Ancient Atlantis Timeline Work: A Few Atlantis Timelines That Have Been Closed Permanently.

Ancient Atlantis Timeline Work: Closing Old Timelines From The Earth Blueprint.

There have been countless moments in my early life where I was doing serious energy work as a very young Ascension Volunteer and not even realize that I was doing this at the time it was happening. This is typical of any Ascension Volunteer because we come here to clear up as much residual energy that we left behind when we first came here initially,  we have to take personal responsibility for what we have done and what was put out there. It does not matter if it was in another lifetime within another timeline, that energy in that location needs to be cleaned up for the whole of the world. I was responsible for that and whether or not it was a good life or a bad life, that is still there to be cleared and sent to Divine source for good and to never be felt again.  

I experienced this ancient energy clearing on multiple occasions when I was a young Ascension Volunteer in this life, the most important ones for me were the two Atlantis lifetimes that I have energetically cleared up and closed permanently. I do have complete awareness of both these Atlantis lifetimes and who I was and what I did experience in both of those lifetimes. This specific ancient energy clearing took place for me in September 2004 and it was one of the most positive ones that I cleared. There was a peacefulness to it and a harmony that felt much like those lives that I had lived as those two separate women. It was the only time in this Michael life that I had left my designated geographic location in North America, aside from a trip with my family in 2005 to the united states. This was leaving the continent and it was one and done for both lives and never to be experienced again. It was sad when I look back on it from time to time, but I adored the calmness that I felt there. 

In September 2004; I unexpectedly took a trip with my mother in this life (who I won’t be naming,) as I don’t feel a certain fondness for her and wish to not write about her any further than this. We decided together that it would be best that I accompany her to her home country to visit family that I hadn’t seen at that point in years. I was fourteen at the time and didn’t really have a particular opinion on the trip itself, I was just glad that I was going somewhere else other than having to endure the continued onslaught that I had been of life in a small town. A life of a young Ascension Volunteer who wasn’t really liked by many people around him because of my different Energy Signature than the majority of them all. I was around a group of really young souls who were just so new and it was actually painful to be around some of them, but it was hilarious to be around many others because they were vibrant and full of energy. There were others who were more edgier and complex with a slight mixture of intensity to them. Many others were just dark and very mentally unstable. I felt those sick ones too. I was excited for a break and it came at just the right time, It cut into the second week of high school when I started the ninth grade. 

When we left it was on the third anniversary of 9/11 and that was not fun and the airports were just empty but with strict rules that you had to follow. We almost missed our flight and there were so many things that seemed like they were going wrong, there was a familiar interference that I know all too well as an adult now that I am physically awakened. I couldn’t feel it then but that was because I didn’t know about them yet at the age of fourteen, I am talking about the non-physical entities who were watching my every single move and who were aware of what I was planning on doing in that specific location. The fact that we had left on the 3rd anniversary of 9/11 should have been a massive clue, that those negative non-physical ones were definitely on my tail trying to prevent me from closing these certain timelines. We finally boarded the plane and got there, where I found that the atmosphere was so different from Canada. It was more calmer and quieter. To preface; My mother and father are both from the Azores islands in Portugal. The islands are situated in an archipelago in the Atlantic ocean about where many people believe, including where Plato himself believed is where the location of the ancient civilization of Atlantis lies. I won’t get into the many theories about Atlantis and who believed what, my higher self  knows that these islands are the last remaining remnants of this ancient civilization. It is the last of it too because with shifting continents and rising sea waters, those islands will be gone in a few million years as well. It was now or never in this current life and I do not plan on returning to this Earth again if I can help it.

Ancient Atlantis Timeline Work: My Last Visit To The Mountains of Ancient Atlantis. 

We arrived on the remaining remnants of what once was the Ancient Atlantis civilization during the morning hours of September 12th 2004, what had struck me about it the most was that it felt very familiar to me and there was a strong sense of familiarity in me being there. I initially had met up with familiar family members in this current lifetime and reunited with an uncle who for some reason I felt a very strong connection to, this was my reaction back in September 2004 as a fourteen year old boy. I didn’t quite understand all of those ancient feelings and where they were coming from but they were buried deep down in my cellular memories. 

There is a tendency on this earth plane for certain civilizations and those people who once did occupy them to naturally evolve, there are moments and periods of devolution where certain communities of people are no more and those ancient civilizations cease to exist. This is a natural process but there are certain energies that remain in certain locations that act like memories and I call this Energetic Residue. When we agree to take on a life role and to incarnate on any planetary system, we do agree to take all of our energy there because it is needed. That part of our energy remains in that location and so many starseeds come back in future lives to clear those ancient residues up, close the timeline(s) and never return to that location again. Many starseeds and higher vibrating beings do this; I was no different when I returned in order to clear up my own energy residue and close up the few timelines that were open. This was my higher souls understanding of what this trip was all about for me, I had two lifetimes as women that I needed to clear up in this location and I will try my best to write about all of them when I can. It was a difficult mission for me and for my higher self to close up those two timelines and I did not have it easy, I struggled because Ancient Atlantis was a civilization full of harmony. The remnants of this civilization and the fact that humanity has devolved and is so out of harmony, well that made my experience there a little bit different than what I had remembered. I was targeted from the moment I left the airport at Toronto Pearson until when I returned after I left. 

Closing Ancient Atlantic Timelines 

My experiences as I returned back to the remnants of Atlantis, were far different than what I had experienced back in those ancient times. The Atlantis Civilization was one of the highest vibrating civilizations of our history besides Lemuria. The harmony that we all experienced as a higher community does not compare to today, where everything is so disharmonious within our communities. 

There was a familiar sense of peace, but there was a disturbance there that had never been there before. I had experienced a swell of negative energy that had built up around the island that I returned to. In the short week that I was there I was actively clearing up residual energy from ancient timelines, within these ancient timelines I was removing both good and not so good contributions that were made by me during that time. There were a few moments where I was physically attacked by such negative entities; I was pushed down a long road that sloped downwards at one point. The heavy religion was vastly different than the harmony that we experienced in our awareness with the divine and I felt that heavy presence around me.  

Another time we were attacked by a small yard of kittens that had fleas and ticks, which bit us and I especially got it bad on my arm. If you’ve ever heard of the old curses in the olden days where they used insects to strike you down. It was similar and very ancient. The end of the week arrived and despite some serious attacks on me for closing all of those ancient timelines, I understand now that I will never experience that ever again as those islands will seize to exist. 

I left the remnants of Atlantis on September 18th, 2004 where I to this day never returned and almost twenty years later, I understand exactly why I never did. It was a one and done deal. The physical activation that I experienced along with the slow dismantling of the current Earth Paradigm into New Earth. I needed to quickly finish up all of that ancient business so soon, I wasn’t going to be able to do it again. The physical pains of my entire past and of the embodying process were fast approaching, with no time to think about these few lifetimes anymore. 

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