The Ascension Volunteers: We Are More Body Sensitive To All Earth Activity.

The Ascension Volunteers: Those Who Are Volunteers Are Sensitive To Earth Activity.

As an Ascension Volunteer; I have had intense experiences that involve feeling Earth activity because I am exceptionally sensitive to it in all of it’s forms. When I mention Earth Activity that includes: (Earthquakes, forest fires, the tsunamis, hurricanes and typhoons, weather patterns, pollution, human activity and the list goes on and on.) The majority of my life I have been sensitive to everything within my surroundings, as Starseeds we are most likely to feel sensitive to everything within our surroundings. This includes feeling other people and their energies and sometimes that includes the entire world. 

The physical world is just that – it pertains to everything that resides in physicality and everything has an Energy Signature to it. World events, geographical locations, and all that we see and feel it holds an energy imprint that can last eons. All of these events then become a part of the World and adds to the Energy Signature of this Earth Realm. When Starseeds and humans who have access to higher awareness incarnate here, they find it difficult to understand how to function because those memories come out where ever they go. It can be almost exhausting to be in one place for too long, especially when there is a signature of chaos within an event. This is why Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers of all categories find it difficult to be and exist on this Earthling Realm. It is too exhausting. 

On June 10th we got hit with a 4.0 Magnitude earthquake, which hit the Lake Erie area close to the area where I live. My current physical location, or, my home base as I like to call it never really get’s hit with tremors. We get some small ones off of the lakes, but big ones like this never occur in this region. Today it was a big one and despite it being a little far off, it did effect me on a physical level. I felt it energetically too. While I don’t live in Ohio and in that specific area of the U.S.A, energy is still energy and it can travel throughout the entire globe. Earthquake and Hurricane events are energy driven events, they hold and they spread energy everywhere and within the path that it carries it. This event is no different. The energy from this 4.0 magnitude earthquake had immediately caused my body to become sensitive as soon as I felt it, that was not an easy day for an already weary Starseed who agreed to be here during this time as an Ascension Volunteer.

The Earth has her own Energy Signature just like every human being does. This includes Clairvoyants and Starseeds and all of these energies are elevated within the human body that has been chosen, we are more likely to feel these energies and become sensitive to the activity. This activity can manifest in our body as headaches, aches and pains, vertigo, tiredness and the need to rest and lay down. Those of us who are Starseeds are deeply affected by Earth activity, because what happens to Earth happens to us. I have never enjoyed it at all; but it is part of my Michael design in this life. Which is why I have these experiences, and why most Starseeds have them too. In my personal Natal Chart I have five planets in Earth signs, so I am a highly grounded person enough as it is. However, that also means I feel thing’s more profoundly if it is happening on earth. If you are a Starseed and a Clairvoyant it most likely was that you did feel this event, you might even have felt it before it even happened. 

When I was first guided to find out about this 4.0 Earthquake event in this area; I immediately understood why it had happened in this location. It means that we are shifting ourselves out of old Earth physical location(s.) Which always tends to happen when we embody a new layer of the New Earth reality. Which is what is happening right now in June and because we are so close to the Summer Solstice and those eclipses. We will be feeling all of this at these greater levels. It’s like I have been saying in previous articles, there is a huge division among Earth and the population. I remember how awful I felt on the {10th} and it is now three days later. I was so exhausted. I was so tired that I had to spent most of the day in bed sleeping. My body felt horrible with pains and aches, and I was so sensitive to the touch. It was a real experience for me. I never really felt how an earthquake could affect me on a physical level, and if we get anymore that is any stronger I’ll not cope very well with it. 

The Ascension Volunteers: How Does Earth Activity Affect Starseeds & Sensitives?

As an Ascension Volunteer and a Starseed my whole body template design is very sensitive to incoming evolutionary changes, most of the time these changes occur when we experience Earth activity. As a third waver of the three waves of Ascension Volunteers, how I experience physicality is very different than the first and second wave of Ascension Volunteers. We all feel thing’s on a different level and there are many that find it more difficult, remember that we are all having an individual experience as well. I might feel Earth activity very differently than you do and it won’t always be the same. As a Pleiadian Starseed I feel certain activity that makes me even more sensitive to my surroundings, which can cause certain known and unknown body sensations to occur within ME. Every Earth activity has it’s own different way of affecting my physical body based on the elements of nature and down below are the different ways that I feel them. 

  • Earthquakes: On the very rare occasions that an earthquake hits my area, (because it is very rare) and when it happens they tend to be small ones. I feel it instantly and it feels like I have gotten hit with an intense case of the flu. My entire body becomes sore and hot like I have a fever and it can last for a few hours depending on the intensity of the energy that was produced in the area.
  • Volcanic Eruption/Fires: On those frequent occasions where a Volcano or multiple Volcanoes have erupted at once (which can happen during periods of intense evolutionary changes), my entire body becomes hot on the inside. The most intense aspect of feeling these fire events is that I always feel an intense heat erupt from within me, it also depends on the severity of the eruption. I have broken out into heavy sweating and experienced hot flashes and as an Ascension Volunteer you might experience this too. I can really feel it in my hands and feet and they pulsate hot energy through me.
  • Hurricanes/Tsunamis: On the occasion that a Hurricane does hit the area and not many do because I live too far inland, I seem to do alright with the water element more than any other one. The most that I will experience are weather related headaches, all due to the fact that by the time it makes its way inland it is downgraded to a tropical depression or a depression. If its the highest category Hurricane and it is hitting south Florida or off of the coast, it can feel tense for days until it stops but otherwise Water activity on Earth never bothers me.
  • Weather Events: As a Canadian born Ontarian; I have gotten used to the changes in seasons for the last 29 years of my life. With that comes random weather events which can feel slight to severe in nature and it depends on the season. Rain and thunderstorms make me feel calm and can bring on a slight headache and pressure but then it eases off. Snow storms can feel like my body is experiencing a deep pounding within. Heat waves give me hot flashes and burning feet. Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons and I don’t like the extreme polarities of Summer and Winter.
  • Human Activity: When I come into contact with a big group(s) of people it can be difficult for me and my ultra extra-sensitive sensory abilities become overloaded by the many various Energy Signatures. I suffer from anxiety when too much Energy is around me at once, which is just the ability to pick up on too much energy coming from too many places.

It has never been easy to be an Incarnated Ascension Volunteer and for years it has been hard feeling isolated from the world around me because this isn’t home. I could stay here for as long as I want but this is not home and it never will be, all of this while feeling certain Earth activity because I am a Starseed who is extra sensitive to all of my surroundings. Those of you who are Starseeds and of your own designated race(s), this is who we are and this is how our bodies feel when we arrive on Earth to help with the changes that are transforming our Earth right now. Remember that many Starseeds are more sensitive to Earth changes and if your body is feeling a certain way, then most likely there is activity that you are sensitive to.

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