Increase In More Psychic Abilities: The Energetic Body Is Waking Up In More Human Beings.

Humans Are Experiencing More Psychic Abilities: Waking Up To The Energetic Body Via The Nervous System Circuits. 

When the beginning of 2022 arrived; I quickly realized through my physical body and my other psychic senses, that it was going to be a whole different year altogether. It felt massively different and now as we head into March, it’s only getting much more pronounced. Those feelings and emotions are only growing ever more stronger.

Ever since this year began, my one specific psychic gift and tool got an amplification like never before. The dial got tuned up and the frequency range that I am picking up, is so new that I struggled to cope with everything new that I was feeling. I carry the psychic gift and spiritual tool of Clairsentience. I have always been Clairsentient; when I was a child I could feel specific thing’s and instantly know stuff about people based off of how I felt them. It was always just a small sensing, but lately it has grown to a level that I am finding very difficult to cope with. The flood gates have opened and I’ve been completely sensitive to anyone and everything. 

As soon as January 2022 arrived; I went straight into one of the deepest periods of depression that I have ever experienced. It got awful, and it is still going on right now. The point is, this year it started to amp up in a way where all of it was climaxing into something unknown to me. I had never experienced that before. What I was feeling was everything and nothing, the past and the present, the future building up and that felt awful for the first few weeks. As we approached mid-January I could not cope, because I started feeling all the people around me. I started feeling all the disruptions in the earth. I started feeling the completion and finalization of Divine Mother and that template being woven into NEW Earth. There wasn’t even any time to get used to the change over, and it was an intense experience of feeling many events and many thought’s coming from people. The most of what I felt from the people around me was anger and fear, man do the people in my specific area hold onto these emotions like a bad habit. It became too much, way too much for me to handle. This was all just from being Clairsentient.

Humans Are Experiencing More Psychic Abilities: Awakening To The Internal Circuits Of The Energy Body.

Clairsentience: In my own words, is the ability to clearly feel and to sense another persons thoughts, their motives, their energies, and the way that they feel. How people think and feel are the most important aspect of having this specific gift.

At times, I have felt the opposite effect and it has more to do with the collective. So it isn’t just a singular experience, but a collective one as a whole and that is exactly what I experienced in early 2022. 

Over the course of my life; I have had periodic moments and encounters with both people, and events where I have felt whatever it was that was going on for them. How they were feeling. What they were doing and those intentions behind why. That has all been difficult, and a lot of people are truly struggling beyond words. I couldn’t possibly describe a lot of the stuff that I have felt, the pain is so real. Then of course there is the opposite, where there have been people who are happy, then there are other’s who are just truly disturbed. That has been the most difficult to feel and process throughout the years, but nothing compares to all that I feel that is connected to specific Light Beings on the other side.

The Higher Dimensions are some of the busiest places, any soul that is there truly comprehends how much that there is to do. There is schooling. There is learning. There is healing. There are new born souls. There is leisure time with friends in your soul group. There is learning from past lives. There is looking back on the life that you just lived. However, there are many who seem to pay me lots of visits, and of course over the years this has both frustrated me, as well as been fascinating to me. There have even been lots of people who I knew specifically in life, who now visit me who have crossed over back to spirit. One such being is my Primary Soulmate (a concept first written about by Michael Newton,) if you haven’t yet read any of his books I beg you to go and read them. My primary soulmate incarnated with me in this life, however he is no longer on this side. He isn’t having the human experience anymore. However, I still am. Despite that, our relationship continues on, and on many days it’s as if he is never gone. My primary soulmate and I have been inseparable; I have had dreams with him in it. I have had visitations with him. I have had specific moments where I can feel him and his energy on me. He is good at sending me love invoking thoughts and encouragement, but something that has changed for us is how strongly I am feeling him now.

In early 2022; when I experienced a tune up in my ability to feel and sense, one thing that amplified was the connection that I had to My Primary Soulmate.  We have experienced euphoric states of happiness together, and they were so intense that it was the only thing that could bring me out of those depressive thoughts and states of mind.  The way he felt also changed. The way we could feel one another changed too. It got deeper and our connection got stronger. Between the collective, individual, and personal this year so far has been just unbelievable in regards to how much this specific gift/tool has evolved for me. I won’t go any further into discussing details about my primary Soulmate, because those are private experiences that I experience as a psychic. I don’t really discuss a lot of stuff that I specifically experience on here either, and all of this has stayed very private for reasons. However, possibly one day I might write about him and our experiences before and after beginning this specific lifetime.

I tend to always share a good bit that deals with encouragement, so I’ll do it again in this article. If you’ve felt that you have noticed you have psychic gifts, and they have begun activating within you, or, just in general that your psychic gifts have also increased, changed, gotten more intense, or, stronger, and you are finding it very difficult to cope in 2022 so far. Your NOT alone and I have felt the increase and it has been like walking on glass, just to try and figure out the best direction to take. I’m really finding it difficult to navigate, and at times I am all over the place. Mentally scattered and everything that is going on right now, is not helping thing’s. Just know that you are not alone, and do all that you can to get used to the new frequency range.

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