The 3D Planet Earth: The Realm Of Evolutionary Lessons Where The Earthling Species Reside.

The 3D Planet Earth: Earth Is Morphing Into A 5D Frequency World.

The thing about being a Starseed is that it isn’t just a title; I have a lot of memories about my own Home Dimension and this knowledge that I took with me to Earth is important right now. I know who I am and what I need to do here, and a big part of my own mission is to help other Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers know more about what their own specific mission is. I do this just by writing about ME as this Michael aspect in this life and on this earth and what I am experiencing. The ancient knowledge that I carry within me has to do with where I come from, because home dimension is so connected to this little Earth. It is so connected that many Earthlings actually visit the Pleiades often and it is a central hub for those who want to learn, we have young and old dimensional beings of any status that arrive to learn about the many ancient civilizations that we have taken part of. That includes the many that we have been apart of on Earth too! 

This 3D Planet Earth is one of the lowest vibrating ones that exists and there are reasons for that, this is a planet where the evolutionary school is in progress and there are many who have come here to learn all kinds of lessons. There are Ascension Volunteers who have been trying to get this information out and who have been doing this for years, we also have lessons to learn here and it isn’t just that we came here to help the Earth ascend. We have our own lessons to learn about descending into a world filled with people who are Earthlings. We are here to learn how to navigate ourselves through polarizing energies, many of us vibrate at a much higher energy octave and struggle with those Earthlings that are violent and aggressive. Starseeds in general are specifically here to learn how to navigate themselves through polarity. 

As an Ascension Volunteer; I know what I have always been doing here in this life to a certain extent. I have been called to assist in the Ascension of this Earth. While that sounds wonderful it hasn’t always been easy for me and neither has it been fun when you’ve been dropped down into a very hostile environment, while I knew what I was signing up for because this is definitely NOT the first time that I have dropped my Energy Signature into this Earth. It was a difficult decision for me to choose to come back here, I am very familiar with how high energy people get treated here and I did not want to get treated like that again. I also knew how women got treated and so I didn’t want to come back into a female body, despite holding a very feminine energy which I relate to very well. I chose a male body this time and not a perfect one because I needed to distance myself from earlier experiences that I had in other lives, I needed to really focus on figuring out what my mission was and to awaken to my own power in this life. I needed to be the creative force that would help awaken the New Earth. 

The 3D Planet Earth: is the lowest Earth reality that there is and Earthlings are the lowest life forms in the universe. I am well aware of this and there are other Earth planets just like this one in other universes and galaxies, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I do have a lot of mixed emotions when it comes to people on this Earth, those who do not identify as an Ascension Volunteer or Starseed. It is not difficult to find compassion for them because they are all enslaved to their bodies and their own experiences, when they act energetically unhinged I am repulsed by their inability to know what to do with themselves in the moment. I have had wonderful encounters with many people; I have also had to be that one entity who actually helped and listened to certain people in their time of need. I have been guided to help so many in my life and to do work to help them, that doesn’t mean my energy matched their’s. I have had people blatantly ignore me after I have told them how to approach a situation when they asked, because they chose to ignore me. I have had people just interject themselves into my life to try and help me when I didn’t need it. I have had to get away from certain people because they were running around me and my energy, trying to just be near me and doing all kinds of thing’s that were highly inappropriate. I have had mixed experiences with Earthlings and those who are only Earthlings of this Earth, but there are lessons like I said for me in navigating myself through polarity. I know that many other Starseeds have also experienced this and your lessons are to also learn to navigate through polarity. 

The 3D Planet Earth: The Earthlings & The Realm Of Evolutionary Lessons.

The Earthling Spirits of this planet are called Human Beings and while that sounds technical I have always found it very fitting to refer to them as Earthlings. They are the habitants of this Earth and their spirit and energy always comes in again and again, they belong strictly here and are part of the evolutionary school that caters to their specific needs. I am not saying that Earthling Spirits cannot go to other realms to learn and explore, many do and have done this. They usually preoccupy themselves with this Earth realm and have repeated lessons to learn until they become mastered, which means that they can move onwards to guide certain other young Earthling spirits in the future. If that option to be a guide is not of interest, once mastered they can also choose to leave this Earth and have more advanced experiences on other Earth planets. They can even choose to have advanced experiences on star clusters and in other parts of the universe if they want. The main purpose for Earthlings is to learn and experience all that they can on this Earth, and it is not the same experience for Starseeds who come in from their Home Dimension or Star cluster. 

My experiences as a Starseed On This Earth are vastly different than the ones that Earthlings are here for. Starseeds and Galactic travelers will usually come in when the Earth needs to be uplifted, during times where we transition from one astrological age to the next. We are not specifically here to involve ourselves with difficult family dynamics, (which is ironic considering we enter into some of the darkest families.) Many Starseeds don’t like the idea of having their own children or getting married, that only depends if you have a contract that states you will and the child will be from the same Star Cluster or Dimension as you are. This usually involves an Earthling and the child will most always look like the real father, in many cases the unborn Starseed agrees to look more like the Earthling father to ward off any kind of suspicion that it is not an Earthling too! Starseeds are much more preoccupied with the Ascension of Earth, holding the vibration for Earth, and working with Starseed Light Codes. The work is very different and the lessons are extremely different, but navigating one self through the planet where Earthlings reside is part of what we need to learn. We also need to learn how to help Earthlings as they also evolve beyond themselves too, the future of this Earth will be and feel vastly different than what it looks like now. The hardest part will be getting this Earth and Earthling Spirits to that future. 

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