Starseed Learns How To Navigate Polarity: Dark Encounters While Living The Ascension Process.

A Starseed Navigating Polarity: Learning How To Navigate Polarity As A Starseed.

As  an Ascension Volunteer for the Ascension Process; I knew that there would be some not so wonderful experiences, that I would have because I agreed to be here as Earth begins the energy transformation. I know that home dimension is not this Earth reality, and neither does it feel negative where I originally come from. There are many Starseeds who arrive on Earth and (some for the first time,) who are almost in a state of shock at how negative it feels compared to their home dimension. I have not experienced this aspect of Polarity Shock Syndrome as I have already been here many times and I knew relatively well what this place felt like. It is appalling to me how negative it still feels since living my other lifetimes, it never did start out this way. The Earth was once part of a collection of advanced Ancient Civilizations that many Starseeds and advanced beings took part in creating. Myself included – which is why for me navigating myself through Polarity by returning to a much lower vibrating planet was easy for me. 

As an Ascension Volunteer your job and mission is to understand how to navigate yourself safely through Polarity. There are plenty of other lessons that Starseeds are here to learn, many of them involve lessons through the experience of polarizing energies. This article needs to be written now by me as many Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers are coming online, who are having these experiences with Polarity within the Earth right now as it makes the frequency shift.

I decided to start another category here at Energetic Earth: New Ascending World and it is specifically for material that deals with the darker side of the experience. It is called Negative Entities, Demons & E.T Beings. I do not plan on writing too many articles with this content and the most important one just happens to be that it hits very close to home for me. The negative LowCon people and dealing with Negative alien beings. Multiple attacks against me and other Starseeds like me by them. It all sort of brings on memories that I would rather not think about. At times it won’t be appropriate to write about these subjects and at other times, it won’t be safe to share what I need to. However, there should be some articles along the way that can help those make sense of these beings, both human and non-human. Information about the specific level they’re at and the realities they live in. Also, what their agenda is all about and what is going on with all of these dark encounters.

I feel like now is the right time to talk a little bit about some of the experiences that I have had as a Starseed in Navigating My Way Through Polarity. I have had many encounters that have been very dark in nature, and that have involved LowCon people and non-physical Negative Entities. This is something that I still have not gotten used to and it seems to have gotten worse in the 21st century, as there is a higher population of people here now than ever before who are easily influenced by lower energy transmissions. There is no right or wrong with how anybody chooses to live their current life, and what level that they are on in order to experience growth. This is a school for lessons after all and the intention is to not mock anyone who seems more easily influenced energetically, this is strictly lessons that I need to share because they are also apart of my own lessons and yours too! Most of the lessons that I have learned as a Starseed but as a human being, was understanding how to navigate myself through endless amounts of people who held onto different energies. All of my encounters with those who are more darker by nature have been exhausting, they were lessons that I learned that involved those people specifically. I would not have learned them and how to face polarity without experiencing that from them. It is a huge part of learning how to Navigate oneself through polarity and polarizing energies.

A Starseed Navigating Polarity: How I Learned To Navigate Polarity & Focus On Triunity Living.

Over the years; I have had some unpleasant Dark Experiences which involve many human and non-human beings. I am still a magnet for these experiences and for who provides them to me. They have tried too many times to prevent me from figuring out what my mission and my purpose was in this life. When I was awakened to begin my Starseed and Ascension Volunteer assignments, they then created nothing but chaos for me and tried to prevent me from knowing who they were even. When I was younger and aware of my ability to psychically sense (people, things, objects, situations,) they created nothing but disharmony within my family dynamics, family dramas, fears, religious beliefs and issues with all the major key players within my family members and the roles that they would play. Needless to say they were there every step of the way, in order to make sure that they prevented me from doing what I needed to do. Which was to begin my own Ascension Process and embody all that I could and help create New Earth in the process.

I’m not saying that these kind’s of beings, these unnatural attacks, random out of control situations, over the top drama infused events have always happened for me all of my entire life. They have happened at specific points, during important moments of my personal evolution. If it has happened for you, like it has for me and you have experienced all that I have, or, maybe even more. Then understand this to mean it is an attack on you for who you are, an attack on you for what you are currently doing, or, what you will eventually do. Understand, that this is an attack on who you are to prevent you from being the light, embodying the light, and merging with all your ancient Starseed knowledge. A way to dis-connect you from your higher self and the power that you have to create New Earth For New Humans. In other words this is an attack against you and your consciousness, in order to prevent you from re-aligning with the god consciousness and beginning your physical and spiritual Ascension Process. 

The entire point of even writing this article is to inform people, who are aware, or, who are in that middle-place, where they are starting to become aware of a lot more thing’s around them. It’s a way of helping other’s identify people and non-human beings who may be near you. Meaning, that certain people in our world are not aware of themselves. They are not aware that they are easily accessed by these non-human negative beings and alien beings. These human beings also willingly help these negative non-human beings and negative alien beings. They aren’t even aware of themselves half of the time, if not, their own actions a good majority of the time. This means that they are under the influence of a Negative Transmission.

How I learned to Navigate Myself Through Polarity was to first realize that it indeed exists, we know that there are billions of people who hold a very different level of energy. These billions of people will clash with each other and they will clash with who you are for being a Starseed or Ascension Volunteer. The second thing that I realized was that in order to learn to navigate through polarity; I had to see it completely for what it really was, (an opportunity to learn lessons from a different vibrational energy to your own.) It did not make me feel at ease and I still do not feel that way, I’m less likely to be petrified when someone who carries chaotic energy within themselves comes near me. Although, it still impacts me during certain moments. The third lesson that I have learned is that you do not need to focus on it so much, even during key moments where you can feel it from which ever direction. As a higher vibrating being you can choose to ignore it and to move further away from it, it has helped to feel it and ignore it while stepping away from further future interactions. It will always be an aspect of our lessons as Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers, however we do have the power to handle it in the best way we see fit and sometimes it will not always be the same on any given day.

