The Incoming {2-22-22} Portal: A Initiation Of Divine Feminine As The Divine Sophia On New Earth.

Incoming {2-22-2022} Portal: The Initiation Of Divine Feminine As Divine Sophia, & Initiations Of Buried DNA Memories Within Humans.

If you don’t follow Solar activity, the sun, the cycles of the sun, what it goes through, and generally all the activity that it puts out on a daily basis. Then you have no idea how important the Sun is to the collective, how it influences humanity and the events we go through here on earth. The sun has been very busy this month, and of course this activity had to spike up during Aquarian season. More connection(s) will be made down below in the article about this. 

I have always felt everything and anything that the Sun has done. If it erupts or changes it’s cycles in anyway, I’ll always be quickly lead to find out certain information about it. I always have for years. I am sun sensitive – it basically means whatever it does I immediately feel it in my body. There are differences between feeling what the sun does and embodying some other specific energy. It feels much more intense, and usually I’ll get hit harder and faster. So, for me February 2022 has been very hard physically and of course there are reasons for this. 

February 2022 has just been massive. It has been quite an extraordinary month and as we move further into the Aquarian age. Further into life on NEW Earth. This is becoming more apparent to me. Before I begin; I have been very aware of the fact that many other Ascension writers are referencing the current gateway that has opened up for humanity. The 222 Gateway. I am very aware that this gateway has opened up, and I will be discussing the culmination to this gateway in a separate article very soon. The fact that the Sun is erupting almost daily, has me clearly understanding that this pivotal connection is undeniable. I always knew that more and more aspects, and layers, of Divine Feminine Mother would be anchoring down into physicality, but this month proves that Divine Feminine Mother has more of her layers that are slowly being implanted on earth right now. Which is basically what this gateway is about. 

These NEW layers of Divine Feminine Mother are reaching earth now, because people on NEW earth are ready for these next levels of Divine Mother. There will also be another important download of these NEW layers which will culminate on (2:22:2022.) Be very aware of this date and expect to get blasted, if your already not being blasted with these pivotal aspects of Mother.

Earlier, in my opening quote. I mentioned that there was a connection that I was planning on sharing, because it is important to state it now at this time. That connection just happens to be about the month of February and the Aquarian connection. As I have perceived things, Since we have entered Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process the months of February and August have been heavy energy focused. Since 2020 and onwards each February and August have been absolutely intense for me, now of course these are just based off of my own observations and personal experiences. I have noticed since transitioning into and then fully entering the current Aquarian Age, that these two months are always the busiest. It’s non-stop energy, energy, energies and I really feel more physically impacted in various ways then at any other time during the year. Especially, over these last two years. In the same breath; I could say the exact same thing when we were in the Piscean Age. It seemed like every March and September were always fully charged with energy, energy, energies. So, there seems to be a connection based off of the current age we’re living through. 

I FULLY expect that every single year from here on out, at around this time, that we’ll be dealing with heavier energies because we are in the Aquarian Age. The energy will be at it’s most natural here, and it’s unbelievable how much Aquarian themed issues are playing out in the collective. People wanting their rights and freedoms. People protesting. Hell, even in my own town that I live in, the current transit workers are on strike because they feel under – appreciated and want better pay for their role and service that they are playing. Aquarian themes are everywhere and this February is fully charged. 

Incoming {2-22-2022} Portal: Solar Activity Is Extremely High In February 2022.

Feb 6th – There was a Solar Flare that lasted three hours that erupted from the sun. A CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) was hurled and took three days to reach earth.

Feb 9thThe CME impact that left the sun on Feb 6th arrives on earth and hits earth’s magnetic field. 

Feb 11thAn interplanetary shock wave hits earth’s magnetic field. This was an unexpected event. It sparked geomagnetic storms. 

Feb 13thMultiple Solar Flares and CME’s erupt from the sun through every single current sunspots on the sun. A global eruption. 

Feb 14thAnother sunspot erupted on the sun today and this is separate from when it erupted the previous day. It produced an M.1 class Solar Flare.

Feb 15thAnother M1.3 class Solar Flare erupted on the sun again that was separate from every other day. 

This is a list that I’ve complied to show just how active the Sun has been this month and it’s only half way done. I had to quickly go back and check out how I felt during those days, and I remember vividly from the sixth through the the tenth I was struggling. On the eleventh, I spent the entire day in bed with anxiety and wanting to go back home to where I come from in the higher dimensions. The fourteenth and fifteenth; I had a few surprisingly pleasant days which caught me off guard. On a personal level, it was a mixture of good moments and anxiety ridden moments. If the past week-in-a-half has been unbearable for you, there is just a lot going on right now with the Sun, this gateway, the global awakening and living on NEW earth. 

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