Ascension Side Effects For 2019: A Starseed Getting His Behind Beat By Compressed Evolution.

Ascension Body Side Effects: Modifications To Humans, DNA Re-Arrangements & Beat By Compressed Evolution.

As an Ascension Volunteer; I have experienced more than my share of compressed evolution that has beat my body down into submission and forced it to change. All of these physical ascension changes started when I was 24 in 2014 after I physically awakened to the Ascension process. I found myself really feeling the energies all around me for the first time and they just weren’t all that great to begin with. This was five years ago now. I wasn’t aware of what my physical body could do and what it’s design was meant for. Aside from being an Ascension Volunteer my body is actually designed in a way where incoming codes, solar activity, and energies via the Ascension Process is a big part of my job.

In the last five years; I have had my Starseed butt handed to me due to compressed evolution and it has been difficult to adjust myself to the changes that are always occurring from within me. There have been moments where my bones, my nerves, my muscles, and my veins have felt like they were expanding. My brain has felt like it has been twisted around in my head. My sense of awareness about self has increased more and more, ancient memories of early Earth civilizations have come to the surface. I have felt new physical body sensations that have changed the way that I physically look and I feel new sensations within me that I never used to feel but have grown accustomed to. I have had my butt handed to me by compressed evolution and I will until the last breath that I take in this life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

The one thing about being an Ascension Volunteer; I have had to shift with the many currents of what my physical body has been integrating into me for years now. There have been a lot of physical changes that I have experienced because as a Starseed I am contracted to also feel these evolutionary changes. Then there is a list of other bodily sensations that I am not contracted to feel, as a Starseed what I feel comes from my immediate environment as well. There is always a balancing act that is happening with who you are and where you’re going, since March 2014 I have been balancing all of these physical symptoms that are downright sudden and very unusual in it’s very newness. This is New Earth after all so it only makes sense that our bodies will shift and change in new ways for us, finding what tools to utilize how we feel is up to us when they arrive and manifest within the body. A lot of the times it can feel karmic; the one way to know the difference is if you feel elevated by all the energies that are moving within you. If you can align with them and make the necessary changes that is meant to happen for you, which can seem really strong at times then you will be actively living the Ascension Process as it should be lived.

In June 2019 it has felt massive; I have sensed that the world and the collective is moving into a New Cycle now that all of the old Ascension Cycles are finished. This includes the Mayan Calander which ended in 2012. There are connections; I am uncertain how this new Ascension Cycle will work, (which is the permanent New Earth reality.) The connections from my higher understanding states that we will be moving beyond old Earth reality, and that the 2012 Mayan calander was really about us stepping into a New Earth reality that is being created. With the collective stepping into this 2019 Summer Solstice, we’re all going to be stepping into another higher Dimensional Light Space and those energies all together within this New Earth Cycle that is fast approaching.

I have been aware for all of 2019 that humanity is in a Transitionary Space and that we have entered Pre-New Earth. We left another gigantic piece of this old earth back in January and we have been existing within this new space ever since. It pushed me into a higher space and for the majority of this year so far; I have felt absolutely isolated from everyone. All the while trying to get used to this New Earth and these New Earth energies. All of these old places, people, spaces, that I left behind, they were removed entirely from me and what an amazing feeling that was. Despite being in this Pre-New Earth reality at this time, life has been a physical challenge. The physical challenges of embodying Starseed Light Codes has been so difficult this year. Which is the entire point of writing this article, to inform other Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers of the physical manifestations that this New Earth is bringing out for humanity right now. 

Here is a list of Ascension Symptoms for this entire year so far, spanning from January-June. Most of these are (physical, mental, and emotional manifestations of New Earth ) as it becomes a physical reality.  

Modified DNA Sequencing In The Body: Template Changes That I’ve Experienced While Living In 2019.

