The 3D Body Shifting Into 5D: A Few Ascension Symptoms While Living The Ascension Process.

The 3D Body Shifting Into 5D: Body Changes While On The Ascension Path.

Over these last few Ascension years; I’ve had to deal with a list full of physical body aches and pains brought on by increased light and energy integration. Over time, these energies have gotten easier to deal with. At other times, they have been even worse to deal with. Intensely painful. Down right embarrassing. Public and private. Personal and collective. They come in any way and in any manner. The energies also evolve and modify, which means they tend to feel different and extra painful the more advanced it feels. There have been many body changes that I have experienced these past years, and I thought it would be important to share some of these with other Starseeds, Ascension Volunteers and Regular Humans who are making the shift. 

It can be easy to go into fear and panic if you don’t know what you’re experiencing inside of your own body. I’ve had many of these similar experiences where constant fear has roamed, and not understanding the higher messages coming through has played on my mind in many ways. It all boils down to just trusting and feeling Evolution and the Ascension Process. I’m not saying it’s always easy. I am saying that it get’s easier the more you understand it and trust the process. At the end of the day each person will deal with these energies changing their body, in their own way and it all depends on how you view the changes going on for earth and humanity.

This specific article is another one of those articles that I have wanted to write about since I started this website. I just haven’t had the time until now to do so. I’ve wanted to get a complete list done that showcases all of the specific Body Changes that I have personally felt since becoming physically activated. I know that there are many people who are experiencing the same body symptoms of the Ascension and Evolutionary processes, and that the uncertainty of what it means is leading to confusion about what is going on in their bodies. Which is a normal reaction to have. There are four separate categories that I’ll be mentioning. These are: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. I have experienced a lot of other symptoms over the years, that were not based on a physical level as well. It’s the wide range of personal experiences beyond the physical, that have occurred just as much as the physical body modifications have. 

There are a number of reasons why you would be feeling any sort of way. There are hormonal changes, which do happen and are a normal part of the Ascension Process for both men and women. There are modifications to specific organs in the body, our glands, and the changes to our DNA. There is a lot going on, with every individual experiencing their own personal body changes. Most people tend to feel the same similar ones. Experience the same emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. There are many people who are not even embodying these energies, light codes, and or having their body experiencing these changes. Not everyone is meant to do this kind of work. I do need to mention that having a disease, cancer, is not the same as being activated to physically embody these energies. This is something that can happen, but it is something that should be seen by a medical professional to be diagnosed and treated. It may even need to be surgically removed.

Physical Symptoms

Hearing Inaudible Ear Ringing: It’s not been uncommon for me to hear a lot of clicking, hearing sounds, tones, buzzing, humming, rhythmic patterns of unusual music that sounds otherworldly. Many times, these are just sounds coming from 5D, 6D, 7D and 9th dimensions. A lot of these sounds are also coming from the earth. 

Head Pressures and Pains: It’s happened for me over the years and it can be a wide range of slight, to, major head pressure and pains. At times it can be from the top of one’s head, into the sides and all the way down in your neck. It can be all over, or, in one isolated area. It isn’t constantly. If you feel this constantly then it is best to get it checked out.

Eye Sensitivity and Soreness: It’s happened a lot where my eyes were very sensitive to light, to the sun, and generally it will get extremely sore when I am embodying light. It’ll move from the top of my head into my face and into my eyes. Which then makes it become extremely sensitive. 

Weight Changes: This has happened to me on/off for quite a while now. Where I have gained and gained weight and could not take it off, despite putting in the effort into losing it. I’ve also lost weight without really doing much about it either. Changing hormones and embodying more than usual contribute to this. The thyroid is most likely making necessary changes to your body. 

Clairvoyantly Seeing Light Energy: This has been happening for a few years now. This has to do with the changes in our vision and how are eyes are changing in order to view these energies. I noticed that my eyesight changed when my physical activation began, to the point where I could see a lot of patterns, shapes, lights, orbs, energies that I had never seen before. 

Changes In Body Temperature: This has happened since the very beginning. This has to do with hormonal changes and thyroid changes, also this happens when we are embodying new energies and especially from the sun. I’ve experienced heat and cold intolerance’s, for long and short periods of time. Many times, Kundalini rising experiences can happen and body temperatures can change. You sweat more. You feel something opening up in your spine. 

Unexplained Pains In Body Parts: This has been the most frustrating of symptoms, because for many years there have been specific body parts that have suddenly exploded with intense physical pain. They don’t last very long, but you can feel that there is a shift and modification going on in that area, or, that side of your body. 

Increased/Decreased Appetite: There have been periods where I have needed food, meat, protein and certain specific vitamin based foods at certain periods. I have eaten a lot. A lot of meat. A lot of protein. A lot of fish. These periods of increased appetite is normal especially after a period of heavy embodying has happened. I also have felt a decrease in my appetite, usually when I am embodying and I don’t feel up to eating very much, or, my body will not allow me.

