitive, psychic beings, who are gifted tend to feel this way a lot of the time – understand at times it isn’t you feeling this way. Your just picking up on other people in the world who are. 

These are only a few specific physical and mental, emotional changes, that I have both experienced personally, and which I have felt collectively since we transitioned into 2022. If you are also experiencing these symptoms and you know that it is Ascension related, there are also plenty more than what I have listed here. However, what I may be experiencing might not be what you are. You could be going through much more than I, or, you could be going through something that is completely different.

Remember that Ascension Symptoms happen and you can feel them despite having any physical issues. I do have thyroid issues and scoliosis. I usually tend to feel thing’s on a much more physical level, because that is what I agreed to go through. Even then, on most days the physical discomforts are not as severe. If you are having serious issues, you can and should be checked out. Ascension can happen for people in many ways, part of figuring that out does include taking an active role in your own health and your specific body type and body issues. Listen and trust your gut instincts. I did. I went through those moments where I had to get an x-ray done. Where I had to do several blood tests to figure out my auto immune disorder. Just do it no matter what. Thing’s have escalated once again this year so remember to take care of yourself. Here is last years list of specific symptoms, I’m leaving a link right down below because you might also be feeling those ones too!

Ascension Symptoms For 2021: A Few Minor Physical Things Have Changed Since 2020.

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