Headaches & Pressures: In 2019. I have experienced some of the most painful headaches, and head pressures around my head than in any other year. I know I am not alone as many other people embodying these light codes, they are also experiencing these intense headaches and pains. We are expanding our brains. Our Endocrine System is changing in order to process higher light and to understand higher concepts and ideas.

Seeing Light Energy: In 2019; I have clairvoyantly seen sparkles of Light Energy and Codes. It is not just seeing light energy, more of the fact that my eyes have changed in order for me to see these lights. I have had foggy vision, dry eyes, itchy eyes and at times trouble with seeing two different realities and spaces. I cut out from Earth and 4D and 5D spaces which also showcases the embedded signature of the higher space itself. 

Ear Ringing: In 2019, the ear ringing has not stopped. This is the most prevalent physical symptom that has effected me since 2014. It hasn’t stopped since I was physically awakened to begin my ascension process five years ago. With higher energy and light comes being able to hear these energies full throttle. Which is why you are hearing the tones, beeps, clicks, sounds, because your literally listening to these energies. 

Face Integrations: In 2019; I have had a lot of periods of facial integration. My face is literally absorbing light energy. My nose gets very blocked, making it harder for me to breathe with these energies this year. In February into March; I have struggled immensely with this, and it’s all connected. The headaches, the eyes and visions, the breathing and nose also get’s effected by these energies. 

Neck Stiffness & Pain: So far in 2019, this symptom has dialed itself back slightly. It still does happen and it is one of the far greater physical challenges that I have had to deal with. When higher energy comes in through the crown chakra at times it can sit within the neck, then work its way down which can cause an abundance of neck stiffness. This is why it is compressed evolution because it is changing us from within with every pull. 

Increased Heart Rate: In 2019, I have experienced increased heart rate as a manifestation of New Earth being birthed from within my body. This usually always happens when I am embodying higher Light Codes into my body. When it stops my heart rate returns to normal and the higher activity that is sitting inside of my chest stops. 

Energy Movements: So far in 2019; I have experienced vibrating, tingling, pricks, poking, and movements under the skin within my legs. This is a regular and at times normal symptom for me, as I continue to experience energy moving up and down my legs. Vibrating in my left leg and energy flowing down into my leg(s). 

Ascension Stress: So far in 2019; I have been hit with stress like never before. To the point where I can feel myself fading. Stressed out to the point where I can’t really breathe at times. February into March was so extreme and then in April things began to calm down.

Hearing Fear Based Implants: So far in 2019; I have been aware of more mind control implants. I can’t tell you how many times that I’m hit with fear implants into my mind by external sources. I know who these entities are and what they want. Which makes it more annoying. Leaving me to either let go of those fears and stop them, or, let them get to me. 

Psychic Visions & Sensing Things: So far in 2019; I have had more clairvoyant visions of events that have come true. While also viewing future events within my dreams states. More spiritual visitations from higher light beings have been more common with me lately. I can pick up on little things that I never could pick up on before. 

This is a small list of the Physical Body Changes that I have experienced this year. It is nothing unusual and it is all very normal to me, I have experienced this many times these last few ascension years. While I know that I have some health issues that are being addressed right now, this is in no way connected to all of the physical embodying that I am doing. 

We have all seen the lists out there and a lot of the times, we can also experience hormone changes due to the changes in our systems. The Embodiment process is a very sacred and personal experience, as we move through New Earth becoming physically manifested we will experience new sensations and experiences that we never could before. Just remember, that your health is the most important part of your life. If you feel that there is something very serious happening to you. Then I urge and encourage you to go and get (blood work, get an x-ray, a scan, check it out and trust your instincts.) The Ascension process is surely changing our bodies and there is no such thing as a perfect human, not in looks and in temperament. The Ascension process always modifies what needs to be modified, so that people can be their highest version of themselves all of the time. Now as an Ascension Volunteer and Starseed; I am getting my butt kicked by compressed evolution this year and it is tiring. 

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