Working While Dreaming: This specific symptom tends to happen when our bodies are shut down and off. However, there always seems to be work that we are doing while we sleep. I have traveled a lot during my out of body time. I am always, and the thing’s that we release and work on during those times can be non-stop. I have had periods where this has gone on night after night. Because, I’m just not doing it enough in my waking life. 

Emotional Symptoms

Extreme Emotional Sensitivity: Over these last few years; I have experienced an extreme sensitivity to my own emotions and the emotions of other people. This can also be because you are feeling everything that everyone else is feeling, as well as, your own personal stuff. It can be a difficult path and it plays havoc with our emotions and our emotional state.

Unexplained Bursts of Weeping: This one caught me off guard when it happened a few years ago. I have been experiencing more moments where I burst into tears. It can be random at times. It can be about anything. It can be about all the horrible thing’s going on and all the good. It can even be about needing to release what tends to get held inside. This is not an uncommon emotional symptom while living the Ascension Process. 

Feeling Extreme Highs and Lows: This one tends to happen quite frequently. I have experienced both highs and lows with my emotions on my specific path. It happens when my body is embodying. It happens when I feel like I know thing’s and I cannot express them. It happens because there is stress related to life and the path. It is a very common emotional symptom and most people experience this while on the path. 

Unexplained Bursts of Anger: This one surprised me. It might also surprise you to know, that feeling angry is a normal emotional symptom while living the Ascension Process. I have been angry for years and I never understood why. Until I did. I was angry that I returned back here physically incarnated again. I was angry that some thing’s have not changed. Angry about feeling the way that I do sometimes. Angry with the way the world is. This is an extremely normal emotional symptom. 

Emotionally Mourning The Loss of Everything: This one is never easy. Immediately after physically activating to begin my Ascension Process, as the months and years passed by. I began to mourn all the people, the thing’s and the places that I lost. I still do at times and several years later. This is an extremely common emotional symptom. You need to re-live in order to release and fully move on. 

Spiraling from Hope Into Despair: I never liked this one. It’s very common to be fine one minute and hopeful, then after becoming triggered to spiral out of control. This has happened to me emotionally often, I have had to learn to acknowledge the emotions and what triggered me. Deal with it, or, re-deal with it and move back up and into a more focused mindset.

Hating and Loving Everyone and Everything: There is a love/hate relationship with existing on this plane of existence. I have experienced this emotional symptom for years. I have moments where I love it here and people and then I hate it and all people. I feel disgusted by humanity. I also feel, tremendous love for humanity. It usually happens and it is a very normal emotional symptom to be feeling.

Mental Symptoms

Feeling Unbalanced: There have been times since awakening where I have felt unbalanced. I’ve thought that knowing what I know and experiencing what I experience, made me feel insane and crazy. The truth is that I’m not and no one who is on the path is. It’s just how you’re made to feel. This is one of the worst symptoms and at times it can be worse than anything that I am going through physically. 

Dealing With Depression: Depression and being in those depressive states of being. It will happen to you while on the path at some point. I have been through small and long periods of depression. It sucks. It hurts. It also allows you to experience everything and at certain moments you will be called on to experience this. It can be your own personal emotional depression, or, it can be that you are feeling everyone’s else’s emotions. Personal depression. Collective depression, because you are picking up on all of them. It’s not a nice mental symptom to experience.

Dealing With Anxiety: I have dealt with moments of anxiety. It flat out sucks. I find that it can come out of no where and it happens when the energies are climaxing. Like an eclipse or a specific portal opening is releasing waves of light. I get anxious. I’ll get shaky. I get into a fight or flight mindset. Thing’s can be very stressful and I’ll feel pressure. It’s not a good mental symptom. 

Experiencing Fear and Panic Attacks: I’ve had multiple panic attacks before I physically awakened and after I have. I still get them from time to time. However, it’s not my biggest issue. Some people it happens almost daily. I noticed just before I had a panic attack, that there was something, that I was thinking about that made me feel afraid. The fear of that person, or event, that specific thing. It was like a trigger. 

Reliving Traumatic Experiences: I hate this mental symptom. PTSD. Anyone who is a Light Worker, ultra sensitive, a Seer, a Blue Ray, who embodies light energy and who is on the Ascension path. You have experienced this. You have re-lived your worst of worst moments. You have had to transmute it. You have had to deal with all of those negative, abusive, experiences with other people. It’s awful. It’s one of the worsts.

Feeling Stressed Out: Stress is something that all people have felt and will feel in their lifetime. I’m not sure if it is a sign that you are on the path, I added it to the mental symptoms list, because I have felt extreme stress, when I first awakened and even afterwards. The kind of stress that I mean is knowing what I know and having to stay silent about it, feel it, know it and not have many people understand it. 

