Obtaining Ascension Knowledge: Not Everyone Is Ready For Higher Ascension Material.

Access To Ascension Information: Access Is Denied For Many On Different Levels Of Evolution.

I am Soul Contracted to write about the current Ascension Process as a Starseed Ascension Volunteer. I know who I am and what my role is in this life; I also know that there are many people around the world who are not ready for this information. It has nothing to do with ME and the writing material, it has more to do with each individuals current level of progress. It would be extremely difficult for someone who is not ready to know about the Ascension Process, to suddenly become aware of information that they were not meant to receive yet. It would be like cheating in all of your classes and being moved to an advanced set of courses you were not ready for. In the end you wouldn’t be prepared and most likely would fail out, which would mean you would regress back to a lower grade suited for where you are on a conscious level.

Finding Ascension material does not mean that you will understand it, which is why many people do not have access to it on a conscious level. While the intention is to share what I do know at my level about the Ascension Process, it isn’t exactly meant for every human being that is alive today. While I have had many people visit my website, the reading views per visitor shows that most do not stay long. This is showing that many are finding it but because they cannot understand it completely, they do not stay for long and read the material. When you’re ready for higher Ascension material than you will understand it, if you’re not than access will be denied for certain people who are not aware of it. 

When I first started writing about The Ascension Process in 2016 with my first website, I actually found the experience challenging and that made it difficult to navigate because there were so many unforeseen issues that I didn’t see at first. I had to navigate myself through the material a lot more this time around because during the first time, I shared a lot about who I was and that information should not have been made public. I was NOT ready on an energetic level for people to read my material yet and there were many people who I felt were not prepared to understand it completely. I was not prepared in so many other ways; I was very naive about who people were online and that made it frustrating to know what I could and could not share. I would share information and then be attacked for it and had a few people who would come out and state that I was taking material about their life. Which I wasn’t. I have always had these experiences on my own. I was very naive about that and now I am not. I can quickly discern a lot. I still have people taking a lot from ME and using some of my terms that I know I created to describe many aspects of my experiences.

As strictly a Starseed and not an Earthling – I am traumatized by this behavior. If it is another Starseed or Ascension Violunteer, then I can understand that a term can be used to describe manys things that they find helpful on their own sites. I have NO problem with another volunteer borrowing a term of mine. I know that they’re here to distribute important information that needs to come out, just like I am doing and if my website goes down than those terms can be left on another volunteer’s site. I do have an ISSUE with someone who takes my terms and who doesn’t understand the full meaning of it, who does not know how to even apply it to their own experiences and claim it as their own. I am just as traumatized by the Energetic Theft. It moves through my body and I can feel it and this is why I have had to be very careful online with my writing, about what I write about in regards to my own Ascension Process and the experiences that I have had.

I wasn’t prepared in many ways; I am defintely more than prepared now and this website has grown. I have slowly shared certain information and I am contracted to do it, but I refuse to put it all out there when it comes to ME like I did back in 2016. There are many Earthlings who do not understand the information, it can be strange for me when they latch onto my information and speak to me about it when they don’t experience it themselves because it was never meant for them. This information is meant for those who are strictly contracted to help with the Ascension Process, who will come after I have left this Earth plane and who need the reminder to get on with their own missions in their own time periods.

Not Everyone Is Ascending Now: Higher Information That Wasn’t Meant For Earthling Spirits.

When I physically activated in early March 2014; I immediately began to receive transmissions about the Ascension Process. I kept hearing non-stop “Ascension” multiple times being communicated to me by my higher self and many advanced Higher Dimensional E.T Beings. That was how I knew that this was going to be an important part of my life’s work, that I would be writing about and experiencing the Ascension Process. When most Ascension Volunteers, Starseeds and Galactic travelers agree to incarnate onto Earth, they already have information about the Ascension process embedded into their DNA and body template design. It works as a built in reminder that this is who they are and that they are the holders of this knowledge, you have it built into your body template and brain functioing design. We do this so that we do not forget the real reason why we are here and once that physical awakening happens to us, we can freely share it with those like us who are already here or that will come into this Earth in the future.

Starseeds who do have access to Ascension Material know that this information comes for you from you, it isn’t necessarily meant for everyone on Earth. If there are Earthling Spirits who are more than ready to energetically step into New Earth, than the information is shared with them via their spirit guides because they are a frequency match with the ascending New Earth. They will be led to a website like mine that is more than willing to give them information that they need, much like it is intended to do for other Ascension Volunteers.

Higher Ascension information is not always meant for Human Beings. There are many reasons why the majority of the Earth’s population will never have access to any Ascension information, neither will they be told about it or even led to it. They’re all individually here to experience a simple Earth life with many of them fallling on different levels, they also carry different Energy Signatures at many different levels as well. Earthling Spirits do not come from another star cluster, planetary system, and they are not Galactic travelers who agreed to come here. They do not understand this higher information. How can you understand higher information that was never meant for you? Which is why many Earthling Spirits are here to have an Earth life, with the Ascension Volunteers doing most of the hard work. It isn’t that I dislike many people here, as it is not that at all! We do different jobs and we have very different reasons for being here. The lessons that we are learning are far different.

Obtaining Ascension knowledge is a huge part of evolving as a species, whether you are ready to learn about all of this as a New Human living on a New Earth. A lot of the knowledge that I have shared is more for the Ascension Volunteers, but those who are ready can access this at anytime. It won’t mean that those who are not ready will, you don’t have access to all of this for a reason. If you did it won’t mean that you’ll understand every written word on here, everything happens in it’s own time. We are all meant to have the current experience that we are having now, so go slow and enjoy whatever level of information that you have access to.

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