What’s The Separation Of Worlds: Further Details About This NEW Cycle That Earth Is Moving Into.

The Separation Of Worlds: Two Different Realities Existing Within The Same Earth Zone.

When I was Sixteen years old; I experienced telepathic contact with a 5D higher being of light who showed me two worlds standing side by side. In this telepathic communication she showed me what many call the Separation of Worlds. I didn’t know this at the time when I was a teenager as I wasn’t activated to begin the Ascension process, let alone activated to my Starseed origins and eventual mission on this Earth. This contact was important for me because it was an initiation, of the work that I would do which was writing about the Ascension process as a Starseed Volunteer. Along with the eventual writing that I would do about this contact and why it was so important at that time. 

I have experienced the Separation of Worlds both on a personal and collective level. I have felt myself leave and step closer into New Earth at each stage that it has been created by the Volunteers of the Ascension Process. As my energy signature and body template design was holding energy that was important for this work to happen at each stage. I have also felt many of the population of Earth remain further away, which means that I am not part of older aspects of Earth like many of them are. There is a massive separation happening with the people of Earth. Hence, the Separation of Worlds. This split-up has been feeling greatly pronounced this year and it feels even more segregated in May 2019. What does this all mean exactly? More realities and there are multiple ones that are filled with groups of people, are now breaking down. They are slowly dismantling. These groups of people are now having to enter higher realities, which many first, second and third wavers worked hard to create. For us and for them. This will continue to happen in June. It will continue to happen through this year and as we enter into 2020. 

I have experienced for years what many refer to as The Separation of Worlds now. At first it manifested in a personal manner where I could see myself moving away energetically from certain people, then it had started to feel very collective. I began to realize that there were larger groups of people that were existing in different Earth realities, which then became a very non-personal experience all on it’s own. The Separation of Worlds is a process that has been happening since long before summer of 2006, in fact it started happening once the first waves of Ascension Volunteers arrived and made contact with this Earth plane. There was no going back for humanity. We are living in an interesting time period, a period of time where the entrance to the Golden Age is upon us and many of us have to make that choice. The choice to enter into the New Earth that will bring on this peace, or to stubbornly remain in a world that is filled with fear and destruction. We are being given the opportunity to step away from an Earth reality that no longer serves the species on it, and to enter a NEW cycle along with a New Earth. 

Having lived through what I have all of this month so far with The Pentagonal and Hexagonal Light Codes. My body is extremely tired and exhausted with embodying. The depletion comes with the personal responsibility and working on my own personal internal stuff. Along with that the many upgrades, the body changes and dealing with LowCon people. This month has been one of the most potentially physically exhausting ones that I have ever lived through, but it is also very creative. I am receiving a ton of downloaded transmissions that do keep mentioning that we are about to enter a New Cycle. This new cycle is connected to the Golden Age of Earth and the Mayan calendar ending on Dec 21, 2012.

The Separation Of Worlds: Further Details Of A NEW Earth Cycle About To Manifest.

In 2012, the world was thrown into chaos when news began to spread about the world ending because the 5,126-year-long cycle of the Mayan Calendar was going to end on Dec 21, 2012. I remember that timeline back in 2012, I was very aware of this event and I could not go a day without hearing about how the world was going to end. The 12-21-2012 date eventually passed by and behold nothing out of the ordinary had happened, and there was no destruction or cataclysmic event that had caused mass destruction to Earth. The only thing that I remember experiencing was a small shift within ME as Michael, which felt like a ball on the end of a pendulumn begin to move. The ball on the other end began to dance and slam back into the other balls, which began this shift that would eventually lead me to my physical activation in March 2014.

The Mayans were a very highly advanced civilization; I had a life in the very early beginning of the Mayan Civilization as a woman named Quartzacon during the time period in the year 1170 BCE in the Preclassic Era. I’m deciding to share this information because it is important, it is important because of how advanced life was during that timeline. As a Starseed and Pleiadian Starseed this isn’t the very first time that I have come into this Earth Reality, I was a Starseed Pleidian in that life too! In this life I was part of a small group that had come in to help the current inhabitants of Earth. The other Pleiadian group members that came in with me in this lifetime were responsible for assisting with early settlements and teaching Earthlings how to connect with the constellations. We did this so that they could know which Starseeds belonged in what constellation, we also taught them how to use their own personal energy fields and how to connect with the energy of the Earth. We also taught Earthlings then how to look to the stars and constellations in regards to learning how to read astrological cycles, how certain cycles would eventually end. We then showed them how to erect pyramid-like-structures that alignned exactly with the different Starseed constellations, where different Starseeds were from. There were other groups of incarnated Starseeds that I rememmber: Orions, Lyrians, and Sirians that came into physicality each with their own knowledge to spread to the Earthlings.

One thing that I remember vividly; I came back to this reigon in another life to finish off this timeline work. I was in the Yucatan Peninsula, the knowledge had since been forgotten. When I returned in 1170 CE many had to be reminded that the Mayan Temples & Pyramids were there to guide Earthlings to us Starseeds and E.T Beings that are always here to help Earth stay connected.

The Ancient Civilizations of Lemuria (Mu), Atlantis and Ancient Egypt are long gone. The E.T beings that dropped their frequency were no longer dropping in anymore, the initiations that we took part in at the pyramids and the Sphinx and in Atlantean Temples. We were no longer having these contacts with them in the Mayan civilization, the very few Starseeds that could come in groups were showing up to assit this specific Civilization. I remember vividly being a young starseed who incarnated and taking part in these grand apparations of E.T beings that I knew and loved so much, in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. Now I find myself here again as a Starseed on my last trip to remind people that Pleidians and other starseeds and E.T beings are out there. Humanity has to reconnect once again as we move into this NEW Earth Cycle.

The New Earth Cycle is going to start very soon. It is connected to the end of the Mayan Calendar and the entrance into the Golden Age of Aquarius. I believe this NEW cycle will happen once we shift into the 2020 year and even further when we experience the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 00.31 dgrees in Aquarius on Dec 21st 2020. This will crystalize New Earth and the Ascension Volunteers will step into this reality first, followed by different groups of Earthling Humans when they are ready to do so.

Higher Dimensional Being Makes Contact: A Starseed Is Shown The Separation Of Worlds.

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