A Starseed Navigating Polarity: Different Forms Of Abuse That Ascension Volunteers Experience

I know that this all sounds like I am going into a strange place unnoted. However, as strongly as you might disagree with me. I have experienced this myself. I have seen unaware people separately, and collectively, suddenly become activated in a negative way. They have suddenly become Consciously Hijacked, through some negative transmission by negative beings in order to interfere with Starseed and Ascension Volunteer missions. This is all to prevent any kind of progress from being made in the manifestation of New Earth. These are just some of the specific ways that I have been attacked, how I have been spoken to, as well as, some of the thing’s that have been done to me by human and non-human beings throughout the years. 

Sexual Harassment: I have been sexually harassed many times in this lifetime. (Which were all by men and I am male in this lifetime.) The stranger thing was that they were supposedly straight males, which confused me even more, or, they claimed that they were. I have heard some interestingly inappropriate thing’s about me, and I have been told thing’s to my face that were flat out lies. I was once told I slept with my male boss for a t-shirt. Some, of these human males that I have worked with would openly boast about how I wanted to be with them. Which I never did. I once had a lower disharmonious, negatively used male, who put pornographic photos in my personal files at work, while I was being transferred to a new location. I have dealt with sexual harassment and unfortunately this will happen, especially if your on this process. Sexual abuse can happen as well, and that happens when someone not only is disharmonious but who abuses the purpose of their sexual energy and the body of another person. It creates trauma, fear, and physical pain. Which is it’s intended purpose.

I’ve never really been bothered by what people say. I have handled such events by clearly stating my dislike, and complaining loudly. However, most times no one really cares. I have always discerned, trusted my gut, stayed away from such people, and protected my self as much as much as I could. Which also includes not taking those specific comments to heart, or, even let them pass my spiritual shield. Rise above it. 

Gas Lighting: I have experienced gas lighting once or twice since my physical awakening. The one time that I experienced it the person made me feel like I was crazy and that I was going insane. The person made me think I was living in a completely different reality than they were. Also, they managed to twist thing’s around on me to try and make me believe that I was doing something that I never was. That my own life experiences were not my own but someone else’s. The entire event really made it so difficult for me to function properly, because it is an attack on you and your energy signature. 

I spent about a week in bed. Crying. In psychic distress and it really effected me greatly. It brought up a lot of issues for me. The only way that I could deal with it was to move on as quickly as I could, and if your experiencing this too. Quickly moving out of the distress and pain on an emotional level is really important. 

Fear Mongering: I have experienced this many times and so has almost everybody in the entire world. Fear mongering, is when another person says, does, anything to you that is intended to make you feel afraid, or, place fear in your mind. I have had death threats. I have had family drama occur. I have been yelled at and screamed at, we all go through these various forms of fear mongering, The best way that I have handled this, was to always get away as quickly from the person or the thing that was producing those kinds of emotions within me. 

Verbal Abuse But Never PhysicalMost people have experienced verbal abuse all around the world. The need to dis-empower someone else through words is a common theme among those who are in such disharmony. Whether it is towards a person, specific gender, a group, place, or even, to just put someone down and drive them absolutely insane. I have experienced verbal abuse before many times and I have always dealt with it by not allowing that kind of negative attack effect me. At times, it has and I have felt the attack greatly and deeply within my aura. 

I have never experienced physical abuse by anyone, not man or woman, not family member and I can say that I have been lucky on that level. Some people are not so lucky. A lot of other people do become victims of abuse and when your on the Ascension path, it becomes more prevalent, especially, when your aware and your involved with people who are not. It is one of the hardest things to deal with, it is designed to make you feel like you are powerless, to dis-empower you and it is designed to make you think that the person can control you, and most importantly it can set a chain of fear based emotions that can be hard to deal with. 

Brief Possession and Full Possession: I have experienced many attacks against me through, non-human beings using unaware people to get to me. The sexual harassment, gas lighting, fear mongering, and verbal abuse wasn’t enough. They resort to this to inflict more pain, fear, annoyances, attacks on me as I live out my journey through using LowCon people. This has been one of the most prevalent attacks that I have experienced, it’s something that I’m used to, but, that I am never really used to experiencing.

I’ve had brief experiences with people who get possessed, where specific non-human negative entities have sort of come through that person. I’ve had full on experiences with people who are completely taken over. Where they have no idea that they are being possessed and taken over. In many cases, these people who are full on possessed have fully agreed to allow the entity to take over them. Either way, whether it’s brief and or full on. It’s scary. 

Negative Transmissions: I have had experiences where other people, family members, have been affected by negative transmissions. What is a negative transmission? It is a negative signal sent from non-human beings and entities, to specific unaware people, family members, friends, in order to get to you.

As we grow we leave certain levels and beings behind, because those entities and beings are no longer in your immediate field. They tend to use those who might be in your field of range. I’ve had no successful way of dealing with this, because it happens so suddenly and when it’s certain family members you sort have to just keep your distance. These specific transmissions always make me feel weak, sick and I have to retreat in order to survive it.

If you are struggling with any of these Different Forms of Abuse from unaware people, family, friend’s, neighbors and non-human negative entities. Know that it’s because you have begun your Ascension Process and while these people do not know it, those non-human entities do. I have had endless encounters with: (Demons, entities, shadows beings, unaware people,) that have all targeted me. If you are experiencing this than you are most likely a Starseed or an Ascension Volunteer who is here to help create New Earth and manifest it. Learn how to navigate yourself through Polarity as how you learn to do this, will make your job so much easier and it is imperative to your mission on Earth right now. 

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