A Divine Pause Is Now In Effect: My Physical Location Has Been Forced Into A Divine Pause.

A Divine Pause Is In Effect For Humanity

On March 17th, 2020, a state of emergency was declared by Priemer Doug Ford in the province of Ontario. This basically means that there are new policies that are going to be implemented due to SARS CoV-2. A lot of changes that are being enforced in my area, include restrictions of gatherings and commerce. There has never been anything like this in my lifetime, and for those of us in this area. I can’t ever remember the province of Ontario ever calling a state of emergency, except for the first SARS CoV-1 outbreak and a blackout event back in 2003. I know that this is going to get extremely challenging, for those LowCon people who are used to being out. 

As soon as I became aware of this declaration; I immediately realized exactly what this was. A Divine Pause. This divine pause is meant to stop humanity from doing exactly what they have done for their entire lives. I know many of them will not like it but forget the enforcement by government decree. That’s what they’re going to be outraged about, and there are reasons why this is happening now. It is becoming very clear that this is a global awakening event, and you cannot just have a global physical awakening event with mass humanity still running around doing whatever they like. Then think their bodies can handle it. This is not government ordered, make no mistake about it this is Divine Source ordering a pause. 

I have been aware for a while now that the world is currently split into two, one ascending earth world for human light beings and a second descending earth for lower habitual humans. It feels like such a long time that I have been existing in this ascending earth world, while I have had to constantly move myself back and forth between these worlds at times. It has been draining and it takes away from my life force, so imagine how elated I have been these last almost two months to no longer have to do that anymore. Also, it seems like this will be a similar event for those LowCon people in my area too. It is even more pleasing to realize that not only can I breathe easier, but even more now that the vast majority of people are being restricted from doing what has always been done. It means that I also don’t have to run into them while I’m out because it’s only for essential purposes. 

The more I thought about these sudden and new restrictions, the more it became a realization that this was a Divine Pause that was being ordered. It’s also not just in Ontario but in other places all around the world, and in some countries. It is a worldwide pause and it went into effect in December 2019. This has made it easier for me to understand exactly what is going on, in regard to cycle two of the ascension process. This is a completely different phase that we are transitioning into, and it also involves humanity on a much more personal level than it does the volunteers. We as volunteers carried cycle one of the ascension process, and we anchored it into earth through our broken backs. It seems like everything is going to change for everyone else now. They’re in this too now. I’m not so sure whether or not that they will be able to cope with it. Already there are tons of people who are pushing back on these restrictions, who don’t want them. This is not a government ordered pause, this is ascension cycle two and divine source ordered pause. 

What Is A Divine Pause

My conscious understanding of what a divine pause is, involves divine source itself. This pause that I am referring to entails a complete stop to the current world(s,) the ascending and descending worlds. The both of them. The reason behind this divine pause is for humanity, for both populations of both world(s,) to permanently stop doing what they are used to doing because we are entering a new phase in our evolution. It is an opportunity to assess, and an opportunity to correct ourselves and what we are doing, thinking, and how we are living. 

A Restriction On Energy Parasitism

All of my life I have never felt safe in this world. When the majority of the entire earth was living on old earth, with only a few volunteers scattered on new earth creating that world. It was difficult for me to find my footing in the world that is now the descending earth, because I never fit into that world. I grew up around certain kids that thought, behaved, lived, and understood only the lower primal aspects of what an earthly life could offer them. I was never focused on that. I remember being a young child feeling very isolated, and alone from a group of beings that I never felt were presently incarnated. It was a strange feeling to have, and there was an instant recognition that who I was referring to were not the same people that were around me. There was a specific longing to be with specific beings who I knew, and that it must have been a mistake that I was here. 

I never enjoyed growing up and having to deal with the rules, the expectations, the way of life, the brainwashing that took place at a young age, the roles that you were expected to play based on gender. There were so many things that I took issue with, and the worst part of all of this is that there was an energy exchange to these primal games. I never liked that my energy would sort of be fed off of, and I experienced that many times where there would be other’s that stole off of my energy. They sucked the very essence of my vitality, like it was ambrosia. I’ve experienced this as a child. Then I experienced this as a teen, then as a young adult as I moved around from job to job. It’s become a thing in our world where we use the talents and gifts of others to get ahead in life, and I have had many people do this very thing. Many people have also experienced this, and it is this Energy Parasitism that has caused a lot of disturbances for the world at large. That energy theft is another thing that divine source has put a pause on, and either you go within and learn to be a sovereign entity, or you’ll learn how hard it is when you have no one to steal energy off of. 

What is currently happening is going to remain in place for a long time, I would suggest that those of you in the collective who are not used to actually stopping and looking within yourself to actually start doing it. Find a way to be on your own and enjoy it, while also assessing your life right now. Remember this is not a government pause, this is A Divine Source Ordered Pause

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