Paranoia On The Path: This one is another one that I’ve disliked. Living the Ascension Process makes you paranoid. I wish it didn’t, but it does. I have experienced this myself and I know people who have towards me. The negative aspects of being awake and aware makes me paranoid. Whether I can fully trust people makes me paranoid. My experiences make me paranoid. I’ve had to work hard at toning it down. It still happens time and time again. I work on it as much as I can. 

Feeling Afraid Of Your Own Feeling’s: Another scary mental symptom is when you start to think about how afraid you are, in regards to your feeling’s. I have found it hard to reconcile at times, the way in which I think, my thought patterns, and whether certain thing’s that I think, I should really be feeling that way about. Even my emotions, like I am afraid to be angry or feel stressed out, when there is nothing really that should be making me feel that way. It is a very confusing symptom.

Dealing With Gas Lighting: I have experienced Gas lighting many times. I know people who have experienced this many times as well. It can be scary. It can be confusing. It can drive you almost to the brink of insanity. It can make you second guess certain aspects of reality that you know to be true. The worst part about it is, that it’s happening with certain people that you know or thought you knew. It is designed to drive a person to the brink of madness. 

Spiritual Symptoms

Feeling More Connected: One of the best symptoms and changes that I have experienced, when it happens on those rare days. Is how much of a connection you can feel with the world and all living thing’s. I don’t have a long stretch of time when it does happen, but when you feel so close to and connected with everything. There is a sense of having made it to living and breathing in the new 5D earth world. There is nothing like it. Feeling that feeling, is indescribable. 

Feeling Something Shifting Internally: When I physically awakened, something internally shifted for me. I felt this shift inside my body. In my spirit and it happened for all of my other aspects and higher self. It’s the shift the spirit makes, when it knows that it is ready to expand and go beyond itself. Those of us who have been physically activated, we know this and we all felt that shift within us.

Understanding Yourself Much More: When I awakened I came to a realization that what I thought I knew about myself, I didn’t really know and fully understand. The truth is, I didn’t know myself at all. Over these past few years, that is when I really started to get to know myself better. Even today, I still don’t know ME yet. There is so much more of ME left to know. This is a great spiritual symptom. You begin to want to know more about yourself. 

Meeting Spirit Guides Or Communing: There was much more that was beyond my ability to comprehend. My ability to speak to and know other aspects of me, my higher self, my spirit guides (who are other parts of myself.) Being able to finally communicate with them, was a huge spiritual change and symptom. 

Meeting Your Higher Selves: I had a foolish notion that I was the only part of me, that there was prior to awakening. I got that wrong. There are multiple aspects of ME, and multiple ME’s in general. I slowly became acquainted with these other parts of me, that I had not remembered and then it became clear to me that they were ME. It’s a really great symptom to experience and change due to living The Ascension Process. 

Feeling Negative Attacks: This symptom and change due to The Ascension Process is not fun. I understand that some people do not believe in negative entities and demons, that is their prerogative. They can believe what they want, I have had to many unpleasant experiences with the negative beings to know them to be real and true. I have been attacked physically. I have been attacked in dreams. I have had scratch marks all over my body from them. I have felt their presence. I have had telepathic death threats by them. They have possessed and used certain family members in my family. This is not my favorite spiritual symptom. However, I try my best to deal with it because I know I will be attacked for doing what I do. 

Understanding Your Purpose: Understanding what your here to do is an important part of life. It is one of the best spiritual symptoms and changes that you can experience while living The Ascension Process. When I awakened, I began to learn what this purpose was and while being a light worker has not been easy and or fun. I have understood myself more and what I am meant to do here. I am here to hold light. I am here to help bring forth the new 5D earth. 

I know that it seems like a lot of symptoms to read through, but, I wanted the list to be as extensive as I could make it. There are all sorts of changes and symptoms associated with The Ascension Process and if you can believe it, there were more that I left out. It isn’t just a physical process. It is a process where all of our faculties are used, changed, and re-wired. There are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms, which many people experience once their body begins these changes, from 3D Carbon based to Crystalline 5D light beings.

This is an extensive list of symptoms and body changes that occur when we are embodying, take as much time to read through all of them. Some of them can be spot on for you, other’s may not be and that is okay. The whole entire point of this article is to educate people, on the specific changes to our system that is ongoing at this time. Always, check yourself out with a professional if you do not feel well. If specific symptoms last for days and weeks on end, you cannot and should not ignore it because the body is trying to tell you something. Take care of your body and your mind. This is not an easy time to be alive and in this earth world. We’re all here to help one another and be of service to each other, so be kind to other’s and to yourself. 

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