Important Geometric Light Code: Light Code Morphogenesis As We Create New Earth.

Light Code Morphogenesis: Light Codes Change As We Create New Earth & The Information That They Hold.

When I first agreed to step into my role as an Ascension Volunteer; I knew there were certain aspects of my job that I would need to study before I incarnated on Earth. I agreed to be an Ascension Volunteer and that meant that I would have a very different job than the majority of the Earthling population. Most people agree to start a family and have children of their own, I agreed to be here to strictly work with Energy and to help raise the energy vibration of this Earth. I was never meant to work directly with family dynamics in this life and neither would I want to contribute to the massive population already here. I have had plenty of those lives in Ancient Civilizations with the being that I work with closely for those lessons, so I knew what the mission was and I studied that prior to coming into this life as this Michael aspect. 

As a Starseed from the Pleiades; I knew this Earth well enough already and the many times that I have been here were a mixture of wonderful and disturbing as each age came around. The one familiar part of my job that I remember from having certain lives, dealt with me working very closely with Light Codes. To be much more specific: I had studied working with Pleiadian Light Codes but utilizing them on this Earth. That was part of my studies and a part of my mission would be to work with these Light codes, to embody them and to write about them in my writing. 

All throughout 2019 so far; I have perceived that New Earth is manifesting faster than ever before. I have not felt this way in prior years as we have been building up to it, ever since we entered the month of May it has become more prominent on a physical level. All of the Ascension Volunteers have been working hard to create the Grid Lines that have now been weaved into the former Earth world, for the New Earth Light Codes and Higher Dimensional energies to enter into. This has involved dismantling of old timelines on both the 3D Earth and in 4D Astral Plane, as you feel this happening you will notice more chaotic energies untangle itself from the body of this Earth. The separation of worlds has grown to unseen levels and layers within the collective, where many people are not developing fast enough with the information that is being downloaded into the Earth Template. This is causing stagnation within the current population, disease, instability, and the inability to control ones own state of mind. The faster and sooner that New Earth begins to manifest into reality, the more those who are not in alignment will never understand the true origins of this Earth and the ancient knowledge that we carry within our DNA. 

I have been experiencing some really different kinds of energies this month and they have been interacting with my physical body in different ways. There have been many shapes and forms that have been coming out at me recently, I have been viewing these Light Codes In Clairvoyant Real Time. When I view Light Codes I can see them Clairvoyantly and they enter the Earth and at times I have seen them come into my mind. The current codes that I have seen do look exactly like the three images that I posted, two regular images and one an animated one. These were the closest images to what I had clairvoyantly seen coming into the Earth at this current moment in time. 

Light Code Morphogenesis: New Pentagonal & Triangle Light Codes & The Information They Carry In Their Makeup.

These two image(s) and the one animated one that I laid out just above this, are so close to the energies that are coming in for May 2019. I wanted to get an animated gif because I do prefer those, as they give you the reader a better understanding of what I am seeing. What the light codes look like through animated movement. They also give you a better understanding of what I have been embodying into my physical self, along with what I see and feel all around me. However, I could only find one. I don’t always find what I am looking for and pictures are my only option. These two images are very close though. They do show the actual shape of the Pentagonal Light Codes, but those colors that I saw were brighter and more pastel colored. These are what I am calling them though, because these are the shapes that I have been seeing with these light codes. I have also seen Triangle Light Codes, these always look a little bit sharper and with a razor like edge to them. It is all new and sometimes I don’t know how to describe what I see all of the time with this. At times the entire picture never comes in. Also, some shapes and form(s) are not humanly known or seen. It can be hard to explain what other people have never seen as well. It makes it a little bit more difficult. 

Sometimes, these Pentagonal Light Codes and Triangle Light Codes just come in as the shape and at times just the bright white light as well. They look more sharper, and the shape has changed, from the six-sided Hexagonal Light Codes that I saw earlier this year that we received back in March. The three-sided top aspect looks more pointed and sharper at the edges. While the two-sided bottom part is less sharp and less pointed. 

In May 2019; I have experienced new energies and aside from watching people move in their specified directions, as well as, seeing the many different realities and lower timelines die right off. I have also been seeing, hearing, breathing in, and embodying new light energies and codes that look different from when they did in March. This isn’t the first time that I have seen and felt that the energies have changed shape or form. I’ve experienced this before and in part it has to do with how the energies are not only evolving us, but, that the energies are literally changing their very own forms. They do change into a higher form of themselves much like what we do. So, if Light energy changes its forms… do you understand, how we also then begin to change ourselves, our forms, our consciousness, and evolve into greater beings by embodying these Light codes. This is called Light Morphogenesis:

Morphogenesis: is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its very own shape. It’s one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology, along with the ability to control cell growth and cellular differentiation, unified in evolutionary developmental biology.

Light Morphogenesis: to make a very long and complicated process even shorter and easier to understand. Light Morphogensis is when a structure or form changes and modifies its own shape.

This is what light energy is doing in 2019. As a Starseed I work closely with all of these Light Codes and it is on a physical level, these Light Codes do work with the Earth in manifesting higher vibrations. The most important part is that it helps to manifest New Earth where Earthlings can evolve at a much higher pace. The evolution of Light codes does happen as well and it is apart of the Earth changes that are happening right now, this process is called Light Morphogensis and it is the evolutionary process at work.  

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