The New Earth Is Arriving: As An Ascension Volunteer I Have Been Energetically Attacked For Years.

The New Earth Is Arriving: Energetically Attacked For Years As An Ascension Volunteer.

When I first started to activate as an Ascension Volunteer; I started to notice myself step into the early stages of New Earth. I did not know that I was moving into it’s frequency range at the time, throughout that whole experience there was a strange darkness that was constantly all around me and of course it was there to prevent me from fully stepping into my energy and potential. The one thing that I have learned at that time about this Earth is that when you start moving away from it’s 3D energy frequency, and into your own advanced energy, the dark ones will feel it and know when you are making that change. 

Since March 2014; I should start off by saying for the majority of my life as an Ascension Volunteer I have been a target. Things shifted to a new level after March 2014 because of my new role, and certain darker entities knew this. They knew I was here to help uplift the Earth with the other waves of Volunteers and that I was starting to consciously be aware of this work. The job has been exhausting and at other times it has been down right fun to write about ME and this Michael Aspect and what I am doing. 

There is an almost Alien-Like Innocence when you are in the process of shifting from one frequency to another within the next stage of your evolution; It can feel different from anything that you are used to. This is exactly like what I felt when I first physically activated to begin my own Ascension Process, but to awaken as a Starseed Ascension Volunteer. There is an innocence about leaving behind those aspects of yourself that were once so limiting, then seeing yourself and the world from a new viewpoint. It is so exciting. It is so NEW that it can feel overwhelming at times. Whether it is positive or negative in your interpretation, don’t fight that pull your spirit has to want to experience this advancement in your life to learn lessons and gather information at this next level. It is so necessary for your own growth and it is important that you understand how to step fully into your role as a Volunteer for the Ascension Process. 

This shift in your frequency will allow you to learn and incorporate these NEW lessons into your Template Design and it will modify who you are as a person. What I experienced with this was an immense change in my Energy – what I was holding within me finally got activated and it blew up in ways that I had no idea that it could. I reached a new phase and because I finally did that I became who I always had been, I was one step closer to being self-actualized. I experienced a lot of sudden and very new to me psychic phenomena around me which involved my energy field, I would trigger everything in sight and it didn’t matter where I was. It could have been just walking along the trails near where I lived, at the grocery store (where I would get zapped by everything), in various work places that I had and the interactions with people. I did seem to get triggered the most by animals and children, dogs specifically would just bark at me even when I wasn’t directly near them and Children always felt my energy even before I noticed them near me. There is never going to be the right kind of interaction with people and how they are going to react to you, everything that you experience you have to learn it by self teaching. Once the frequency shift has been made you’ll notice it straight away, because everything starts to unravel and you feel like your stepping out of a dream. What you have always known feels illusory in nature and now that you are finding yourself again it’s really wild all that you went through. 

The New Earth Is Arriving: The Attack Of Spirit & Negative Entities From 4D Realities.

As an Ascension Volunteer and Starseed: I am definitely not an earthling spirit and neither do I hold that kind of energy within this Michael design. I have come to this Earth many times and have many stories to share about living those lives in those Ancient Civilizations, this life involves me clearing karmic issues from all of those past lives. The one thing that I have had to deal with since awakening and remembering my Ascension Volunteer origins, is that my Energy Frequency is so elevated that I have everything coming out at me all of the time. I have had some of the most difficult experiences with all kinds of people for my entire life, even before I even knew I was a Starseed. I have been attacked for who I am as a third waver Ascension Volunteer, I have been (bullied, sexually harassed, made fun of, neglected, emotionally abused, energy drained, and the dark entities have come for me too.)  I won’t get into what I have seen Clairvoyantly because it is too exhausting just having to write about it, my intention also is not to scare those of you who are NEW to the journey. There will be other articles that are dedicated to the subject of Negative Entities.

These were very real experiences that I experienced when my frequency shifted and I started to awaken to all of this, I have been attacked energetically for years as and Ascension Volunteer by human beings and non-physical entities alike.

Important Energy Dates: The New Earth Will Manifest Faster.

The first half of 2019 has been absolutely exhausting, there are reasons for this and that is because New Earth is further manifesting and it is slowly revealing itself like an onion to humanity. Here is a list of Energy Activity that is coming up for the rest of this year and it will further shift the Ascension Volunteers into this New Earth reality.

  1. June 21st: The Summer Solstice – There always seems to be a download, new codes, light energies that enter earth at this time. 
  2. July 2nd: Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon – The first huge wave of energies during this half of the year, will make this day feel extremely heavy and the days prior to it and after it. 
  3. July 16/17th: Partial Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon – The second huge wave of energies during this half of the year, will make these specific days feel extremely heavy and the days prior to it and after it. 
  4. July 29th: Entering the Lionsgate Portal – This day will begin releasing new energies, codes, information, via the Sirian beings in connection to the Lionsgate Portal.
  5. Aug 1st: New Moon – This New Moon will usher the first waves of the energy from the Lion beings as they will send us there information and energy.
  6. Aug 8th: The Climax of Lionsgate Portal – This day will feel the heaviest in connection to the energies we receive via the Lionsgate portal.
  7. Aug 15th: Exiting The Lionsgate Portal – This day will feel very much like a slight shift in the atmosphere. We will be moving away and absorbing the energies of the Lionsgate.
  8. Aug 30th: New Moon/Important Shift – This day and the days leading up to this New Moon we will experience a shift in the lower realities and higher realities. New directions and timelines will open up. In preparation for the equinox and the final stretch which will end this Ascension cycle. 
  9. Sep 13th: Full Moon Shift/Shifting Into The Equinox Energies – This day will begin to usher in newer light energies, which we hadn’t felt all summer long and which those summer energies were preparing us for.
  10. Sep 23rd: The Fall Equinox – This day will feel the strongest and with these energies, it will really be some of the lightest ones that we have ever felt before.
  11. Oct 10th: The 10/10 Portal – This day will be heavy and more shifts will occur within the lower realities as we absorb higher light energy.
  12. Nov 11th: The 11/11 Portal – This will be another heavy day with more shifts happening globally as more higher light energies enter this planet.
  13. Dec 12th: The 12/12 Portal –  This is will be the final shift which will lead up to the Winter solstice and the end of the year Annular Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th. Which is going to be a massive time period and transition. As we exit the current cycle of the Ascension Process. 

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