The Expiration Of The Old Earth: Moving Through Another Period Of Cut Off Points For Humanity.

More Expiration and Cut Off Points

We’re about to exit the month of May 2022 and I couldn’t be happier; I say that because I know why this month passing by means more to me than any other month, or, time period. We’ve experienced a huge month full of new codes, but, we’ve also experienced more cut off points and dates of Expiration. The first major event of this kind happened during the 12-21-2012 Expiration date and cut off point for humanity, and boy did that confuse a lot of people at that time. Mainly, because people didn’t understand that the Ascension Process was underway and they thought it meant the end of the actual physical world. They didn’t realize it was just the end of the 3D world reality, permanently and it was either get on board or don’t. 

However, there have been smaller global cut off points and expiration dates since then. When we entered cycle two on 12-26-2019 after leaving cycle one, during the final Winter solstice of the northern hemisphere. It became even more real and was in full swing by 1-12-2020 after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction took place in Capricorn. That was another Expiration date and cut off point for humanity and you either got on board or you didn’t. There are more expiration dates and cut off points, but I’ll be writing about those more down further in the article. However, in May and in June we’re going to hit another Expiration date and cut off point. 

Why Are There Cut Off Points?

In the last few years; I have wrote specific articles here on Energetic Earth: New Ascending World that have covered important events. These important events have involved very specific energies, aspects, of the Ascension process, and in a general sense, I’ve explained exactly what I have understood from my level of consciousness, about what is going on for earth and humanity right now. I’ve discussed life in Cycle One. I wrote about leaving Cycle One and entering Cycle Two. I wrote about the global awakening that took place during the “pandemic,” because that’s what that was. I’ve wrote about humanity leaving the Piscean Age and entering the Aquarian Age. I recently wrote about Divine Mother Aspect returning back to earth. Now all of these events had one thing in common, there were codes that needed to be overridden and in order to do that there were cut off points. To make thing’s much more easier to understand, life in 3D old earth reality and the small percentage of it that still exists. It had to expire. There were expiration dates. In order for something new to come in, something old must be removed and taken out. There is always a cosmic balance to thing’s, you cannot have more of one than the other. However, one day we will all be at the same level. Here and in the higher dimensions.

All of these events came and went, but old earth world has been decreasing ever since. There is a difference between committing crimes, breaking the law, in old earth vs new earth. While a lot of people still continue to use their old 3D earth tools, ways of being, and thinking in new earth, the consequences are much more severe in new earth. When you violate an aspect of new earth, a code, an energy, a person, a law, it’s already connected to a higher light and quotient of Source. In old earth, you could get away with thing’s like this, for years and even decades, but on new earth you cannot. It’s a much higher domain, which we have all been allowed to enter into so there is no getting away with anything. This is why we have cut off points. This is why thing’s have expiration dates, so that thing’s are kept in check, and that there is a balance to, and an order to life, and within humanity. 

Moving Through Another Expiration Date

In May 2022 we moved through another Expiration date. Absolutely, which is why thing’s felt extra, extra hard for us this month. I have personally never felt so physically bombarded by unknown to me, higher codes, but most of all, I have never noticed such a blatant expiration of the old world reality. This also includes many people who still remain on it, and who are choosing to remain on it. I have had to say goodbye to the remainder of who ever was left in my life at this point, and it basically boiled down to the fact that I was existing on new earth. While many of those people were choosing to remain on old 3D world. I have absolutely no-one in my life right now and that is exactly how I prefer it. The last of the remaining people who had tried to make the transition in my family, have not been able to continue on. It’s not a physical death, but it’s a decision of who is going where and why? 

This past week, a good chunk of specific family members have left the house I’m currently living in. I knew this was going to happen two months in advanced and I knew the reasons behind why. They had been staying here for three years, on an energetic level they were not a match and energetically they were very much a part of old 3D world. They always will be. It’s been a challenge to live with four people who were a match for old 3D world life, and we weren’t even in the same space. Yet we were living in the same space. The expiration date that I’m referring to involves the exit out of early cycle two life. We entered cycle two almost 2 1/2 years ago in early 2020, and we’re no longer at the early stages of cycle two life. We’re on the fast track and we’re moving deeper and deeper into Phase two of Cycle Two, while also moving deeper and deeper into the Age of Aquarius. This is what’s next for us, and part of the reason why May felt huge and why June is going to feel gigantic, it is because more thing’s are expiring and being cut off. 

There Is A New Silence In Cycle Two

Ever since 12-26-2019 and then 1-12-2020 my life has been chaotic, loud, and that is generally how Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process has been like for me. I’m sure that those of you who are also volunteers whether your a first, second, or third wavers, I guarantee that this is how it has been for you too. It was very difficult to leave Cycle One and experience such a profoundly chaos driven entrance to Cycle Two. Which is what happened and the world freaked out over a global awakening. As of 10-4-2021 arrived that has slowly changed for me, because ever since then I’ve begun to notice a cross over into a specific space where everything has been placed where it’s needed to be. There is a sense that everything is now not as chaotic as it once used to be, it’s gotten much more quiet. At it’s worst; I experienced everything from what felt like being a prisoner in my home, which I didn’t mind to be honest to daily attacks by specific entities. However, with six other lower conscious family members who are not as aware of what’s going on, as I was, it felt like a prison and I was trapped around all of that unawareness. It was a very difficult situation. Entering into new earth, Cycle Two and the Aquarian Age with other beings who were not doing the same as I was. 

There was lot’s of confusion, temper tantrums, my way or the high way stances, ego related hustling, manipulations over ownership of the actual house, multiple attempts of taking over the house, and together during these past few years the majority of my family were collectively used by multiple entities. The first few years of Cycle Two of the ascension process was down right loud, chaos driven, and it’s only been up until this past week where the silence has begun to kick in. Which tells me that we’re moving into a new phase of Cycle two, and there are always cut off points and in my specific situation the cut off point was this week. This may be happening for you as well, where what once used to be a challenging time is looking like it’s slowly getting better. Slightly. 

Where Do We Go From Here? 

There will be a specific article about Phase Two of Cycle Two, which I’ll be writing about in June when we move into that time period. There are reasons why I’m doing it then, because where we’re moving into it is going to be important. June and December of this year are going to be very important. Important for where we are now, because by next June and December it’ll be like we’re living on a different planet. Living in a different dimension altogether. Life evolves quickly and thing’s change. Last but not least we will be experiencing a gigantic build up of new codes and energies, which will climax on June 6th. Don’t forget the 6-6-6 date and as scary as that seems to a lot of people, because they equate 666 to mean something sinister and evil. There will be reasons that I give in explaining this early June download, and why it’s so important. There will also be the June Summer Solstice, there is a lot going on and it’s a friendly reminder that we have more to get through.  

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