Welcome To Energetic Earth

Welcome To Energetic Earth: First Steps Into The Age of Light & New Earth Reality.

It has taken me a while to figure out just how I wanted to start creating what I have envisioned in my own mind for this blog site. I needed to know when, where, what, why and how to start it. I already knew why I felt the need to begin this blog site. I am contracted to write on a soul level about the current Ascension and Evolution of our Earth. I’m also contracted to write about my own Ascension Process, in the hope that other people can read about it and understand it fully. Then if they were experiencing similar hardships while on their own journey, then they could take comfort in reading about another’s perspective on everything they have lived. Incarnating and dropping your frequency into a tiny human body as an Ascension Volunteer is not easy to do and there is no guide to being one, which is what this blog site is essentially about. The complete understanding of who I am and what is happening for earth right now.

The most important part of this first article is to state that there is an energy shift going on within our Earth right now, the more that people begin to realize this the more that what we’re doing here collectively will matter. There are so many Starseeds, Galactic Travelers, and Ascension Volunteers who have come to Earth within the last century, all in the great call to help Earth as it transitions into a 5 Dimensional vibrating Earth planet. We are here to bring back the Earth to its sovereign state and to end all of the disillusionment that is running around within the collective. There is a real spiritual war happening right now on Earth between unaware humans and the negative non-human beings that are controlling human consciousness. This is what this place is all about in general. There is nothing left to say other then; welcome to Energetic Earth – New Ascending Earth.

Like my introduction already states; I have decided to start this website for many reasons and because I did Volunteer to do this, the main one is to discuss my own journey through the natural Ascension and Evolutionary Processes. The most important thing that I want anyone reading this to know about me is that I am an energy signature and it just so happens that our very Earth carries its own energy signature too. Everything has a frequency and a natural energy to it, so like my title states in many ways I am Energetic Earth. I have been briefed by many in the higher dimensions prior to undertaking this current lifetime that I am living as this Michael aspect of me, it has not been very easy to get to this point in my life. There have been many people who have tried to prevent this from happening for me. We’re given opportunities to experience pain, suffering, and trauma in hopes that we work through it to become more aware of who we are. However, what I was briefed on and the information that I was given has not happened entirely as I would have expected. I have had to adapt to the terrain and adjust myself when something has gone terribly wrong, which has happened many times because of who I am as an Ascension Volunteer. 

I first physically activated to begin my Ascension Process within the Third Wave of Ascension Volunteers, within this first cycle of the Ascension Process that we are currently living in right now. This took place in March 2014. It has been five years since this happened and I have been re-learning all that I was briefed on, I have been working with Light Energy over these last five years through my body to help stabilize the Earth through these changes. This was what I probably was doing before my physical activation, I just wasn’t consciously aware of it and that is what happens when you come online. I have been privileged to work as an incarnated volunteer for the Divine in order to assist humanity, the Earth herself, as we experience these ongoing changes that are taking place at this time.

Welcome To Energetic Earth: About My Writing & What You Need To Know

There will be certain information that I will be writing about on Energetic Earth – New Ascending World, that has to do with my Ascension Process and how it all started for me. I did experience a spontaneous physical activation on March 1 2014 and I will be writing about that experience on here in depth. I will also be writing about how that happened for me and where that has taken me in these last five years and onward. There has been a small period of re-educating myself on many of my past life memories and experiences that I have become aware of that have formed me as an entity, these memories will be shared on this website as well. To help those understand that I am a small speck of consciousness just as much as all of you are and there is a story here that I will be unraveling article by article. I will be writing all about the Ascension Process of this physical Earth, as this is occurring in our world right now and I will help explain why all of these changes are unfolding. That also includes who is involved and why they are here helping to manifest what I and many other people are calling New Earth. 

Ever since I could remember; I have always been a highly sensitive child and that has become more noticeable as I have matured into an adult. This sensitivity has expanded even further from just people to our Earth and I feel everything that is happening through this body. I have been sensitive to Earth energies too. I have clairvoyant abilities and these abilities grew the more that I developed and this escalated when I physically activated. I embody light for the Divine Creator and I can pick up on multiple events that can happen. I have and work with my abilities at my own level of awareness, there are many other Ascension Volunteers who do understand higher concepts at their level of awareness better than I do. There is no need to compare and no-one is better than the other, we’ve all just mastered our own abilities and we do have specific areas in which we do excel in at those levels. Many Starseeds have returned back to Earth again to help contribute to the Ascension Process right now. I will have different categories that I plan on setting up on the right side of this site, my very first category is called Ascension Process & Body Changes. This category will showcase the generalized concepts about the Ascension Process, in order to help guide those new to the process and journey. Thank you for being here and being you right now as we transition into this NEW Earth.

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