Phase One Of 2022 Is Done: It Is What We Have Been Building Up To This Whole Time.

Early June Gateway Opening

We’re just transitioned into the beginning of June 2022 and already; I can feel the build up that we have been moving towards this whole time. Everything that I wrote about in May is manifesting into physical reality, and it first started in March. I would even go as far as saying it’s been starting since 2022 began, because it’s all connected back to when earth and humanity embodied Divine Mother and that template that was reinstated into new earth.

We have slowly been reaching the end of phase one of Cycle two, and the month of June is where it all begins. Cycle Two of the Ascension Process began in December 2019 and fully escalated in January of 2020. This early period of Cycle two is from Jan 2020 – mid 2022 and now we’re going to be experiencing thing’s on a whole new level than before. This is where a transitory period will take place, and lately I have been receiving huge hints that emphasize how important June and December of 2022 are going to be. So important, that this transitory period will take place between these two months, and it’s going to a be a 6 month long period. Culminating in December which will be unlike any other December we have experienced before. However, before we get there we have to get through where we are right now, and that means getting through the 666 Gateway opening.  

The 666 Gateway & Codes

I’ve been doing a lot more writing since the beginning of May; the reason why I’m much more active lately is because there are important key events going on that need to be explained. I’ll do this very often. Where I’ll be less active when not much is happening, and then suddenly get hyped up with article after article when thing’s pick up. Which is what’s happening right now for us. It has been non-stop since 2020 and no one is refuting that, but it’s slightly increased since January of this year. Since that time-frame up until now, we’re reaching a new point in time and it begins with the early June gateway which many people are calling The 666 Gateway Energies or Gateway Portal. I’ve been very aware of this gateway and that this was one of the transition points for this year, and that we were going to move through it. A lot of people are talking about this next-energy event but they’re not talking about the meaning behind it, It’s all nice and dandy to write that we’re getting downloaded with 666 gateway energies. Which we are. However, this is the beginning point and transition out of the end of Phase one of Cycle Two of The Ascension Process. Not many people realize that. It’s massively important. We’re getting deeper into this Cycle and it’ll take us exactly where we need to go individually and collectively. 

A lot of people seem to think that The Triple 666 number is a very “negative superstitious” energy, energy form, energy code, but really it’s not that at all. That’s a very Piscean age thing to think about and it comes from the Piscean Age where superstition was almost a way of life. The ones in control used fear and deceptive measures in order to control the mind and or consciousness of mass humanity. That sense of gloom and doom was a popular tactic in those times, which you still see today as we move further away from that age. In The Aquarian Age it means something different. It means accountability and responsibility for how aware you are and your consciousness. When we’re embodying these “666” codes it has more to do with lacking awareness. It’s a reminder to be more aware of what is going on in your life, but in the world at large. Can you see the bigger picture? Who’s directing your consciousness right now? Is it you? Is it them? Who’s directing the global consciousness right now? Are individual people doing it? Or are they controlling people’s ways of thinking? When you take the time out to really notice that shift, you can see that (Pisces) is the external control of consciousness and (Aquarius) is the internal control of ones own consciousness. It’s a very different thing altogether. Which is what this entire website is all about. I’m not here to control how you think, I’m here to teach you how to learn to control yourself. How to be more aware. How to realize when your not directly in control of your own consciousness, and how to get you to that point where you should be. That you can be.

It’s About Being In Control Of Your Own Consciousness

Do you get what the Aquarian Age is all about? Do you get what this gateway is about? More awareness of our own consciousness and these codes are being downloaded into us, so that we can be more aware of just who is really in control of our consciousness. These little reminders are helpful when you apply them into everyday life. 

The Demarcation Line Between Phases

The Demarcation Line is obvious and very apparent right now. Those of you who are finding it difficult to imagine this line right now as you read this, just look at the middle image up above. That very purple line. One group is moving upwards and another group is moving downwards. This Demarcation line is apparent in the world right now, which is what many Ascension Writers have referred to as The Separation Of Worlds

This can also be applied to what is taking place right now; as we exit phase one of cycle two of the ascension process. There is a demarcation line that is separating Phase One from Phase two, just like there is a line separating those on new earth Ascending world and old earth descending world. The line between phases. This line is going to be in place until it won’t exist, and as we move further away from phase one life of cycle two it’ll be a distant memory. Expect thing’s to shift even more. Expect more people to leave your life. Expect more places to become extinct. Expect further periods of intense isolation because it’s what you’ll need in order to deal with these massive changes, and remember the Demarcation line. It’s in place now for a reason and by December 2022, that Demarcation line will seize to exist as we walk that forerunner journey further into the Aquarian Age. Essentially, stepping into Phase two of cycle two. How will it be? I have no clue and it could be more calm or more chaotic, it depends on where we are individually and collectively. We’re almost in the new, and this is what we have been building up to this entire time. Enjoy The 666 Gateway and the distribution of these new codes. Don’t forget what it’s about though, it’s about directing your consciousness and becoming more aware.  

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